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Written by Mandy
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J.R. wants to know why Amanda kept her mouth shut about his alibi.  She doesnít tell him anything and he tells her that if she doesnít tell him everything, he will sink the boat with her on it.

Adam looks at a piece of paper that he knows he put in the safe.  Adam puts the paper back and locks the safe.  He rambles on about Tad and Kate.  Adam says that Tad stole his family and Adam is going to hold on to the piece of Tadís family that he has.  Adam hears thunder.  The TV turns on and plays a video of Krystal going into labor.

At the hospital, Kendall lies on Zachís chest and tells him that it doesnít seem real.  Kendall kisses Zach.  Jack doesnít want to lose Greenlee.  Erica shows up and asks if Greenlee and Zach are okay.  The doctors try to revive Greenlee.  Joe tells Aidan to leave the room, but Aidan begs Greenlee to stay with him. 

Krystal and Tad get things ready for Christmas.  Tad asks if she is okay with what they did and she says of course.  Colby brings Jenny in to see Tad and Krystal.  Babe and Little Adam show up. 

Amanda says that she is surprised that it took J.R. so long to figure it out and admits that she wanted to torture him.  Amanda says that she wasnít going to let him go to jail for murder, but she wanted to see him pay for the way he treated her.  Amanda suggests renaming the yacht and J.R. didnít know that Amanda got his yacht.

Adam thinks that someone is in his house.  The TV shows a picture of Krystal curled up in pain from labor and goes on to play Krystal begging Adam for help.  Adam begins to cry and asks God what he wants from him. 

The doctors continue to try to help Greenlee.  Greenlee barely has a pulse.  Joe asks Aidan to give them a chance to help Greenlee.  Aidan begs Greenlee not to give up.  Aidan goes out and tells Jack what happened.  Sean comes over and tells Jack that Lily is starting to lose it.  Erica offers to talk to Lily so that Jack can be close to Greenlee.  Lily thinks that Greenlee is going to die.  Erica calms Lily down by telling her that Greenlee will have a happy ending just like every other time they have been to the hospital.

Erica looks in at Kendall and Zach.  Kendall apologizes for everything.  Kendall says that she didnít mean anything she said before Zach disappeared.  Zach tells her that the only thing he thought about was coming home to her and the boys. 

Aidan goes to the chapel and meets Father Clarence.  Aidan tells Father Clarence that he doesnít think anything he can say will change what happened to Greenlee.  Aidan stops when Father Clarence brings up someone that Aidan helped a long time ago. 

Kendall says that she has been showing the boys his photo everyday while he was gone and that she and the boys would pray for him to come home before Christmas.  Zach asks about Greenlee.  Kendall says that she is afraid to leave Zach.  Erica comes back and looks at them.  Erica goes over to Jack and takes his hand. 

Amanda says that she had every right to ask for what she wanted, including the yacht.  Amanda says that she got 5 million dollars and the yacht.  She says that she was trying to teach J.R. a lesson.  She says that she wanted to ruin J.R.ís Christmas.  Amanda realizes that Adam didnít tell J.R. anything about the DVD or the deal.

Adam looks up at the TV and sees a video of him kicking Tad and Krystal out of his house.  Adam claims that Tad got everything he deserved.  A video of Adam talking to Janet about baby Jenny comes on TV, then another of Adam offering to help Tad find Kate.  Adam breaks down and says that he will tell Tad where Kate is.  The video goes off the TV.  Adam thinks that he was hallucinating because he didnít get enough sleep.

Julia and Kathy show up to see Tad.  Julia thanks Krystal for inviting her and Kathy.  Tad suggests that they open one present before breakfast.  Tad helps Kathy hang her ornament on the tree. 

Aidan tells Father Clarence about helping that man.  Aidan says that he wishes he knew how he could help Greenlee.  Father Clarence tells Aidan that love is magic and that it is the most powerful medicine.  Father Clarence says that Aidan is Greenleeís best hope and that Aidan has the power to make Greenlee live. 

Lily realizes that Jack and Erica are worried about Greenlee.  Lily walks over to Jack and tells him that she loves him.  Lily starts to walk away and turns around to grab Jackís hand.  They hear Joe say that Greenlee is crashing. 

Zach tries to get up to see what is happening with Greenlee, but Kendall tells him to stay and she will find out.  Kendall realizes that the yelling was coming from Greenleeís cubical.

Aidan prays and asks God not to let Greenlee die.  Sean walks in and tells him that it isnít good. 

Erica prays for Greenlee.  Jack overhears and walks over.  Kendall says that Greenlee canít die.  Aidan walks into Greenleeís room.

Amanda tells J.R. that she taped his alibi.  J.R. says that Adam didnít tell him about the DVD, but Adam had J.R. put it in the safe.  J.R. asks Amanda if she kept a copy of the DVD.  J.R. tells Amanda to call Derek and get J.R. off the hook.

Colby picks up Jenny.  Babe pulls Krystal off to the side and asks what is going on between Tad and Krystal.  Krystal says that she will tell Babe everything when the time is right.  Tad goes to answer the door and sees Adam.  Adam says that he has information for Tad.  Adam comes in and sees everyone.  Krystal and Adam argue.  Tad offers to tell Adam what is going on. 

Kendall canít believe that Greenlee is gone.  Joe tells the other doctor to call the time of death, but Erica begs them to wait.  Jack goes up to Greenlee and talks to her.  Aidan says that Greenlee is not dead.  Aidan begs Greenlee to open her eyes.  Aidan holds Greenlee in his arms and begs her to stay.  Aidan tells her that he loves her. 

Derek watches the DVD.  Derek tells Amanda and J.R. that Zach and Greenlee have been found.  Derek tells J.R. that he is still under house arrest.  Derek says that Amanda can do better than J.R.  Derek tells Amanda that he will let her know when she needs to come down to the station to give a full statement. 

Tad and Krystal argue about who should tell Adam.  Adam asks for 2 seconds to tell Tad something.  Tad tells Adam that he and Krystal got married on Christmas Eve. 

Zach gets half out of bed and sees Myrtle coming toward him.  She hugs him and tells him how glad she is that he came home. 

Joe tries to get Aidan to let Greenlee go, but he refuses.  Aidan begs Greenlee to open her eyes.  He breaks down while holding her.  Greenlee takes a breath.  Joe tells them to let the doctors do their work.  Sean nods at Lily.

Father Clarence wishes everyone Merry Christmas just before he leaves.

Greenlee tries to open her eyes.

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