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All My Children Update Thursday 12/13/07


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Amanda is visiting Adam at the Chandler Mansion and she proposes that she wants money for J.R.ís alibi because he was with her.  Adam insists on seeing proof of Amandaís alibi for J.R.  Amanda will turn over the evidence for money.  She initially request 1 million dollars, but increase the price to 5 million dollars. 

Adam accuses Amanda of extortion.  He initially states that he does not have money while still wanting to judge if the evidence is worth the price being asked.  He demands that either Amanda show proof or she can leave.  She shows him the DVD.  Adam looks at the DVD; after accusing Amanda of torturing his family, he transfers the money into her account.  In addition to the money, she wants the lease to J.R.ís yacht.  She checks on the transfer of the money to her bank, and receives a document presumed to be the title to the yacht.  After the transaction, Adam kicks Amanda out. 

J.R. is in Jail trying to remember what happened on the night that Zach was hit.  Tad comes to visit him in jail and to tell him that he is suing Krystal for full custody of Jenny.  J.R. explains to Tad that he can be released, but only if he is released to his father.  J.R. wants to be free of his father and is hesitant to accept the terms of his release.  J.R. takes Adamís deal and is released to his custody.  J.R. lets Adam know that he is on his own, and will conduct his own business.  Since J.R. was so adamant about handling his own business, Adam decides not to share the news of the tape; instead, he puts it in the safe in the mansion.

Babe visits Krystal and they talk about Tadís intentions to sue for full custody of Jenny.  Babe is on Tadís side and thinks that Adam should not be allowed around Jenny.  She reminds Krystal that Adam hurt her and Jenny. 

Babe asked if Adam knows about the custody battle for Jenny and was told by Krystal that he does not know.  Babe reminds Krystal that she raised her alone, and is not used to sharing custody.  Babe believes that Tad has rights to Jenny as well, and she informs Krystal that she does not know how to share. 

Greenlee is still talking nonstop.  She wants Zach to react to her confession about kidnapping Spike.  He refuses to comment as he continues to dig his way out.  A snake is shown slithering out of the whole that Zach has dug.  Zach asks about the remaining water and food.  Greenlee tells him that they are out of food, but there is water in a barrel that smells bad.  Zach smells the water then lets her know that they cannot drink the water.  She determines that it can be used for bathing.  She takes a bath and then encourages Zach to do the same.  He ignores her.  Greenlee continues to implore Zach to wash up so that he will be clean when they are found. 

Spike is in bandages and is recovering from his cochlear implant operation.  Kendall tells him how she prayed for the success of the operation, and the return of Zach.  She also tells him that she will not keep her promise to confess to setting up Greenlee.  She made a promise to God that if the operation was successful, she would tell the truth, but now she must renege on that promise, because she cannot leave her children to serve time in jail. 

Aidan comes to visit Spike and Kendall.  Kendall tells Aidan that she has broken her deal with God, and will not confess for what she did to Greenlee.  Aidan agrees with Kendall, stating that she cannot leave her kids.  Kendall notices that Aidan has given up hope for Greenleeís survival.  They talk in more detail and Kendall see that Aidan truly loves Greenlee.  Kendall takes his hand, and then they hug.  She reassures Aidan that they will find Zach and Greenlee. 

The flashlight is dimming and soon Zach and Greenlee will be in the dark. 

Greenlee continues to talk incessantly while Zach suggests they dig as long as they are alive.  Zach asks Greenlee to focus on something else.  She decides to look for the letters.  She sees the love letters, and reaches for them.  As she reaches for the letters, she is bitten by a snake. 

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