AMC Update Thursday 12/20/07

All My Children Update Thursday 12/20/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Ryan and Annie are at the Slaters’ home.  He wants to call Derek and inform him that Richie escaped.  She asks him not to do so, because she wants Richie to find her.  She wants to kill Richie so that she can feel safe.  Ryan explains to her that she must not hurt Richie, because she would put her family in jeopardy.

Erica arrives at the Chandler Mansion to tell Adam to leave Tad and Jenny alone.  Adam thinks that this is laughable since Erica tried to have Greenlee committed.  Adam accuses Tad of trying to take Jenny from Krystal.  Erica accuses Adam of trying to kidnap Jenny.  Adam is trying to change his mistakes.  Erica notes that Tad is beginning to resemble Adam by his deeds.  She suggests that they become a couple.  Adam retorts by noting her deed with Greenlee.  They argue back and forth. 

Richie arrives at Babe’s apartment and asks her to hide him.  Babe refuses because she does not want to put her son at risk.  Richie pretends that he is ill to persuade Babe to let him in.  She realizes that Richie is blaming everyone for his problems and she is tired of hearing it.  He dupes babe into believing him, so it seems. 

Kendall and Aidan are getting dressed, after making love, and they discover the blue prints of the bomb shelter.  Kendall believes that Zach, and Greenlee are in the shelter.  Aidan and Kendall find the spot, but cannot slide open the door since it has frozen over.  Aidan gets a pry bar and eventually he slides the door open.  He looks into the hole, but cannot see anything.  He takes the flashlight from Kendall and finally spots Zach, and Greenlee, but he cannot tell if they are dead or alive.

Tad drove Jenny around to quiet her down, but got lost.  He knocks on a door to ask for directions, and Father Clarence answers.  Tad did not realize that the building was a chapel.  Krystal arrives at the chapel for assistance since her car had a flat tire.  She and Tad are surprised to see each other.  They immediately start to argue over Jenny, but Father Clarence discourages the argument. 

Ryan tells Annie that she is safe as long as she stays away from Richie.  Annie holds Ian while Ryan holds Spike.  Emma asks that Ryan read them “A Christmas Story.”

Aidan and Kendall return to the cabin to phone for assistance, but there is an urgency to help Zach and Greenlee themselves.  Quentin arrives at the cabin, and Aidan enlists his help.  Aidan is lowered into the hole with a rope.  He reaches Greenlee, and checks for a pulse.  Kendall is asking about Zach, and is told that he has a pulse, but it is weak.  Greenlee is lifted out of the shelter first.  She stops breathing but Aidan begins CPR to revive her.  While Aidan is assisting Greenlee, Kendall insists that Quentin lower her into the hole with Zach so that he will not be alone.  Aidan wants Quentin to get Kendall out of the hole since the walls are not stable and can collapse at any minute. 

Richie lays on the charm and is allowed into the apartment.  He charms Babe and gives her a big hug.  Babe is tired of Richie blaming other people for his situation.  She no longer wants to get involved. 

Father Clarence wants to know how much Krystal loves Jenny.  He asks Tad the same thing, and his answer is similar to Krystal’s.  They realize that they both love Jenny.  Jenny begins to fuss so Krystal encourages Tad to sing to her.  Tad sings, “You Are My Sunshine” while he and Krystal hold hands.  They look up and Father Clarence has left.  They decide not to sue each other for custody of Jenny.

Adam wanting to change the mood, suggest that Erica leave to visit with Jack.  She has no confidence since Jack was mean to her when they last meet.  Adam boosts her confidence by telling her that she is “Erica Cane,” a powerful, smart female.  She is invigorated, and leaves to visit with Jack.  She hugs and kiss Adam before she leaves, but she lets him know that he better not mess with Tad and Jenny.

Krystal has not called Adam, and he is worried about her. 

Babe opens the door and Ryan enters.  She called to let him know of Richie’s whereabouts.

Father Clarence is shown creeping outside the Chandler Mansion.  He is looking in the window at Adam.

Kendall talks to Zach reassuringly.  The walls around the bomb shelter collapse as Aidan calls out her name. 

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