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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Worried he cannot reach him by phone, Jonathan heads to Ryan’s house to check on him. Knee deep in paper work concerning Richie, Ryan immediately enlists his help in “proving his brother-in-law to be the devil, before he burns in hell.”

Meanwhile, Babe stops by the hospital and catches Joe nearby to Richie’s room. After learning Richie’s progress, Babe turns to leave. Now observing her through his window, Richie drags his IV pole and tries to make his way to her. While in the midst of concluding her conversation with Joe, Babe is startled by a loud crash. The two, along with other hospital staff, rush inside Richie’s room and find him sprawled across the floor. Richie struggles to catch his breath, once they assist him back to bed.

Convinced by her dream that Zach and Greenlee are together, a relentless Kendall follows Aidan inside his cabin acquired from Sylvester. Determined to collaborate in his search for Greenlee, an arrogant Kendall blows off Aidan’s demands to leave “his” property.

In the meantime, Zach uses all of his might in digging through the bomb shelter wall, while Greenlee inventories their supplies. When her incessant prattling breaks his concentration, Zach barks at her, “Shut-up.” Not intimidated by his temper, Greenlee manages to convince Zach to conserve his energy. As Greenlee appraises Zach’s headway through the wall, he sits down and faces the other way. Greenlee becomes concerned, when he shouts out, “Hey don’t take them away from me.”

Hoping to locate her house keys, Julia goes to Jack’s. He invites her in after quickly realizing he inadvertently picked them up from their table at ConFusion. Through their continued conversation, Julia learns about Jack’s concerns over Lily, now having a “meltdown” upstairs. In the meantime, a frantic Lily cannot refrain from counting backwards and rocking. The fact she doubts her own ability to assess danger is revealed through her series of flashbacks to Jack cautioning her about Jonathan. Lily becomes unglued, when she flashes last to her overhearing “Richard” discuss “the murder” from his hospital bed. Lily falls completely apart, as Richard’s voice saying, “murder” reverberates through her head.

After being apprised about Dr. Chambers and his recent visit with Richie, Jonathan is on board with Ryan’s acquisition of Richie’s prison records. Eager to help, Jonathan digs into the visitor log first. Ryan is grateful for Jonathan’s help.

When Joe chastises him for getting up, Richie lies and tells him he was trying to get some water. Richie bristles, when Joe advises he is ordering in home nursing post his release. Completely sucked in by Richie, Babe fawns all over him after Joe responds to an emergency page. Richie then appears to have a momentary guilt pang, when he warns her, “Get away from me before I hurt you bad.”

To get rid of Kendall Aidan dismisses her conclusion that Zach and Greenlee are together. Despite his best efforts, Kendall remains resolved that Zach and Greenlee are located somewhere on the property.

At the same time, Greenlee fears that Zach has lapsed back into delusion. A defeated Zach then explains that he can no longer view his family photos stored in his dead cell phone. Greenlee recognizes his drive is gone, when Zach, in a fit of frustration, throws the phone across the floor.

Back at the cabin, Erica would have been proud of Kendall, when she manages to coerce Aidan into a concession that he found Greenlee’s cell phone in a gully nearby to the property. The scene then shifts to Greenlee holding Zach’s tossed cell phone.

Now appearing resigned to their fate, Zach begins opening up to Greenlee about the first time he held Ian. As his eyes begin glistening, Greenlee hopes to help him remain positive through visualization. In a hushed tone, Greenlee proceeds to create the setting, while Zach closes his eyes. He then envisions his homecoming. Despite Greenlee’s pretty picture, Zach’s spirit remains broken. He actually breaks down in front of her, as she describes him taking Ian’s hand in his. When Greenlee refuses to give up on consoling him, Zach looks over at her and appears moved by her persistence.

Kendall’s repeated efforts to collaborate with Aidan are met by his continued refusal to work with her. He softens momentarily when she breaks down over losing Zach and then immediately returns to shutting her out.

