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All My Children Update Tuesday 12/11/07


Written by Mandy
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Tad is feeding Jenny when Krystal gets up.  She asks if there is coffee and he tells her that it is on the counter.  Tad tells her that he stayed up all night by the crib after seeing Adam holding Jenny. 

Adam goes to see J.R. in jail.  Adam wonders if J.R. has remembered anything about the night of Zachís accident.  J.R. reminds Adam that he canít choose when he leaves and Adam announces that he just made his bail.

Amanda watches a DVD of the night J.R. supposedly hit Zach.  Amanda says that it is a good thing she charged the camera batteries.

Kendall, Annie, and Ryan show up at the hospital with Spike.  Annie asks if Kendall needs anything and Kendall replies that she needs Zach.  Erica tells Kendall that she made all the arrangements they need for the day.  Ryan tells Kendall that Spike will come through the surgery just fine.  Joe comes in and tells Kendall that they all know what they are doing and that Spike is going to be in very good hands.  Ryan tells Spike that he needs to take care of Kendall.  Ryan says that Spike is going to take a little nap and when he wakes up, Spike will be ready for any life he wants.  Kendall reminds Spike that she loves him.  Joe says that they are ready for Spike.  Kendall gives Spike to Joe and Joe promises her that they will take good care of Spike.

Erica asks how long the surgery will take.  Joe says that it will take about 3 hours and that they will give them updates throughout the surgery.  Joe explains to Kendall how they insert the implant.  Kendall wonders if Spike will really be okay.  Ryan tries to get Kendall to sit down, but she says that all she wants is her husband.  Josh comes in and gives her Zachís jersey.

Adam tells J.R. that he pulled some strings and called in a favor and that the terms of his bail are that he has to be under house arrest and that Adam had to consent to being responsible for him.  Adam tells J.R. that the house arrest is at the mansion and J.R. refuses.

Amanda watches the DVD and reads the paper.  On the DVD, J.R. admits to what he was supposed to do to Greenlee.  Amanda says that she is finally going to make the Chandlerís pay.

Krystal tells Tad that Adam drove her and Jenny to the hospital after Krystal cut her hand.  Krystal tells Tad that Adam is in her life and that isnít going to change.  Krystal tells Tad that she expects him to respect her and her decisions.  Tad says that he canít allow her to jeopardize their daughterís welfare based on her feelings for Adam.  Tad says that he is sorry about her feelings for Adam, but he doesnít respect them.

Kendall tells Josh that it isnít right that Zach isnít there to defend Spike.  She tells Josh that Zach has been there for Spike every step of the way, even before Spike was born.  Annie and Ryan bring Kendall and Josh coffee.  Ryan says that it isnít okay that he and Annie havenít been there for Kendall while Zach has been missing.  Kendall says that they are there now and that is what counts.  Erica comes back and puts her arm around Kendall.  Erica sees Jack walk into the waiting room.  Erica thanks Jack for coming.  Jack says that he still thinks of Kendall as his daughter.  He goes over and asks Kendall how Spike is.  She says that she is barely keeping it together.  Kendall brings up Greenlee, but Jack says that they arenít going to talk about that today because the day is about Spike.  Julia comes out and tells them that so far itís been going good.  Julia asks Jack about Lily and tells Jack that if he needs anything to call.  Jonathan and Ava come in and Ryan thanks them for coming.  Ryan asks about Lily and Jonathan says that he is glad he could help.  Jonathan admits that he wants to kill Ritchie.  Jonathan asks Jack about Lily and he says that she is doing much better.  Erica asks what is wrong with Lily and Julia explains that Lily had a breakdown.  Erica is surprised to find out that the situation has been going on for a couple of days and that Jack never considered calling her.

Amanda is on the phone saying that when her mother gets done with her evaluation she wants to upgrade her living conditions to anything that people like the Chandlerís get.  Amanda says that money will not be a problem anymore.  She closes the DVD case and picks up the paper.  She looks at a picture of a car and calls the number.  She tells them that she will be paying cash.

Adam says that J.R. can have his old room back and he can have anything at his fingertips.  Adam admits that he wants all of his children back in the family home.  J.R. says that at least in jail he can get some peace and quiet.  Adam calls J.R. a fool.

Krystal says that Tad is too judgmental.  Krystal reminds Tad that he slept with Adamís wife.  Krystal compares Tad and Adam.  Tad says that he has Jennyís best interests at heart.  Krystal says that she knows what is best for her daughter.  Tad tells Krystal that he is suing her for full custody of Jenny. 

