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Amanda and J.R. share barbs at the mansion.  Amanda accuses him of surrounding himself with the blonde bimbos—Babe and Ava—and Amanda gets in a few digs about him still wanting to be involved with her. 

In the Psych unit of Pine Valley Hospital, Janet and Richie get to know each other a little better.  Richie proclaims Janet to be the queen of the unit and Janet glows at the appellation. 

Aidan is in the woods surrounding the shack looking for Kendall who is searching for Zach and imploring him to give her a sign so that she might find him and return him to her and their sons. 

In the bomb shelter, Greenlee frantically calls to Zach that the snake venom has gone to her lungs causing her to be unable to breathe.  Zach assures her that he got most of the venom out and what she's feeling is the same as the sensation in his lungs -- they are running out of air. 

Annie visits Richie in the Psych unit gloating that she is living her life as she wants with her husband and daughter while he is locked away.  She asks who is better off in this scenario.  When she remarks that everyone now knows she was right about him, he counters that it is only her little group who believes that and not everyone.  He believes that their father and mother would never agree with her assessment of his character, and they knew her the longest.  She feels that their mother should be there holding his hand and reassuring him that all would be well.  They argue about who caused her to commit suicide with Annie telling Richie that their mother knew that she raised a monster and couldn’t deal with that knowledge.  Annie used to feel guilty about sending him to jail, but after hearing his deathbed confession, she is happier now than she has been in years. 

Ava wants to discuss wedding plans at The Comeback, but Jonathan feels they have more important issues to discuss.  Ava feigns ignorance of what he is talking about. 

Amanda can’t take J.R.'s concern seriously about possibly going to prison for the attempted murder of Zach, because Adam always comes to his rescue and pulls strings to get his name cleared.  J.R. is hurt that she is taking the issue so lightly when he insists that he is going to tell the truth this time and take his punishment like a man.  She is still waiting for his support of her and he assumes that she is referring to the money he owes her.  She informs him that she doesn’t need his money but wanted his respect and affection. 

When Greenlee asks Zach why the air is thinning in the shelter, he explains that it probably snowed above ground and the ice is blocking the air from getting through the cover.  He hopes that the snow will melt, and they will be fine.  He asks to look at her bite and she responds with pain as he examines her infected wound.  Then he divulges that the reason he can never be wrong or admit to being wrong is “fear.” 

Aidan tries to convince Kendall to return to the shack until the weather warms a little and the snow melts.  When she refused to comply with his directives, he tries to get her to understand that she is foolish for trying to find Zach without a map or a coat.  He doesn't want her to end up being a third person that he is going to have to try to find.  She continues to yell for Zach and tries to break away from Aidan’s hold on her.

Zach goes on to explain that the fear that has pursued him his entire life had to do with seeing his father push his mother off a balcony and the knowledge of what his brother became when he was left behind by Zach in the house with their father.  The fear of the possibility of becoming like those family members is what drives him.  When Greenlee exclaims that that is too heavy a load for one person to bear, Zach says he isn’t carrying it alone because he has Kendall. 

Kendall knows that Zach is nearby but he is slipping away—losing his strength.  Aidan counters that she is slipping away and asks when she last slept or ate anything.  He explains to her that she has two children at home who need their mother and that they need to go back to the shack and wait until the snow and ice on the ground and the roads melts so that she can return to her children.  She agrees to go back to the shack and decide how to proceed. 

When Ava asks Jonathan what issues he is referring to, he asks her why she wants to marry him.  She responds that she loves him, but he wants to know how she feels about J.R.  Ava gets angry and denies that there is anything between her and J.R.  Jonathan tells her that she is in denial and that the whole room lights up with laser beams when she and J.R. look at each other.  He asks how she thinks a marriage will work out if she can’t admit to him that she has feelings for J.R.  She snaps back at him that he is still in love with her sister and that is why he is accusing her of having feelings for J.R. 

J.R. tells Amanda that he misses her and that he was getting ready to call her just before she walked in.  He insists that she “gets” him as no one else does.  She believes he is a taker who only wants her around to take from her.  He says that he is self-destructive and that she got to be a good thing for him, and he responded by pushing her away.  He asks where they would be if he hadn’t messed up and then tells her that they would be in his bed on his yacht.  As they kiss, J.R. starts to remember something—something that seems familiar about that kiss. 

