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Ryan confronts Richie about coming to Pine Valley so that they could kill him.  Ryan says that Richie isn’t taking his family with him when he dies.

Erica makes a call and yells at someone because the toys that she ordered hadn’t arrived yet.  When she hangs up, the toys arrive followed by Josh.  Erica arranges things for Kendall and the boys.  Josh asks about Erica and Jack and Erica changes the subject.

Kendall says that they are close to finding Zach and Greenlee because they found Greenlee’s cell phone and a drawing of the bracelet Zach bought for Kendall.

Greenlee tells Zach to get away from her.  Zach tells her to pull herself together while he gets rid of “that thing.”  Greenlee says that she can’t believe that she came back to get him.  Zach throws a blanket over the hand.  Greenlee says that the hand is proof that they are never getting out of there.

Kendall tells Erica that they found proof that Zach and Greenlee are together.  Kendall asks about the boys and Erica tells her that the boys are great.  Erica gets another call.  Kendall calls the doctor to tell him that she and Spike will be there in the morning.  Aidan tells her to go home.

Erica tells Pam to push “them” back for a week or two.  Josh says that he wants to be there for the boys until Zach comes home.  Josh announces to Erica that he is going to move in and she is too busy with her phone to hear him.  Pam calls her and they go over something.  Joe knocks on the door and says that he stopped to go over the final preparations for Spike’s surgery.  Erica says that Joe isn’t welcome there after what he did to her relationship with Jack.

Ava and Jonathan show up to see Jack.  Jack tells them that the things that Lily is saying scare him.

Sean is sitting with Lily.  Lily keeps rocking back and forth saying, “murder” repeatedly.  Sean tries to calm her down by playing music for her, but she says no.

Richie says that he knows Ryan and Annie want him gone.  Ryan brings up the life insurance policy and tells Richie that if he has an accident or if Richie is murdered then the policy is worth a million dollars and tells Richie that his prison shrink is the beneficiary.  Richie claims that he doesn’t want to die, but Ryan reminds him that Richie tried to get Annie to poison him.  Richie claims that he loves his sister, but Ryan suspects that Richie wants revenge.  Ryan shows the insurance policy to Richie, who claims that the documents are fake.  Ryan says that the policy explains everything that Richie has done since coming to town.

Aidan asks Kendall why she isn’t at home with her children.  Kendall explains that she is trying to do what Zach would do.  Aidan tells her that she can handle anything and that she needs to be there for her sons.  Aidan tells Kendall to go home and let him work.

Greenlee wonders who will die first, her or Zach.  Zach tells her to quit whining and keep working.  Greenlee tells Zach that someone was probably buried in there alive.  She hits Zach’s chest and tells him to face the truth.  He grabs her wrists and yells at her to stop.

Joe tells Erica that the musical toys she bought for Spike should help him.  Erica sends Rachael to check on the boys and asks Josh to leave the room.  Erica tells Joe to either admit what he did or leave.  Erica tells Joe that she is nothing like she was when she was with Jeff.  Joe tells Erica that Kendall should call if she needs anything, but Erica insists that Kendall won’t need anything.  Josh comes out and tells Erica that he is on her side.

Greenlee pulls away and says that they are going to die down there.  Zach says that he is fighting to get back to the people he loves and if she wants to stay there and die, he won’t join her.

Kendall says that Aidan is right.  Aidan offers to take the pressure off her, but she tells him that is Zach’s job.  Kendall tells Aidan that the last thing she said to Zach was that she didn’t need him.  Aidan tells her that Zach would want her to be with Spike.  She claims that she will be completely focused on Spike tomorrow.

Jack makes a call to a previous, favorite teacher of Lily’s.  Jack explains the situation and asks her to call him back.  Sean tells Jack that the music didn’t help either and gets ready to go upstairs to be with Lily.  Jonathan stops him and says that they should see if Ava has any luck.

