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All My Children Update Thursday 12/6/07


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Aidan declares that this is the day that he finds Greenlee.  He is in the woods yelling at someone he spots running away.  He yells that he just wants to talk, but the person continues to run.

Ava, pretending to be J.R.ís little sister, visit him at the jail.  J.R. is curious as to what she wants and Ava replies that she is there to get him out of jail.  She wants him to be put under hypnosis in order to help recall his memory.  Ava wants to prove J.R.ís innocence.  He wants her to admit she is there because she likes him. 

As Ava leaves, Livia enters.  Tad asked her to assist J.R.  She begins by asking him what he does remember. 

Babe and Amanda are at Fusion.  The press is hounding Babe, because she is J.R.ís wife and she does not want J.R. to be prosecuted for murder.  Amanda states that J.R. can take care of himself.  Babe is uncertain about him getting out of this situation.  Amanda lets Babe know that she is over J.R., but Babe does not believe her.  Babe and Amanda call a truce when at work.  Ava shows up at ďFusionĒ and she and Amanda argue over J.R.  While arguing, Amanda drops her disk of J.R.ís confession of past wrong doings. 

Adam wants to help J.R. out of his current legal situation, but Krystal suggests that he let J.R. fight his own battles.  Adam thanks Krystal for spending the night with him.  Krystal rushes to return to Tad and Jenny.  Adam is upset about her being accountable to Tad.  Tad thanks Colby for helping with Jenny and suggests that she go to visit J.R. when she expresses her concern for her brother. 

Kendall tells Erica that Aidan got her to admit she framed Greenlee.  Erica is in disbelief.  At this point Kendall could care less, as she just wants Zack back home.  She tries to figure out how to help Aidan with the search.  Kendall cannot believe Aidanís support for Greenlee, and how much he loves her.  She is touched over Aidanís affection for Greenlee.  On the other hand, she is concerned about Jack and Erica's relationship.  She blames herself for their problems.  Erica is not worried. 

Kendall discusses her writing with Erica.  She apologizes to Erica for some of her past wrongdoings.  She is not mad with Aidan for hating her.  Erica wonders what has become of Kendall.  They both think that J.R. might go to jail for being accused of hitting Zach with his car.  Erica believes that everyone has taken so many hits, and had their lives placed on hold.  Kendall gets up and prepares to leave.  Erica wants to know where she is going.  Kendall informs her that she is going to reclaim her life.

Ryan talks to Spike about Zack returning home.  Ryan tells Spike to be brave for his mom, because his other dad, Zach, is away and is missed by Kendall.  He reminds Spike that Zach loves him too.

Adam starts fingering through some legal documents and stumbles across a document that is under a sofa in his den.  He is dumbfounded over the legal document he finds. 

Colby helps Tad with Jenny because Krystal spent the night with Adam.  Upon Krystalís return, Tad and she argues about her visit with Adam.  He berates Adam and insults her.  She is so furious that she slaps him.  She believes that Tad does not trust her with Jenny because of what Dixie did with Kate.  Tad looks for Dr. Martin but runs into Julia instead.  He needs someone to talk to so he tells Julia that he doesnít trust Krystal anymore.

Krystal is cleaning up and slices up her hand.  Adam shows up to see Tad and sees her cut and says he will take her to the hospital.  When she argues that she needs someone to stay with Jenny, he tells her that they will take Jenny with them.

Kendall bust through Aidanís door with a crowbar.  He reminds her that he told her to stay away.  Kendall yells back and tells him to go to hell.

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