When Richie asks Annie if she is sure that she doesn’t want to kill him, she assures him that she will not lose her freedom for him.  As she starts to leave, he grabs hold of her hand to try to restrain her.  She wants him to let go of her or she will scream.  He taunts her by saying that no one will notice a scream on the Psych ward then tells her that he is never going to let go of her.  She asks him if he wants a burial or cremation.  He cautions her that she may be the one to need a burial first.  She turns on her heel and leaves his room. 

Zach jokingly threatens to kill Greenlee since he bared his soul to her.  Instead they make a pact of secrecy.  Greenlee remarks that her parents taught her the art of "party" talk where you talk a lot but say nothing.  She recalls that after the parties, she had sleepovers with the other kids, but after they were gone, she was left with painful silence.  She was just getting her life back on track and Aidan understood her, and then she landed in a hole in the ground with a skeleton and a snake.  She quickly  explains she was talking about the reptile, and Zach admits he knew what she meant. 

On the phone, Kendall instructs Ryan to give Spike his antibiotic and she will be home as soon as the roads are clear.  She gets off the phone as Aidan rips the map off of the wall and crumples it into a ball.  She yells at him to give the map to her and he informs her that the search is over and that they are not going to find Greenlee and Zach.  Kendall reacts with anger and indignation, reminding him that they found Greenlee’s cell phone and the sketch that Zach drew.  Aidan reluctantly admits that there is other evidence and tells her about the rock that Quentin found with Zach’s blood on it.  Even with this additional information, Aidan is still reluctant to continue the search.  Kendall tells him that he is welcome to give up on Greenlee if he wants to but that she will never give up on Zach because he needs her. 

Zach urges Greenlee to succumb to sleep, but she is afraid that she will fall asleep and never wake up.  He tells her that he has a big heart and that it pounds when he tries to sleep so he will be able to wake her.  She asks him to move closer so that she can hear his heart.  He moves to the other side of the shelter when she is sitting and puts his arm around her so she can sleep.  He tells her to close her eyes.  When she complies, he presents her with “magic roots.”  He explains that the roots of the plant have made water that is safe to drink.  She tastes it and declares it to be delicious.  She offers him some of the water but he declines.  He tells her that he is trying to make a point—that he was wrong about her. 

Annie claims she isn’t afraid of Richie any more, but he wants her to admit that she would miss him if he were not around.  She tells him that he has been dead to her for many years, but he insists she will never be free of him.  Annie responds that he won’t see her anytime again soon. 

Ava asks Jonathan if she is only a body double or a stand-in for Lily.  When she reminds him that she changed her “look” and her clothes for him, he says he never asked her to do that.  He thinks she did it for J.R.  She accuses him of being obsessed with J.R., so he counters that she is the one obsessed. 

Janet walks up to Richie as Annie walks away and says that the scene that she just witnessed seemed to be emotional.  He tells Janet that Annie is his sister and she is not well and needs him.  Janet agrees to help him get out of the Psych unit so that he can help her.

After kissing Amanda, J.R. begins to remember things from the night of Zach’s accident.  He remembers someone asking him to tell her “every evil, dirty, nasty thing” he has ever done.  He asks her if those words mean anything to her and she denies knowing anything about them but she makes a hasty retreat and leaves.

When Jonathan suggests that they put their wedding plans on hold, Ava responds that it really means they are going to cancel the wedding.  He tells her that he loves her as much as she will let him but that isn’t enough for them.  He grabs his jacket and leaves. 

Annie is out in the hallway outside Richie’s room when he comes toward her as if to attack her.  She grabs a scalpel off of a nearby cart and stabs Richie with it.  He falls to the floor and she turns around to find him hovering over her.  She starts to frantically call for a guard, but Richie reminds her that she will never be free of him.  Annie pants heavily as she realizes that she just daydreamed the whole horrid scene.

Janet starts speaking in stilted tones yelling she is the queen of the ward and that everyone must bow down before her.  She continues to rant about how she is going to have their heads on a post by morning.  In the commotion that ensues, Richie escapes from the Psych unit.

Recalling how she was a bitch to Zach the last time they were together, Kendall is determined that those will not be the last words he ever hears from her.  Aidan reminds her that Zach loved her, forgave her, and was on his way to buy her a new house.  Kendall demands that Aidan refrain from speaking of Zach in the past tense.  He sadly states that he hates to admit it, too, but they have to accept that Zach and Greenlee are gone.

Greenlee asks Zach to tell her again how wrong he was about her, and he begins with his lame joke from earlier, then he restates that she isn’t what he thought.  When she complains of being cold, he welcomes her into his arms.

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