AMC Update Wednesday 12/19/07

All My Children Update Wednesday 12/19/07


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Aidan tells Kendall that she is in denial.  She gets upset and starts to walk out when Aidan stops her.  She announces that she is going to find Zach and Greenlee. 

Greenlee says that she is cold.  Zach tells her to get some rest.  Greenlee thinks that it is over and asks Zach what it is like to die.

Ryan and Emma get ready for the Christmas Party at the Miranda Center.  They meet Annie outside and go in.

J.R. calls Babe and asks her to come over to the mansion because he is starting to remember the night that Zach was hit.  Babe agrees to come over.  Adam wonders why J.R. didnít say anything to him about remembering.  J.R. tells Adam that he is only there for Little Adam.

Amanda watches the DVD of J.R.ís alibi. 

Babe tells Colby that she is leaving to be with J.R.

Tad questions Krystal about her lawyer.  He tells her that Adam offered him a trade.  Babe comes over and tells Krystal that she is leaving.  Krystal and Colby go with her.  Julia and Kathy arrive at the Christmas party.

Aidan brings Kendall back to the house.  Kendall yells at Aidan for giving up.  Kendall thinks that Greenlee came up with this ďrevenge planĒ and that she is hiding somewhere in the house.  Kendall says that her family has suffered enough and orders Aidan to find Zach.

Greenlee says that she has seen people die before.  Greenlee asks Zach questions about when he faked his own death.  Greenlee says that dying doesnít sound so bad.  Greenlee asks Zach if he will help her die.

Ryan and Annie stand outside discussing Richie.  Annie tells Ryan that she went to see Richie.  Annie tells Ryan that she is afraid Richie will destroy her new life like he did her old one.

Jack and Tad talk about Aidan and the search for Greenlee and Zach.

Tad tells Julia that he is suing Krystal for custody of Jenny.  Tad wishes he had another option.  Julia tells Tad that taking Krystal to court is something that Adam would do and Tad agrees.

Krystal asks Adam what he is trying to pull with Tad.  J.R. spends some time with Little Adam.  Colby takes Little Adam upstairs to play and Babe asks J.R. what he remembers.  J.R. says that it is bad.  J.R. says that he only saw a flash of that night.  J.R. thinks that he is going to jail.  They talk about the previous Christmas.  Babe tries to help J.R. remember.

Krystal confronts Adam about going to see Tad.  Adam thinks that he is helping her.  Adam says that he isnít a threat to Jenny.  Krystal asks Adam about the deal he made with Tad.  Adam tells her the deal.  Krystal asks Adam if he knows where Kate is. 

Tad and Opal play with Jenny.

Ryan and Jack talk about Spike and Christmas.  Jack invites everyone over to his place for Christmas.

Kendall blames Aidan for them not being able to find Zach and Greenlee.  Aidan says that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Greenlee.  Aidan reminds Kendall that Zach and Greenlee have been gone for a month.  Aidan says that Zach and Greenlee are dead.  Kendall slaps him.

Greenlee asks Zach how to tell when it is over.  Zach tells her that when it is over you canít feel the person who makes you whole anymore.

Santa arrives at the Christmas Party.  Ryan says that they will all be happy.  Annie tells Ryan about a dream she had about killing her brother.

Tad and Opal talk about Jennyís possible future boyfriends.  Tad says that Jenny will be locked in her room until she is 30. 

Krystal asks Adam if he found Tadís missing daughter.  Adam has a flashback of when he found out when Kathy was born.  Adam claims that he was bluffing to see how badly Tad wants Jenny.  Adam says that Tad is going to try to crush her in court.  Adam asks Krystal what she would do to keep Jenny.

J.R. tells Babe that he regrets everything that he did to her.  She assures him that she believes he is innocent.  Babe reminds him that they still have their child and each other.  J.R. tells Babe that he loves her and she hesitates, but tells him that she loves him too.

Greenlee tells Zach about Aidan and Zach tells Greenlee about Kendall.  They talk about their experiences with love.

Aidan tries to put a blanket around Kendall.  She becomes hysterical.  Aidan comforts her.  They start kissing and taking each otherís clothes off.

Zach pulls Greenlee over and holds her.

Krystal tells Adam that she wishes she could give him up.

Babe leaves Little Adam with J.R. so they can play.

Amanda lies down with her stocking in her hand.

Santa reads the kids a story before the party breaks up.  Emma tells Santa that she wants a unicorn for Christmas.  Ryan gets a call and tells Annie that Richie escaped from the psych ward.

Richie walks up behind Babe and startles her.  He asks Babe to hide him. 

J.R. tells Little Adam why he is so lucky.

Adam tells Krystal to be prepared for the custody suit.  Adam offers to help her.

Kendall and Aidan look at each other and then she rolls over.  Kendall starts to cry and asks what kinds of people mourn their loved ones like that.  She starts to get up and sees the plans for the bomb shelter on the floor.

Zach holds Greenlee while she sleeps.  The flashlight goes out.  Zach tells Kendall that he is sorry.

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