Jack pulls Erica off to the side and tells Erica that he didnít think to call her.  Jack explains that Lily is better now and that is all that matters.  Erica tells him that she still feels like Lily is her daughter.  Joe comes out and tells them that Spike is doing very well.  Josh leaves to check with the cops about any word on Zach.  Kendall says that she checked in with Aidan about the search.  Ryan is surprised to hear that Kendall and Aidan are working together.  They all discuss the possibilities of what Zach would do.  Ryan tells Kendall that they will find Zach.  Kendall says that if Zach would miss this, that means he is in real trouble.

Ava tells Jonathan that they were all right about him.  She says that the way that he looked at Lily while he was talking to her made it seem like he found her soul.  Jonathan says that it wasnít that big of a deal.  Ava says that they must be really connected.  Jonathan asks if she is bringing this up now because she is seeing J.R.

J.R. tells Adam to go home alone and that he is staying there.  Adam asks J.R. which is more important to him being stubborn in jail or being able to defend himself at home.  J.R. says that he failed everything and he thinks that he would be humiliating himself in front of the whole family.  He says that going home with Adam would be like leaving one prison cell to go to another.  Adam says that if J.R.  is comparing the mansion to a prison cell, that maybe he does belong there.

Krystal canít believe that Tad would take her child away.  Tad reminds her that Adam tried to sell Jenny.  Tad says that it is happening so she better believe it.  Tad says that she wonít move back in with Adam without her daughter and Krystal agrees.  Tad says that Krystal would pull Jenny along like a piece of furniture.  Krystal accuses Tad of enjoying what he is doing to her.  Tad says that if she canít see Adam for who he really is then he has no choice.  Krystal looks at the papers and realizes that Tad has been planning this for weeks.  Tad puts the papers on the mantel and tells Krystal that he didnít want ever to have to use them.  Krystal canít believe that Tad had them drawn up at all.  Tad says that he didnít have the heart to serve her those papers when he had them drawn up.  Krystal says that Tad is jealous of Krystal and Adam.  Krystal reminds Tad that Adam was devastated when Krystal cheated on him with Tad.  Tad says that he will prove that Adam is dangerous.

Adam returns home.  He sees Amanda standing in the living room and tells her to get out or he will have her arrested.  Amanda tells Adam that she has something that would prove that J.R. is innocent.  Amanda says that she has J.R.ís alibi.

Jonathan tells Ava that he knows all about her visits to J.R.ís jail cell.  Ava asks him if he is having her followed.  Ava says that she was helping a friend.  Jonathan asks why she would sneak in wearing a disguise.  Jonathan says that they arenít going to talk about it now.  He says that he is the only one who could help Lily and Ava says that she is the only one who could help J.R.

Kendall is sleeping on Joshís shoulder.  He wakes her up as Joe walks into the waiting room.  Joe announces that the surgery is over.

J.R. is sitting in his cell.

Amanda tells Adam that J.R. wasnít behind the wheel and that he was with her.  Adam wants her to go to the police, but she says that she canít do that.  Amanda says that J.R. owes her a lot of money and that neither of them has been very nice to her.  She says that she has to make them pay.  Adam asks how much and Amanda replies that J.R. owes her half a million dollars.  Amanda says that she would need some for getting him out of jail and what they did to her mother.  Adam thinks that she is bluffing when she says that she made a video of it.  Adam asks how much.  Amanda says that it would take a million dollars and gives him her number.  Adam remembers Amanda bringing a box of papers to Adam when he wanted information on Jamie and realizes that is how he came to find the papers on an orphan.  Amanda tells Adam that if he wants to make a deal to call her.  Adam takes out a paper and realizes that he found Tad and Dixieís little girl.  He calls his lawyer, Barry, and asks him to check it out for him.

Krystal says that after he files the papers, there is no turning back.  Krystal says that she will use everything she has against him.  Jenny starts crying and Krystal goes to her.

Joe tells them that the implant was a success and that Spike is resting comfortably in recovery.  Ryan asks when they can see him and Joe says that he will have a nurse come get them when they can see Spike.  Everyone is very happy by the news.  Ryan asks about what is next.  Joe says that they have to wait until Spike heals and then they will turn the implant on and see if it works.  Kendall hugs Zachís jersey and tells Zach that Spike made it and Zach will too.

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