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All My Children Update Friday 12/7/07


Written By Bonnit
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Ryan and Jonathan, dressed up like FBI agents, talk to the life insurance agent who sold a policy to Richie.  Jonathan searches the insurance agent’s office, while Ryan speaks to the agent in the hall.  Jonathan steal Richie’s file.

Aidan tries to throw Kendall out of the house brought from Sylvester, but she is not budging.  Aidan continues to blame Kendall, for Greenlee’s arrest.  Kendall admits setting Greenlee up, after Greenlee admitted to her that she was really kidnapping Spike the first time.  She tells Aidan that if he can love a felon, then he can work with one.  He has filled a box with clues relating to Zach and Greenlee.  It is also filled with some of Sylvester’s (the previous owner) junk.  Aidan puts Kendall to work searching through these documents.  She finds a sketch of the charm bracelet that Zach recently mailed to her.  After being asked about the charm bracelet sketch, Aidan explains that he found it with Greenlee’s phone.  Kendall is convinced that this proves that Zach and Greenlee are together. 

Zach suggests taking a break from the digging as Greenlee starts to have another panic attack.  He recommends that she eat something whether she likes it or not.  She searches through the shelves for something edible and finds old love letters.  She suggests that she reads them, because she may find a way out written in them.  He laughs at the silly notion of someone putting an “exit clue” in a love letter.  She starts to read out loud, but he yells for her to stop, because the letters reminded him of Kendall, and their love for each other.  The letter influenced Greenlee to admit to Zach that she still loves Kendall as well.

Annie asked Richie why he wanted her to kill him.  She gets no answer.  Ritchie is going to be released from the hospital, and Annie offers to obtain care for him.  She and Ryan are going to hire a nurse, but they will not perform personal care.  They are doing this for Emma’s sake.  Emma is playing with her grandfather outside Richie’s room.  Annie approves of their relationship.  Richie asks to speak to his dad before he leaves for Chicago. 

Once his dad is in his room, Richie questions him about getting friendly with Emma.  Richie does not want his dad to get close to Annie’s daughter, because of what Annie did to him.  He is afraid that his dad will let Annie back into his life.  Ritchie reminds his dad that Annie pushed him out of a window, killed Richie’s mom, and locked Richie up for 7 years. 

Adam and Krystal are at the hospital because of the cut on Krystal’s hand.  Krystal asks him to leave before Tad sees him.  Krystal tries to send Adam away, but he won't leave.  Jenny starts to cry and Krystal cannot hold her because of her hurt hand so Adam holds her.  Tad continues to talk to Julia about Krystal.  Julia reminds him that Krystal should have a choice.  Adam is carrying Jenny when he walks into Tad.  Tad is furious.  Adam hands over Jenny.  Tad sees Adam carrying Jenny, and starts to yell with anger.

Emma asks Annie why it took so long for her to meet grandpa.  Annie and Emma talk about Grandpa.

Richie is not worried about Emma, but he's worried about Annie hurting his dad. 

His dad leaves his room with a change of heart.  He no longer wants Annie to take him to the airport.

Ryan and Jonathan read an insurance policy that names Dr. Chambers (the prison shrink) as the beneficiary.  The policy pays only if Richie’s death is accidental or he is murdered.  Ryan figures out what Ritchie wants.

Adam talks to Tad, who has made it clear that he doesn’t want Adam around his home, or his child.  He wants Tad to try to make Krystal feel less torn about the rules.  Adam promises that he's not a threat to Jenny.  Krystal can't promise that she can keep Adam away from Jenny forever.  Krystal wants to work out the difference over Adam with Tad, but Tad takes off with Jenny.

Kendall is not leaving Aidan’s side until they find Zach and Greenlee. 

Annie is furious that Richie influenced her dad, but Richie ignores her. 

Adam drops something and Julia picks it up.  Adam snatches it out of her hand and stalks away.  He examines it and discovers that it is Kathy's adoption certificate. 

Ryan enters Ritchie’s room.  He now knows that Richie wants Ryan and Annie to kill him.

Zach finds a skeletal hand behind the bomb shelter wall.

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