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All My Children Update Friday 12/21/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Greenlee is on the ground after being rescued by Aidan, but she is unconscious and her breathing is labored.  Quentin asks Aidan to help get Kendall and Zach out of the hole.  Aidan know that the walls are unstable and are about to collapse.  The walls crumble a little.  Kendall is in the hole with Zach.  She yells up to Aidan that they have to get out.  Zach wakes up.  She tells him that he is OK and she will not leave him.  Aidan leaves Greenlee’s side to assist Quentin with getting Zach and Kendall out of the shelter.  Quentin is lowered into the hole.  Kendall instructs him to get Zach out first.  She promises Zach that she will be right behind him.  Zach is pulled out of the hole leaving Kendall and Quentin in the hole.  The walls cave in right over Kendall’s head, but Quentin moves her out of the way just in time saving her life.  The shelter is about to totally collapse, and it is urgent that everyone is removed immediately. 

Zach is laid alongside Greenlee who remains unconscious.  He touches her face softly.  Kendall is hoisted up and she runs to Zach.  She promises to get him help, but he insists on getting Greenlee help first.  The shelter is totally collapsing, but luckily, Quentin is hoisted up before he is injured.  He thanks Aidan for saving him, and in return, Aidan thanks him for helping with the rescue. 

Father Clarence hears J.R. and Adam arguing, as he stands outside of the window of the Chandler Mansion.  J.R. is upset that he was released to Adam’s custody.  A gust of wind blows open the front door.  J.R. leaves, and as Adam proceeds to follow him, Father Clarence enters the mansion.  Father Clarence commences to talk about Adam, his past, family, his deeds, and the two Christmas gifts that he can give to J.R. and Tad.  The gift for J.R. is the DVD with evidence of his innocence, and the gift to Tad is the adoption papers for his daughter. 

Quentin suggests getting Zach and Greenlee to the hospital immediately.  The van could not be driven near the site so Zach and Greenlee must be walked, or carried out.  They all reach the van and then drive to the hospital.  Aidan notices the bandage on Greenlee’s hand and asks her about it.  Zach tells him that she received a snakebite.  Quentin calls Derek while Aidan drives to the hospital.  Kendall reaches out and holds Greenlee’s hand.  She apologizes to her as well.  Kendall then laid her head upon Zach’s chest. 

Derek comes to Babe’s house to pick up Richie and return him to the psychiatric ward.  Richie called the police to turn himself in.  His story is that he did not want to ruin Babe’s Christmas.  Derek is in a rush to get to the hospital to get details on Greenlee and Zach.  Ryan was shocked because he has not seen the softer side of Richie.  Ryan warns Babe to stay away from Richie.  Babe is not impressed with how Annie and Ryan handled the Richie situation and she makes sure that he knows it. 

When Zach, Kendall, Aidan, and Greenlee arrive at the hospital, Joe Martin meets them, along with his “emergency team.”  Derek arrives at the hospital and inquires about Zach and Greenlee.  Richie is in police custody after being picked up at Babe’s apartment.  He overhears Derek inquiring about Zach and Greenlee.  Richie has flashbacks of him hitting Zach, pushing Zach out of the car, and covering up the door to the bomb shelter to keep Zach in. 

Dr. Joe Martin tells Aidan that Greenlee is not in danger from the snakebite, but she is in kidney failure due to dehydration.  Greenlee remain unconscious.  Joe is pleased with the suture of Zach’s head wound that saved Zach from bleeding out and declares that his prognosis is good.  Zach tells him that Greenlee did the sewing.  Zach is cleaned up and he talks to Kendall.  She lets him know that he is a Christmas miracle.  She is glad to see him, and tells him so.  Zach asks about the boys and apologizes for not being there.  He wishes Kendall a Merry Christmas, and she wishes him one as well.  Kendall is embarrassed about sleeping with Aidan.

Adam wonders about J.R.’s whereabouts.  J.R. is at Dixie’s gravesite talking to her about his fall off the wagon.  He apologizes and promises to straighten himself out.  While at the gravesite, J.R. remembers everything about the night Zach was hit by his car. He leaves the cemetery and goes to the yacht to confront Amanda.

Joe calls a Code Blue when she goes into cardiac arrest. 

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