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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Thinking it's for something “important,” Hannah rushes inside Tad’s and becomes perplexed by the sight of him calmly playing with Jenny. Although she anxiously asks for him to explain the urgency behind his call, Tad matter-of-factly tells her to grab Jenny’s bottle. As she picks it up, she begins staring at it.

Presuming Adam is busily contriving a plot to “spring” J.R from custody, she goes to the Chandler’s in hopes of talking him out of it. She is completely confounded, when she walks in on Adam pacing over the fact J.R. refuses his help. Baffled by J.R.’s behavior himself, Adam asks aloud, “What kind of man would turn himself into the police without an alibi?” Krystal stops dead in her tracks and reflectively responds, “The kind that wants to be a better man.”

Meanwhile, a bored J.R. lies on his cell bed until surprised by an unexpected visitor, Ava. While he strolls towards her, he admires her low cut shirt. J.R. then becomes completely befuddled, when Ava advises she has come to prove his innocence and instructs him to “reach inside my bra.”

After Rachael leaves Kendall alone with a consoling cup of tea; she longingly stares at a photo of Zach holding Ian and speaks aloud in hopes of somehow reaching him telepathically.

Meanwhile, with flashlight in hand, Aidan trudges through Sylvester’s property and calls out for Greenlee to give him a “clue.” With that, he stumbles upon recently disturbed ground and wonders who has been digging there and why. He then starts furiously moving leaves in search of answers. Before completely plunging in, he begins doubting his instinct and suspects Sylvester most likely was burying tax records out there. Just before he heads in another direction, he feels something strange beneath the leaves and frantically resumes the search.

In the meantime, Kendall stirs in her sleep from a nightmare. She keeps tossing and turning, as she dreams of her stumbling upon a bleeding Zach in the woods and being precluded by a tree from reaching him.

Hannah is both pleased and shocked, when she realizes Tad asked her over to apologize. She graciously accepts his apology for recently walking out her after she confided in him about Adam’s blackmail and her spy work for Zach. Just as she gets comfortable on the sofa, he questions how she is coping with the fact that Zach is missing.

Krystal tries to point out the positives in J.R. turning himself in, as Adam grows more inconsolable over it. With a sympathetic expression she acts as sounding board, while he vents about the circumstances.

Thinking that Ava is pulling a publicity stunt, J.R. does not take the bait and reverts back to his usual jerk self. Unwilling to subject herself, Ava starts to leave. J.R. stops her and gives her a chance to show that she genuinely wants to help him. After checking for cameras, Ava reaches in her bra and pulls out a plastic container. Before she finally gets it out that she brought booze to get him drunk, he thinks she just pulled out a breast enhancement. She then does her best to convince him that getting drunk may enable him to recollect his activities on the night of the accident.

A restless Kendall screams out, “No! No,” when the nightmare gets worse with Greenlee now emerging and pointing a gun at Zach. At the same time, Aidan exhaustively keeps plowing through the leaves and then begins shouting, “No!” The scene then shifts back to Kendall’s haunting nightmare. As she hears gunfire, she summons all of her strength to cross the tree to reach Zach. Once on the other side, she sees Greenlee knelt down. Now with a bullet hole in her forehead, Greenlee turns to face her. Armed with the gun, a smirking Zach comes from behind and coldly says, “It had to be done.”

Tad finds the right words to persuade the reluctant Hannah to freely express her feelings. She begins tearing, as he also commends her ability to withstand being involved with the likes of Alexander Senior, Adam, or even Zach on a bad day.

Krystal consoles him, as a distraught Adam blames himself for causing J.R.’s binges and ultimately jeopardizing his liberty.

After deciding to go along with her idea. J.R. pushes her to leave. Believing his hesitancy stems from fearing his recollections may implicate him, a stubborn Ava remains and encourages him to drink.

Now standing, an emphatic Krystal attempts to impress upon Adam that J.R.’s efforts to change are a testament to his manhood without success. Adam grows more desperate and then solicits Krystal’s advice on how to handle J.R.’s predicament. Through her perspective from believing that Babe was dead last year, Krystal encourages a resistant Adam to give his children space.

As he continues struggling with taking the first swig, Ava finally realizes that J.R. is really wrestling his addiction to alcohol.

Weary from Adam’s hold on her, Hannah shares that she wants to come clean, about her relationship with Alexander, with both Kendall and Zach but fears she will not get the chance. Tad plops down next to her and assures her that Zach will be located. The conversation shifts to their mutual losses. Tad believes Dixie’s spirit is with him everyday and pushes him to move forward. Despite her loss of Ethan, Tad encourages Hannah “to live her life” as well. Comforted by the insight, Hannah warmly smiles.

As the images of a bleeding Zach and a dead Greenlee keep racing through her head, Kendall is jarred awake from her nightmare. She then immediately springs from the sofa and heads out on her mission to find Zach.

Meanwhile, Aidan opens the garbage he discovered. As he rifles through it, he concludes Sylvester was hiding all his wares for manufacturing “crystal meth.” Completely frustrated by the dead end, Aidan slams the cookware on the ground and desperately screams out, “Damn it Greenlee, where area you?”

Their conversation turns to Adam. Through watching the horribly destructive impact Adam has had on his children and Dixie, Tad vows to protect Jenny from him and lends himself to Hannah in that regard as well. Hannah then baits him to find out if he is interested in her otherwise. Hannah smiles, when he gives her that impression.

When J.R. discards the alcohol, Ava initially reacts angrily until J.R explains. After he advises he did not succumb to the booze for little A’s sake, Ava feels like a complete idiot for putting him in that position. As he gratefully clasps her hands for her thoughtfulness, a detention deputy approaches Ava to detain her for smuggling in contraband. Ava appears fearful at the thought of being confined, while J.R. looks very upset for her.

Before she leaves, Adam begs Krystal to stay the night with him. Adam goes apoplectic over the fact Krystal wants to call Tad. He calms after realizing the call concerns Jenny. As she gives Adam her back, Krystal converses with Tad. Appearing awkward, she barely manages to advise her arrival home will be delayed. At the same time, Tad looks disappointed, as he envisions the meaning behind her words. Comforted by Hannah’s presence, Tad kisses her and offers to make popcorn.

Ava starts working the officer without success. A screaming Ava remains uncooperative, even though the deputy opts to hustle her out of the jail in lieu of “booking” her. Clearly smitten, J.R. gets a kick out of her feistiness and looks forward to her return.

Not knowing which direction to turn in, a now distraught Aidan puts his hands over his face. He quickly turns after hearing footsteps in the leaves. His disappointment is evident, when he sees that it is Kendall.

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