Ava tells Lily what is going on.  Ava says that she owes Lily so much and offers to switch places.  Jonathan goes to the door and hears Lily say “murder.”

Ryan tells Richie that he is dangerous because he is a sociopath with a death wish.  Ryan says that he will watch Richie everyday of the rest of Richie’s life.

Greenlee suggests that Zach would love it if she rotted down there, but he doesn’t answer.  Greenlee says, “This is the end.”  Zach picks up a piece of cloth and wraps it around his hands.  Zach tells Greenlee that it is time for her to be quiet.  Zach says that he was going to blindfold her.  Greenlee says that she just wants to go home.  Zach says that he can’t dig them out when he is babysitting her.  Greenlee tells Zach about the other time she had been stuck with a corpse.  Zach gives her a bottle and she takes a drink.  She tries to hand it back to him, but he won’t take it.

Aidan says that Spike will come through his surgery just fine.  Kendall insists that she has failed her boys many times.  She says that she wants to promise Spike that Zach will come home.  Aidan says that Greenlee is his priority.  He tells Kendall that he will call her with updates every hour.  Kendall says that Zach has the best guy looking for him.

Erica tells Josh that Jack is in denial about Greenlee.  Erica tells Josh exactly what Joe did and about the problems that caused.  Josh agrees with everything Erica did to protect Kendall’s family.  Josh tells Erica that if she wants Jackson back, she has to admit that she was wrong.

Julia calls Jack to see if there have been any changes with Lily.  He thanks her for calling and tells her that there is no change.

Jonathan walks in and talks to Lily, while Ava listens outside the door.  Jonathan tells Lily that no one will hurt her now.  Jonathan tells her that he is trying to figure out the mystery, but that he needs more clues.  Lily tells Jonathan that she was supposed to have a date with “Richard” and that she met him at the yacht club.  Lily tells Jonathan that Richard never showed up for their date and now he is on the 5th floor of the hospital.  Jonathan shows her a picture and asks her if the picture is of Richard.  Jonathan says that he knows about the murder and it isn’t going to happen.

Richie says that Ryan is afraid of Annie because she is unstable.  Richie says that Ryan will sit in the courtroom and watch them take Annie away.  Ryan walks out of the room and asks Joe for help.

Josh tells Erica that she only has to say 3 words, “Jack, I’m sorry.”  Erica admits that she is sorry about forging the papers, but still believes that Greenlee needs professional help.  Erica thanks Josh for caring about her situation. 

Jack makes a call.  Jonathan says that only a fool wouldn’t be able to see how wonderful Lily is.  Jonathan tells Lily that one day she will find a man who is worthy of her love.  Jonathan tells her all the people who love her and he tells her that she has helped him so much.  Jonathan says that he needs to depend on Lily and tells her that she can depend on him.

Joe tells Ryan that Richie has already had a psychiatric exam, but Ryan tells Joe that Richie is a danger to himself and others.  Ryan begs Joe to trust him.

An orderly wheels Richie out of his room.  Joe tells Richie that it is for his own safety.

Jonathan brings Lily downstairs and tells Jack that she is feeling much better now. 

The orderly wheels Richie into the psychiatric ward.  Richie meets Janet.

Greenlee is still drinking and says that she is in hell.  Zach tells her to keep drinking and maybe she will pass out.  Zach asks what he has to do to get her to shut up.  Zach hands her the cloth and she blindfolds herself.  She says that she is going back to Aidan and that they will have a life together.  Zach goes back to digging.

Josh tells Erica that she can’t question how much Jack loves her.  Kendall arrives home and swears that they will all be okay.  She says that she knows Zach will be home too.

Zach looks at Greenlee and then goes back to digging.

Greenlee tells Zach to get away from her.  Zach tells her to pull herself together while he gets rid of “that thing.”  Greenlee says that she can’t believe that she came back to get him.  Zach throws a blanket over the hand.  Greenlee says that the hand is proof that they are never getting out of there.

Zach looks at Greenlee and then goes back to digging.

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