As Ryan and Jonathan plow through the deluge of paper, Ryan relays his concerns over the negative emotional impact her father and brother have on Annie. Jonathan listens intently until he notices that Richie was making inquiry into life insurance policies. In light of his terminal illness, this discovery causes him pause.

Richie artfully evokes Babe’s sympathy to the point of her tears and a loving hug. As she holds him in her arms, he clings to her as though he were holding onto life.

Jack and Julia watch Lily continuous rock from the doorway to her bedroom. Julia gingerly approaches her with the hopes of somehow reaching Lily. She crouches down and slowly reminds Lily about being her instructor in the “life skills” class.

Some of Zach’s drive returns enough for him to resume digging. He stops to hear about Greenlee’s impetus, Aidan. As she talks of Aidan’s charm over her, she starts flashing to the many times he made her smile ranging from him speaking in a goofy accent on the beach; ducking after she lobbed a vase at him; to presenting her with “Alphonso.” When it hits her that Zach actually unwittingly brought them together, she thanks him for it.

Kendall resorts to pleading with him. Aidan finally caves in and agrees on one condition, that she confesses to framing Greenlee. After being trumped, Kendall’s jaw drops in reaction.

Ryan becomes confounded, while Jonathan reviews dates and names of life insurance companies documented in the visitor’s log. They both become intrigued, when a “Stan Rawlings” from “National Life” visited Richie six times during his last month in prison. Ryan hugs him gratefully, when Jonathan offers to track “Mr. Rawlings” down.

Meanwhile, an emotional Babe pulls from him, when Richie nuzzles his face in her hair and whispers, “You mean so much to me.” She remains worried about who will look after him when he is released. Babe breaks down into uncontrollable sobs, when she leaves at Richie’s insistence. The minute the door closes behind her, Richie smiles as though he commends himself for his performance.

Zach finally gets her comment, when she reminds him he hired Aidan to confine her and keep her away from his family. The two become more at ease with one and other, as the conversation progresses. After reflecting on the bumpy start with Aidan and Kendall’s with Zach, Greenlee concludes that one should, “Find someone you detest and take the challenge” to make them a better person. Since Kendall made him a better man and father, Zach sees her point.

Aidan forces a detailed confession from Kendall but not without her dramatic explanation. He still views her incredulously, despite her assurances that she and Zach will clear Greenlee, once they are found. Throughout their exchange, Kendall demonstrates her unwavering certainty that they will locate Zach and Greenlee.

Julia continues her efforts to draw out Lily’s fears. In terms Lily can relate to, Julia draws columns on a pad. The first column is labeled “things that make Lily feel safe.” Julia fills the column with Lily’s family and her home. When she gets to the fear column, Lily blurts out, “Murder.”

When Aidan glares at her contemptuously, Kendall attempts to garner some understanding from him without success. He then reneges on his deal and orders her out. Stubborn as ever, Kendall refuses to leave until Zach is right in front of her.

Jack and Julia comfort her, as Lily screams, “No, no, no.” The scene then shifts to Richie, as he goes through his sheets and pulls out Babe’s scarf. While he holds it up to his nose, he speaks aloud victoriously. His intentions to manipulate Babe into taking care of him are revealed.

Ryan calls Annie. Through his end of the conversation, he reveals Annie is still visiting with her father. After he hangs up, he answers the door to an unexpected visit from Babe. Despite her awareness of his feelings towards Richie, she implores the unreceptive Ryan to fund nursing care for Richie until his imminent death.

Kendall ignores Aidan and looks at his map in search of a starting point. Now tired of her insolence, Aidan throws her over his shoulder and carries her out kicking and screaming. A sound of a thud is heard, after Kendall orders him to put her down.

Meanwhile, as they get back to digging, Greenlee marvels at their budding civility, while reminding Zach how much she cannot stand him.

Kendall keeps pounding and screaming on the cabin front door, while Aidan struggles to block her out inside.

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