AMC Update Wednesday 12/26/07

All My Children Update Wednesday 12/26/07


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

When Tad and Krystal announce their marriage to everyone gathered at their house, Adam thinks it's a big joke and wants Tad to cut it out or else.  Babe and Colby express their surprise as Tad and Adam proceed to insult each other.  When Opal and Ruth arrive, Adam takes pleasure in presenting the new couple to the mothers-in-law, who cry out in shock.  After Adam states that his wife cannot have married Tad, Krystal flashes her divorce decree.  Since Adam continues to call it a ridiculous charade, Tad urges him to take a good, long look at their marriage certificate.  Taking Adam aside, Krystal assures him that her marriage is for real, and her family no longer includes him, because Jenny is now her priority.  Adam congratulates her for having slain him, then refuses to divulge the information he had for Tad, because it's no longer important.  Claiming she's changed, Krystal plans to honor her commitment to Tad and vows never to forgive Adam for taking her baby away from her and leaving her alone in labor, because he'll never change the cruel way he treats the people he professes to love.  Finally, Krystal is glad she won't have to explain to Jenny how she jumped back into bed with the man who gave her away and declares their relationship truly over, because she can never trust Adam to love Jenny and not resent her.  Ruth and Opal keep the peace by agreeing not to discuss serious issues on Christmas Day.  Tad assures Julia that he and Krystal did marry for love -- the love of their daughter -- which she, more than anybody, should understand.  When Tad admonishes Adam to keep his voice down because there are children present, Adam quietly leaves, thinking that Tad has so many children in his life that he won't miss his long-lost daughter.  Taking pity on him, Colby offers to go home with her dad, but he finds pity revolting and rebuffs her.  Having witnessed the exchange, Julia asks Adam if he knows what it means to have a kind, caring daughter like his.  He claims he does and thanks Julia for reminding him.  Once alone, he vows that Tad will never find his daughter now.  Everyone rejoices when Colby announces that Greenlee and Zach have been found alive.  Krystal assures Tad that Adam got the message and won't be back.

As Greenlee's heart monitor resumes beeping, Aidan refuses to let her go, but Joe orders everyone to the waiting room so the team can work.  Looking up at Aidan, Greenlee tells him that she fought back because of him.  He considers her coming back to life the best Christmas present he's ever had.  Ryan and Annie are very relieved when Aidan assures them that Greenlee's going to be ok and Zach is "too brutal to die."  Glad to see her beautiful smile again, Jack greets his daughter and learns that Zach helped her stay sane in the concrete box in which they were trapped for a month.  Unable to wait any longer, Aidan bursts in and hears praise from Jack and Greenlee, but he refuses to consider himself a hero, preferring "stubborn bloke."  When Jack offers Greenlee anything she wants, Aidan suggests she ask for an Italian sports car.  While he's on the phone thanking someone for their prayers, Livia arrives and hugs Jack.  Ryan and Greenlee are pleased that she's found someone who loves her like she deserves.  While speaking with Lily, Sean suddenly realizes he hasn't told Colby the good news and rushes off to call her, but she's not picking up her phone. 

Myrtle happily visits Zach in the hospital room where they share a big hug.  She then informs her dear friend how she was "mad with worry" over his disappearance and makes him promise to keep himself safe from now on.  Since she's going to church, Zach asks her to put in a good word for Greenlee while she's thanking "the chief in charge."  Zach is happy when Kendall tells him how Aidan talked Greenlee back to life.  Speaking of miracles, Josh walks in and places little Ian in his daddy's loving arms as Zach exclaims, "It's my boy."  Then Josh fills Zach in on what's happened while he was gone, assuring him that he kept a comprehensive record of Ian and Spike's activities after he moved into their home to be close at hand.  Calling him a good man who's had his back for a long time with Ian, Zach tells Josh that he is now his brother.  Meanwhile, Kendall confides in her mother that for one desperate night, she stopped believing that her husband was still alive.  Erica comforts her daughter by pointing out that her ordeal is over and Zach won his fight for survival.  Relieved that Zach is doing well, Ryan and Annie ask Kendall how she's holding up, but she changes the subject.  When Ryan and Annie bring Spike in to see Zach, they jokingly compare head bandages as Zach cradles the little boy.  Kendall thanks Josh for propping her up when she was a mess without even being asked.  When Emma asks if he was scared when he was lost, Zach teaches the little girl a trick that he used:  "Whenever you feel afraid, you just close your eyes and imagine you're home, surrounded by people that care about you. And then, just like magic, all the fear disappears, because you're surrounded by people that love you."  Emma goes off to put on her princess dress and asks her mommy to give her a ball.  After Erica tells Zach she's glad he's home, he thanks her for taking care of his family then wishes he had a little more room for all his loved ones.  Getting an idea, Erica goes to plan a surprise.  Although Jack thanks Erica for her good wishes, he refuses to discuss their relationship on this incredible day.  Kendall excuses herself to go give Greenlee "a present."  Once by her bedside, Kendall informs Greenlee that Spike's hearing loss was not caused by her car accident, then she apologizes.  Kendall sniffles as a single tear falls down Greenlee's cheek.  After Kendall urges her to do something, Greenlee breaks down and sobs, then Kendall tells her she's glad she's alive.

Zach is amazed and impressed as he enters a large room all decorated for a Christmas party filled with all his loved ones.  Applause breaks out as Greenlee is wheeled in to join the festivities and exchanges a smile with Zach.  Everyone exclaims when Bianca and Miranda suddenly appear all the way from Paris.  As the surprise guests are warmly greeted, Erica enters on the shoulders of two hunky orderlies to get the attention she needs and makes a speech wishing love and happiness to everyone who prayed for her family and wished them well during the worst of times.  After exclaiming "Merry Christmas," everyone sings "Deck the Halls" and breaks out in cheers.

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