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All My Children Update Thursday 12/27/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall is home talking to her sister Bianca.  Kendall is shocked that her nightmare is over, and Zach is home and says that Zach being home is surreal.  Bianca assures Kendall that everything will be fine. 

Zach and Erica are in his hospital room looking at pictures of Ian and Spike.  Derek comes in and tells Zach that J.R. wasn’t the one who hit him.  Derek has seen the DVD proving that J.R. was with Amanda at the time of the hit and run.  Derek knows that someone deliberately sealed the opening to the bomb shelter.  Zach wants to find the person who hit him but did not recognize the voice that called down to him in the shelter.  He is certain that he will know the person when he hears his voice again.

Devastated over the marriage between Tad and Krystal, Adam is home alone, sitting in the dark when J.R. comes to the Chandler Mansion and tells his father that he knows he had the DVD that would have freed him.  He now wants nothing to do with Adam. 

Aidan and Greenlee enjoyed Erica’s Christmas party.  Greenlee cannot believe everything that's happened and that she is now back.  She is pleased that everyone is kind to her.  Aidan convinces her that everything is real.  He brings Greenlee her stuffed toy tiger telling her that Alfonso is her Christmas present.  Aidan and Greenlee are smooching when Dr. Martin walks in, and Greenlee asks him when she can go home.  Dr. Martin tells her one day at a time, and warns her to keep the excitement down.

Jack visits Greenlee and wants to know why the police are on guard outside of her hospital room.  Jack is asking Derek to remove the guard in front of her door, but Derek says that Greenlee is still considered a fugitive. 

Kendall tells Bianca what she went through while Zach was missing.  She was thankful when she found out that he was with Greenlee even though she knows that they cannot stand each other.  She tells Bianca that she gave up hope for one night because she felt defeated.  Bianca senses that there is more, but Kendall drops the subject. 

J.R. berates Adam for holding on to the DVD knowing that it could free him.  Adam’s explanations for holding onto the DVD are because J.R. is a spoiled, selfish, angry, and arrogant son.  J.R. nominates Adam for the “Worst Father award” when he goes to Hell.

Kendall dodges Bianca’s questions by telling Bianca that finding Zach is a miracle.  She mentions that she should have been strong.  She talks about needing to hang on to someone because of fear.  Bianca says there is no shame in doing what it takes to get through fear.  Kendall tells Bianca that she always make her feel better.  She asks Bianca to stay in Pine Valley.

Dr. Martin informs Jack that Greenlee is doing better.  Greenlee tells her father that she cannot believe that she is still alive.  Dr. Martin tells Jack that Greenlee’s system has been seriously compromised, and she still needs to be closely monitored.  Greenlee thanks Jack for sticking by her.  Jack talks about the rough patches and asks a favor of her.  He wants her to call him Dad and Greenlee agrees. 

Zach and Aidan run into each other in the hospital corridor.  Aidan thanks Zach for keeping Greenlee alive.  As Zach walks toward Greenlee’s room, Aidan asks him not to mention the police guards outside of her room.  As Zach walk into Greenlee’s room Jack is walking out.  Zach and Greenlee have a nice visit as they tell jokes, thank each other, and talk in earnest to each other.  Greenlee was shocked that Zach even apologizes to her.  Greenlee forgives Zach.

Kendall and Aidan are haunted by the guilt of having had “grief sex.”  They both agree to forget it happened, and never to speak of the event again.   

J.R. wants to know why Adam withheld the DVD from him.  Adam taunts him by saying, “Poor J.R., forced to live in luxury.”  Adam withheld the DVD as payback for all the times J.R. turned against him.  J.R. told Adam that the only thing Adam taught him was how to fight dirty.

Erica and Bianca talk, and Erica asks her to stay for New Year's.  Bianca believes that Erica is doing for everyone, but not for herself.  Erica tells Bianca things may be over between Jack and her.  Bianca does not want to accept it.  Erica believes that, this time, it is over. 

Zach leaves Greenlee’s room in search of Kendall.  Aidan thanks Zach for saving Greenlee’s life before Zach leaves.  Zach finds his wife and gets real frisky with her.  He tells Kendall that Derek stopped by to tell him that J.R. was not the one to run him down.  Kendall seems relieved since J.R. could not remember hitting Zach.  Zach tells Kendall that he thought about a lot of things while in the bunker, but most of his thoughts were about her.  He tells her how much he loves her, and they kiss. 

Kendall tells Zach they are so lucky that they will be returning to their amazing life.  Kendall promise to find a way to free Greenlee, but she must not incriminate herself.  Kendall leaves to go to Greenlee’s room to talk with her. 

Aidan walks into Zach’s room wanting to know what are they going to do to keep Greenlee out of jail. 

As Kendall walks into her room, Greenlee sees the police are guarding her door and demands to know if she is going to be sent back to prison.

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