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Written By Linda

Ryan and Annie arrive at the hospital, and Julia advises them that Richie still critical. Before they head inside the room, they observe Babe with him. Meanwhile inside, as the true perpetrator of the hit and run, Richie is very interested to hear from Babe all about J.R.’s arrest. Back outside, Ryan and Annie are shocked by her father’s arrival. Mr. Novak cannot refrain from verbally attacking both of them. He quickly questions why they appear saddened about Richie’s condition, when he believes they both want him dead. In response, both Annie and Ryan put their heads down.

At the set for New Beginnings, Erica is dumbfounded by Jack’s harsh reaction to her televised plea for the safe return of Greenlee. She grows more confounded, as he blasts her for now putting a “target on Greenlee’s back.

Anxious for any word on Zach, Kendall snatches the phone from her coffee table and calls Derek. She begins hysterically pacing, as she learns there have been no further developments.

Meanwhile, Zach starts regaining consciousness. At the same time Greenlee is still smarting after learning, from Zach’s deluded babble that Kendall had unfulfilled intentions to confess to framing her. Completely infuriated, Greenlee demands an explanation from him. Smugger than ever, Zach replies, “Because I would not let her.” Of course, this does not resonate well with Greenlee, and she proceeds to throw pots and pans across the bomb shelter. As he begins to sit up, she calls him “bastard” a couple of times for extra measure. Now completely cranked up, Greenlee rants on about her regret for saving his life and blames him for their predicament. Trying to tune her out, Zach looks up at the ceiling and notices something. Greenlee finally shuts up long enough to help figure out what it is.

Kendall wonders aimlessly through the house and attempts to psyche herself into doing some “creative therapy.” She shutters, when the doorbell then rings. After receiving a delivery from “Zach Slater,” a shaken Kendall gasps, “Oh my God!”

Realizing her Greenlee segment has backfired; Erica again tries to convince Jack that her motives were only pure. As they continue bickering, Jack believes Erica was using the show as a ploy to reconcile with him. Erica appears horrified, when Jack then refers to her so-called concern for Greenlee as, “the biggest load of crap of I’ve ever heard.”

In the hospital hallway, Mr. Novak continues attacking Annie. Through their harsh exchange, Annie learns that Richie told their father about his cancer, while imprisoned. Ryan jumps to her defense, as Mr. Novak repeatedly berates her. In turn, Mr. Novak responds, “ You don’t know her like I do” to which Ryan replies sharply, “You don’t know her at all.” Meanwhile inside, Babe unwittingly fills Richie in on all the evidence against J.R., including the blackout. So he does not appear too obvious, Richie comments that J.R. may not be responsible. As she reviews the evidence, Richie flashes to removing Zach from the scene; tossing him from J.R.’s car; and tossing J.R.’s family photo under Zach’s car. Once she mentions the photo, Richie strategically takes the opportunity to stick the knife in J.R. With sympathetic eyes and tender touch, he says, ”Boy I would not want to be in J.R.’s shoes.” Babe does not know how to explain things to little A and comments on how he looks up to his father. At the same time, Richie looks through the room window at his own father and with an almost regretful expression says, “Yeah, a dad you can always count on.” Back outside, Mr. Novak spots the prison psychiatrist, who recommended Richie’s early release, and warmly greets “Dr. Chambers.” Ryan keeps a close watch on them, while Annie goes on about how her father “still gets to her.” Annie questions his presence, when Ryan tells her whom her father is speaking with. Now curious, Ryan approaches them, as Mr. Novak thanks the doctor for recommending Richie’s parole. Not mincing any words, Ryan asks why he is going so “out of his way” for this patient. The doctor tersely cuts him off and returns to his previous conversation. Now suspicious, Ryan walks back to Annie and says, “I smell a rat.”

Still relentlessly fighting for their relationship, Erica tries to convince Jack that “working together” to bring home Greenlee is the best solution. Erica bristles at his counter offer, televising Kendall’s confession to framing Greenlee from the New Beginnings set. She then sadly watches, as Jack breaks down with worry over his daughter’s fate. Her second offer to collaborate with him is met with another angry quip about the fact Greenlee will only be returning to jail once located.

