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All My Children Update Wednesday 12/12/07


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Zach tells Greenlee to relax and not to turn around. Greenlee walks over to the blanket and pulls it back to reveal the bones they found. Greenlee asks why Zach is in a bad mood, but he doesn’t answer. Greenlee thinks that Zach is in a bad mood because he is missing Spike’s operation.

Ryan says that if the hospital would allow it, he would find some champagne. Kendall isn’t sure if they should be celebrating, but Ryan says that he can feel that things are looking up. Jason comes to see Kendall. Jason gives her a CD of music for Spike to listen to once his implants are working. He tells Kendall that Spike will be fine. Annie believes that the implant is going to work. Ryan tells her that Richie is exactly where he belongs.

Janet talks to Richie. She brings him some jell-o. Richie tells her that unless she knows a quick way for him to get out of there she needs to keep moving.

Aidan is searching the woods and he sees something wrapped in a blanket and tied up. He quickly moves behind a tree. He glances at it and then slowly moves over to it. Someone was hiding behind a rock and tries to grab Aidan. Aidan turns the tables on him and asks for a name.

Annie tells Ryan that her brother will always be able to get into her mind. Ryan tells her that in his experience, the dead lose their hold on them. Kendall brings Jason to meet Ryan and Annie. Jason asks Kendall to keep him informed on Spike’s condition. Kendall tells him that she will arrange a meeting for Spike and Jason when Spike is feeling better. Annie goes to check on Emma. Ryan tells Kendall that he let Greenlee escape from the courthouse.

Greenlee tells Zach that the surgery will make Spike hear again. Greenlee tells Zach that she would do anything to undo the damage she did to Spike. Greenlee tells Zach that she did try to take Spike the night of the accident. Greenlee admits that she is as guilty as everyone says.

Annie tells the nanny not to let Emma have both treats. Babe comes in and asks about Spike. Annie tells Babe that Kendall doesn’t blame Babe for what J.R. might have done to Zach. Annie tells Babe that Richie has been committed because he is twisted and deadly.

Richie tells Janet to take her jell-o and get out of his face. Richie tells her to hang out with her imaginary friends. Janet tells him that she is the last person in the world he should be offending because when someone pisses her off, bad things happen to them.

Ryan tells Kendall that he let them go. Kendall wonders why he is telling her. Ryan says that now it is her turn to be straight with him. Kendall says that she doesn’t know what he is talking about. Ryan asks Kendall if she was going to let Greenlee hang or if she was going to tell the truth. Kendall says that the hearing ended in chaos. Ryan asks why Kendall went to the arraignment. Kendall admits that she wishes she could go back and do things better. Kendall walks away and bumps into Hannah. Hannah says that Zach is out there somewhere because of Kendall.

Greenlee explains details of the night of the accident to Zach. Greenlee says that she thought that was her chance to take back what Ryan and Kendall stole from her. Greenlee says that she was bringing Spike home. Zach says that he needs to get back to work and walks away from Greenlee.

The guy says that he thought he could camp out there, but Aidan is suspicious. Aidan wonders what the guy is running from. Aidan sees something lying on the ground and he picks it up.

Janet says that people go out of their way to be nice to her. Richie says that he is just pissed because he is there. He introduces himself to Janet and apologizes to her.

Babe wants to know why Richie belongs in the psychiatric ward. Babe says that Richie is dying. Annie says that Richie’s plan, when he came to Pine Valley, was to take away her freedom by pushing her to kill him so that she would spend the rest of her life in jail.

Aidan asks the guy questions. Aidan introduces himself, but the guy doesn’t seem interested. Aidan says that he needs help and asks the other guy for it.

Kendall says that everyone is on edge. Hannah says that she is perfectly rational. Hannah blames Kendall for Zach being injured or worse.

Greenlee yells at Zach for going back to work as if nothing happened. She tells Zach that it is his turn to own up to his mistakes, as she did. Zach tells her to sit down or pick up a tool and start digging. She picks up a tool and looks at Zach.

Aidan says that he could use the other guy’s training. Aidan says that he doesn’t care why he is out there. Aidan says that the woman he cares about is in trouble and he needs help finding her. Aidan offers the guy a place to stay. Aidan shows him a picture of Greenlee and then one of Zach and he recognizes them from the pictures on the news. Aidan asks for help in finding Greenlee and Zach. The guy admits that he was in the army.

Greenlee says that it takes a real man to admit his mistakes. Zach gets back to work and ignores Greenlee.

Kendall says that Hannah was desperate to get to Zach. Hannah says that this isn’t about Ethan and tells Kendall not to mention his name. Kendall tells Hannah to respect her son that just had surgery and get out. Hannah says that if Zach were her husband, he would be home. Kendall says that Zach wanted to fire her and Kendall talked him out of it. Hannah walks away and Ryan asks what she wanted. Kendall says that all she wants to focus on is Spike’s recovery and Zach coming home.

Richie tells Janet about his life and tells her that his sister hates him. Richie says that it is probably going to be his last Christmas because he has Leukemia. Janet says that she will help him escape.

Annie tells Babe about the insurance policy. Babe makes excuses for Richie. Babe says that Richie won’t be around long enough for the problems between Annie and Richie to matter.

Ryan tells Kendall that everything will be all right. Annie returns as Joe comes in and Ryan asks about Spike. Joe says that Spike is being transferred to his room and then they can see him. Joe says that they will wait a few days for the swelling to go down and then he is confident that Spike will hear again.

Aidan says that the man can help him search. Aidan learns that the guy’s name is Quentin. Aidan goes off to search and Quentin looks at pictures of Zach and Greenlee.

Zach says that the only compassion he has is for Spike. Greenlee picks up the flashlights and shines light up for Zach to see where he is climbing and digging.

Joe takes Kendall, Ryan, and Annie to see Spike. They all tell him that things will be great for him from now on. Annie asks Joe if he is as confident as he said that the procedure was a success. Ryan tells Kendall that he is going to go out and spread the good word around the hospital and leave Kendall alone with Spike. Kendall tells Spike that when he went into surgery, she made a promise and now she wonders how she will keep her end of it.

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