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All My Children Update Monday 12/17/07


Written by Mandy
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Adam walks in and Tad tells him that he isnít welcome there.  Adam says that he has information on where Kate is and offers to help find Kate.

Julia and Kathy stop to see how Lily is doing.  Lily tells Julia what she overheard Richie and Dr. Chambers talking abut.  Jack gives Kathy a candy cane.  Julia asks if there is any news on Greenlee.

Joe tells Ryan and Kendall that Spikeís deafness wasnít caused by the car accident.  Erica walks in and realizes that Greenlee isnít responsible.

Aidan and Quentin find an old well.

Greenlee tells Zach that she heard something.  Water starts pouring in.

Erica asks Joe how Greenlee isnít responsible.  Joe tells her that Spikeís deafness was inevitable.  Ryan asks if the other children could have the same problem, but Joe tells them that neither of them are carriers.  Joe says that the car accident and Spikeís deafness were completely unrelated.  Joe leaves.  Kendall says that the one thing that she couldnít get past with Greenlee was Spike being deaf.  Kendall thinks that she ruined Greenleeís life for nothing and now life is paying her back.  Kendall doesnít think she will ever see Zach again.

Aidan tells Quentin that the previous owner saw someone around there a few weeks before, but it wasnít Quentin.  Aidan realizes that there is a meth-lab out there somewhere.

Greenlee freaks out about the water pouring in.

Julia and Kathy invite Lily and Jack to a tea party at Wildwind.  Julia says that maybe it would be nice for Lily and Kathy to talk because both of them lost their biological parents.  Lily asks Kathy if she wants to help with the cookies.  Julia says that Kathy is the light of her life.

Tad thinks that Adam is using Kate to pull Jenny out from under him.  Tad says that he has contacts all over the world trying to find Kate and wonders how Adam could do better in finding her.  Tad wonders what Adam would want in return for helping to find Kate.  Adam says that if Tad drops the custody suit he guarantees that he will find Kate.

Aidan and Quentin move a board back over the well.  They split up to search.  Quentin says that maybe they should admit that Greenlee and Zach arenít there.  Aidan says that he isnít going to stop until he finds Greenlee.  Quentin says that he was just trying to help.  Aidan asks Quentin to go into town and get some food because there is a storm coming.  Quentin leaves.

Part of the wall falls on Greenlee and Zach.  Zach looks at Greenleeís bite.  Greenlee says that it is over.

Erica says that Kendall didnít kill Zach.  Erica tells Kendall that she saw Greenlee as a threat to her children and that Greenlee ran because she is guilty.  Kendall wonders why she feels so bad if Greenlee is guilty.  Kendall says that everything she did to Greenlee was because she thought Greenlee made Spike deaf.  Ryan says that they all did things to harm Greenlee in one way or another.  Ryan says that what is important is finding Greenlee and Zach.  Ryan says that he is going to find Aidan, but Kendall says that it has to come from her.  Ryan tells Kendall to be careful in the storm.  Kendall asks Ryan to take care of the boys while she is out.  Kendall leaves.  Ryan tells Erica that she can leave if she wants.  Erica thanks him and she leaves.

Tad says that J.R. will be thrilled when he finds out that Adam is trying to find Kate.  Adam insists that he is doing it for Krystal because the custody suit is tearing her apart.  Tad says that Adam is still selling babies.

Jack tells Lily and Kathy that there is hot chocolate in the kitchen when they want it.  Lily and Kathy go to get some hot chocolate.  Jack says it is as if Greenlee vanished into thin air.  Julia tells him that he is a good dad.  Jack wants Greenlee home for Christmas and Julia takes his hand and tells him that this is the season for miracles.  Erica walks in and finds Julia and Jack holding hands. 

Quentin goes inside and gets the keys.  He finds a tube with the symbol from the bomb shelter on it and throws it off to the side.

Zach puts a pan down to catch some water in.  Greenlee tells some jokes, but Zach says that he isnít in the mood.  Zach watches the water pour in.

Kendall finds Aidan out in the woods.  She asks him if they can go back into the house because she has something that she needs to tell him.  He hesitates, but she tells him that it is about Greenlee.  They head back to the house.

Lily and Kathy bring Erica some cookies.  Erica asks Lily how she feels and is happy when Lily says that she feels much better.  Jack gets Erica a mug so that she can have a cup of hot chocolate with him and Julia.  Julia explains that she and Kathy stopped by to check on Lily.  Julia says that she loves spending time with Jack and Lily.  Jack comes back with a mug and Julia goes to get some cookies.  Erica tells Jack that Joe told them that Spikeís deafness had nothing to do with Greenlee.

Kendall and Aidan get back to the house.  Aidan tells her about Quentin.  Aidan asks what she wanted to tell him about Greenlee.  Kendall says that she was wrong about Greenlee causing Spikeís deafness.  Kendall says that she feels terrible, but she assumed it was because of the accident.  Aidan says that he has to find Greenlee and tell her. 

Greenlee ďtalksĒ to the bones.  Zach tells Greenlee a joke and gets her to smile.

Tad thinks that Adam wants to trade Kate for Jenny.  Adam tells Tad that it is his choice whether he wants to insult him instead of getting his daughter back.

Josh tells Ryan that Spike and Ian are both sleeping.  Josh says that he has to get work done.  Ryan says that Zach and Greenlee have been missing for a month.  Ryan says that they should start preparing Kendall for the possibility of Zach not returning.

Aidan yells at Kendall for what she did to Greenlee.  Aidan says that Greenlee needs to know the truth and tells Kendall to get out.

Jack says that Greenlee has been through hell.  Erica says that they are going to make it right.  Jack says that Greenlee could be dead because of what happened the night of the accident and now he finds out that it isnít true.  Erica offers to stay, but Jack tells her that he isnít alone because he has his family.  Erica remarks that in the recent past, he considered her his family, also. 

Adam says that if he finds Kate, Tad drops the custody suit.  Adam says that Kate is within Tadís grasp, but he wonít take that offer to save her.  Adam says that he isnít asking Tad to sacrifice Jenny, and that all Adam wants is for Tad not to rip Jenny out of Krystalís arms.  Adam tells Tad that he will never find Jenny without Adam. 

Lily comes out and tells them that she needs more ribbon.  Erica says that she needs to go and apologizes for upsetting Jack.  She leaves.

Adam sees Julia and Kathy as he is leaving Tadís house.  Adam says that he hopes Santa brings Kathy everything she wants.  Tad calls an investigator and asks them to find anything on Kate.  Kathy gives Tad an invitation to her party.

Josh asks Ryan if he really thinks that Zach is never coming back.  Ryan explains that he doesnít know, but the chances of finding them are low.  Ryan says that Zach would have done anything to come home to Kendall and the boys.  Ryan tells Josh that they need to be there for Kendall.

Greenlee tells Zach that she was learning to cook and now all of her hidden talents are going to stay hidden.

Kendall apologizes to Aidan again.  Aidan tells her to go.  Aidan closes the door and tells Kendall that she canít drive home in the storm.  Aidan tells her to wait for the storm to pass and then go home.  Kendall calls home and tells Ryan that she is going to stay and Ryan tells her that everything is great there.  Aidan tells Kendall to get some sleep and she offers to sleep in the chair, but he takes the chair.

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