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Ryan and Annie take Emma to the park where they see Annieís father.

Richie is happy to see his psychologist from the prison.  The doctor tells him that he got Richie out of prison early in exchange for a big favor and itís time to pay up, so Richie better not die too soon.

Tad says that if they ever find Zach and Greenlee, he is going to turn Sylvesterís land into Jennyís personal Neverland.  Aidan says that he is going to go over every inch of the land.  Erica and Kendall show up wanting to hire Tad to find Zach.

Zach tells Greenlee not to lose her balance because she is almost there.  She is climbing up a ladder to see what is covering the bomb shelter.  Greenlee says that she isnít letting go of the ladder and she isnít looking up and Zach asks her to try.  Greenlee says that she has to get higher to feel anything.  She reaches a split in the ladder as she is going up and the ladder breaks away from the wall.  She holds onto a piece of the ladder that is still on the wall and it falls away too.  Zach catches her before she can hit the floor.  He helps her sit up and she asks what happened.  She realizes that she landed on Zach and apologizes.  Greenlee thinks that they have no way out because the ladder is in pieces.  Zach tells her to shut up for a few minutes and calm down so he can think of another way out.  Zach assures her that they will get out of there.

Dr. Chambers reminds Richie that he talked him into the deal.  Lily comes in and asks Richie if he is okay and if something happened to him to stop him from meeting her for their date.  Richie plays dumb and tells her that he is sorry for missing their date.  Lily is asked to leave and she goes outside.  Lily freaks out when someone bumps into her carrying red roses.

At the park, Emma and her grandfather toast over hot chocolate.  Annie tells her father that if he takes his feelings for her out on Emma, he will never see his granddaughter again.  He and Emma talk and she asks him if he can teach her how to read lips.  Annie wonders if things could be okay with her and her father again.

Jack tells Julia about how Greenlee was dressed at the police station the day that she and Aidan were trying to get something from Richieís friendís belongings.  He tells Julia how much he misses Greenlee.  They agree that Greenlee doesnít deserve what is happening to her.

Aidan says that they arenít taking any new clients now.  Tad agrees when Kendall complains.  Kendall sees the map on the wall and asks what all the pins mean.  Aidan tells her to get the hell out. 

Emma and her grandfather play.  Annie says that if things were different, seeing her father and Emma playing would be a precious moment.  Annie says that one day in the park with Emma isnít going to make her father quit hating her. 

Lily tries to calm down in a storage room at the hospital.  She rocks back and forth and talks about Richard.  She thinks that she could help Richard feel better. 

Richie fakes some pains and tells the doctor to back off because Richie is calling the shots and he hasnít forgotten about the deal they made.

Greenlee says that they are going to die down there and some pieces of the wall chip off.  Zach goes over there and chips some more away.  He suggests that they dig their way out.  Zach grabs a shovel and uses it to break away some metal on the wall and chips away more pieces.  Greenlee tells Zach to watch out and he looks up as part of the wall comes down on him.

Tad pulls Aidan away and says that he will handle it.  Aidan explains that Kendall is the reason that Greenlee is in this mess.  Erica asks Tad how much they know about Zachís disappearance.  Erica asks where the investigation is going.  Kendall says that she just wants Zach home safe.  Aidan says that he is looking for someone who she doesnít care about.

Jack isnít sure he heard Julia right when she said that she agreed with him.  Julia says that she trusts Aidanís judgment.  Julia says that she is predicting a happy ending for Greenlee and Aidan. 

Annie admits that it is strange seeing her father happy.  Ryan says that he swears that Emma will never have to go through what they did. 

Richie lets go of the doctor.  Richie asks the doctor if he wants to end up in an early grave.  Lily comes up to the door and hears Richie promise the doctor that the murder will happen exactly as planned.  Lily steps back and repeats the word ďmurder.Ē 

Annie stares at Ryan and asks what is bothering him.  He tells her that he saw Richieís prison shrink at the hospital and it seems weird that the shrink would travel all that way to see a prisoner.  Ryan says that something isnít right about the shrink.  Emma drops her cup and Annie rushes over.  Ryan makes a phone call asking about transcripts from the parole hearing and visitor logs and information on Dr. Chambers.

Lily walks away and knocks over a cart.  Richie tells the doctor to go see what it was.  Two nurses put things back on the tray.  Richie tells the doctor that he will see him in hell.

Greenlee helps Zach out from under the fallen wall.  Zach tells her that they need to knock the wall down and then climb out.  Zach sits down to catch his breath for a couple of minutes.  Greenlee asks Zach what he thinks Kendall is thinking about right now. 

Kendall blows up at Aidan and accuses him of wanting Zach dead.  Aidan says that Kendall and Erica donít care what happens to Greenlee.  Erica asks Tad to stop withholding information.

Julia tells Jack about Kathy.  Julia says that she has everything!

Zach says that he doubts Kendall is happy about anything right now.  Greenlee wonders if Kendall is worried about Greenlee too.  Zach tells Greenlee that when she escaped, Kendall locked her whole family in Ianís hospital room because she was afraid Greenlee was going to come after them.  Zach tells Greenlee that Kendall hates her. 

Jack asks Julia if she wants another drink, but Julia says that she should be going to spend some time with Kathy.  Julia tells Jack to have faith that Greenlee will be fine.

Erica says that Aidan is gone now and that they should know all information that Tad and Aidan have about Zach and Greenlee.  Kendall looks at the map and Erica goes over to see it.  Kendall realizes that they think Greenlee was involved in Zachís disappearance.

Zach tells Greenlee that he and Kendall did exactly what they had to do to protect their family.  Greenlee says that she doesnít want anything from Zach or his family anymore.  Zach reminds her that she tried to destroy Ryan and Kendallís lives and when that didnít work, she took Spikeís hearing away and forced Ian to be born before he could breathe.  Zach asks her who she thinks is ever going to forgive her.  Zach is chipping the wall away and Greenlee comes over and helps him.   

Kendall says that she knows that they think that Zach and Greenlee crossed paths.  Erica asks about the connection.  Tad tells Kendall that as soon as he finds anything he will let her know.  Tad assures Kendall that they will find Zach.

Jack arrives home and sees Lily rocking back and forth in a corner.  He asks her what is wrong, but she doesnít answer him.

Emma plays with her grandfather as Annie and Ryan watch.

Richie says that the plan will be carried out before his disease beats him. 

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