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All My Children Update Friday 12/14/07


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Adam wants to tell J.R. about the DVD, but his son is totally disinterested.  J.R. is a smart aleck with Adam, because he does not want anything that Adam has to offer.  Adam decides to keep the DVD that could prove J.R.'s innocence of hitting Zach, a secret.  J.R. decides to tell Adam Tad’s intention of suing for custody of Jenny. 

Kendall brings Spike home and Ryan is there to greet them.  Spike is doing remarkably well.  Kendall speaks hopefully about Spike’s recovery and Zach’s return.  Ryan looks at her with doubt.  She scolds him for looking at her as if she is a window. 

The homeless guy, Quentin, and Aidan are searching the woods for Greenlee and Zach.  Quentin starts to talk about the possibility of not finding them alive.  This upsets Aidan and he grabs Quentin to shut him up. 

Greenlee was bitten by the snake and is now panicking.  Zach warns her to keep her hand below her heart to slow down the movement of the poison.  He tries very gently to calm her down.  He gets the poison out by biting and sucking on the wound.  Greenlee screams in agony.   

Ryan wants to stay and support Kendall with Spike.  She dismisses him by sending him home to his family.  Ryan wants to order out and stay with Kendall and the boys.  Kendall accepts his offer.  He apologized for asking about her intentions regarding Greenlee.  He admits he was insensitive when he asked her if she would confess.  His timing was off because he asked the question while she was waiting for Spike to recover from surgery.  They apologized to each other since they were both rude.  Kendall is clearly stressed over Zach’s absence.  She talks in detail about her deal with God.  If Spike made it through surgery, she would confess to setting up Greenlee.  Now she does not intend to keep her promise, because she cannot leave her boys.

Quentin let Aidan know that he deals in facts.  He warns Aidan not to put his hands on him because it will not be tolerated.  He called Aidan a fool for love.   

Adam is angry and wants to confront Tad for Krystal.  J.R. reads him “the riot act” as he warns him against interfering.  J.R. believes that Tad will frighten Krystal away with any confrontation.  Krystal is packing to run away from Adam.  She plans to take her daughter with her.  Krystal is angry.  If Krystal is around Adam, she believes she cannot stay away from him, because she loves him. 

Adam is adamant that Tad Martin will not keep him away from the woman he loves.  J.R. tells Adam to be selfless by letting Krystal go, and allowing her to choose.  Tad will not even allow Krystal to leave town, because she does love Adam.  He insists that Krystal not take Jenny from the house.  He picks up Jenny keeping her away from her mother.

Greenlee, still panicking, asks Zach how he knows all of the poison was sucked out.  He responds that he does not know for sure.  She instructs him to get rid of the snake, but he plans on having the snake for dinner.  He tells her that she was brave and offers her liquid courage. 

Ryan takes a trip down memory lane by speaking of the past with Greenlee, Kendall, and himself.  He finally confesses that he made a wrong decision about having kids, and then disappearing.  He hurt Greenlee.  Zach made a wrong decision by causing the power outage.  Kendall does not regret the power outage because it gave Ryan and her Spike.  Ryan wants to know what Kendall feels about Greenlee now.  Kendall does not know, but she does know that she still cannot forgive Greenlee for what she did to Spike. 

Aidan figures he knows Quentin, because Quentin is a reminder of himself.  Quentin is not appreciative of any analysis.  Aidan insists that they not give up.  They walk and tap on the ground.  Aidan hears a solid sound then stops to investigate.  They find a cover and begin to remove it. 

Ryan believes that it is time to forgive Greenlee, because he believes that she has been punished enough.  Kendall believes that Greenlee and Zach are together, and that they are coming back. 

Greenlee makes it clear to Zach that she is not eating a snake.  Zach insists that she needs protein.  Greenlee is feeling sorry for herself, and damns Zach for saving her life by sucking the poison out.  She wishes he had let her die.

J.R. talks about all of Tad losses such as Dixie, Kate, and Jaime.  J.R. believes this is why Tad will not allow Jenny to be taken away.  J.R. also believes that Adam is stupid to go against Tad. 

Adam calls Barry, whom he asked to investigate Kate.  Barry believes that Kate and Katie are one in the same.  Tad could not find baby Kate because he did not have her adopted name. 

Kendall has not heard from Aidan, which is making her anxious.  Joe arrives to speak to Spike’s parents.  Joe’s medical post-op test results show that Spike had a genetic mutation causing his hearing lost.  He does not believe that the accident caused the hearing loss. 

Adam visits Tad with the intention of telling him about Kate, but Tad refuses to hear Adam out. 

Quentin is lowering Aidan in a hole that is above the bunker that is housing Zach, and Kendall.

Greenlee hears a noise above the bunker.  Could it be Aidan and Quentin?

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