Meanwhile, Kendall struggles to open up Zach’s package. She calms, once she realizes the shipping time predates his disappearance. She begins crying, while she reads aloud his beautiful poem to her and then opens the gift box. She takes hold of its contents, a charm bracelet and rubs it against her face. Now uncontrollably sobbing, Kendall begs Zach to come home to her.

Zach thinks he may have spotted a ladder above them. While struggling to make his way towards it, he still cannot believe, deluded or not, that he fell for Greenlee’s Kendall act. He then summons all of his strength and tries to shake loose dirt covering the object high above them. Once the ladder is visible, both have hope back in their eyes. Greenlee cannot help but criticize him, as he tries to stack up objects to reach the ladder. Still constructive in the midst of her prattle, Zach puts together a makeshift rope instead. Now wanting to assert herself, Greenlee insists on being the rope climber.

With the song “ Apologies” playing in the background, Kendall looks at pictures of her children and one of Zach holding Ian for inspiration. She then has a light bulb moment and scrolls the word “Charm” as the title of her creative endeavor.

Jack continues to reject Erica’s effort to reach out to him and finds it necessary to set the record straight. With a saddened face, Jack reinforces that he fell out of love with her. Erica still will not accept it. Referring to his love for her, Jack then says, “It’s gone and I am going to make sure it stays that way.” After he leaves, the set goes dark on the traumatized Erica. Her first instinct is to call Kendall, now immersed in her work on “Charm.” Kendall rushes for her phone only to be disappointed that her mother is calling. After looking at he caller “ID,” Kendall ignores the call and returns to her work. Appearing forlorn, Erica walks off the set.

Julia interrupts Richie and Babe’s conversation to check his vitals. When Babe heads for the door, Mr. Novak enters. As the two get reacquainted, Mr. Novak warmly expresses his gratitude to her for being a “good friend” to Richie. Appearing puzzled by the results, Julia catches up with Richie’s doctor in the hall and hands him the chart. Ryan approaches her about whether the hospital called in ‘Dr. Chambers.” After learning the hospital had nothing to do with it, Ryan looks over at him and thinks aloud to himself, “What the hell are you doing here?”

Persistent soul that she is, Erica shows up at Kendall’s doorstep. When she hears the piercing voice, Kendall quickly puts her legal pad away and slowly makes her way for the door. Impatient as ever, Erica opens it with her key. Kendall immediately sees through Erica’s concern for her and asks what transpired between her and Jack.

While Ryan whispers in Annie’s ear, Dr. Chambers sneaks away from their view. Jack arrives and approaches Julia, now overwhelmed by the hectic day at the hospital. She promises to do her best to accommodate him, when he requests Greenlee’s medical records for cross-referencing purposes. Meanwhile, in Richie’s room, his attending doctor is pleased with Richie’s rapid recovery from pneumonia. Mr. Novak attributes it to Babe’s positive energy and invites her to call him “Walter.” Richie smiles at their warm interaction. Babe and Walter leave to allow the doctor to perform more tests. While the doctor is preoccupied, Richie thinks aloud to himself, “If I live long enough, this will still work.” In the waiting area, Walter cries tears of joy over how happy Babe makes Richie. He then looks over at Annie and Ryan in the corner and mouths, “Richie is doing better.” At the same time, Corrina brings Emma to the hospital. Not realizing he is her grandfather, the empathetic child reaches out to the crying man. Annie approaches and introduces Emma to her “Uncle Richie’s father. The discerning child catches on quickly that he is Annie’s father also and her grandfather. Walter appears touched by Emma’s warm heart and smile and looks up at Annie’s tearing eyes. Ryan gazes at his daughter with pride. Meanwhile, without anyone noticing, Dr. Chambers sneaks in on the now resting Richie after the attending physician leaves.

Greenlee prepares for her climb. Albeit snidely, Greenlee assures Zach she will return with help for him, if she makes her way out. Zach boosts Greenlee to her starting point.

Julia gets the records department to make copies of Greenlee’s medical history. She offers to bring Jack the records at ConFusion, conditioned on him buying her a drink. Jack agrees and appears grateful for her company. In the waiting area, Annie formally introduces the two. Walter smiles at her and then looks at Annie, when Emma says, “I always wanted a grandpa.” Ryan moves out of view to call the prison where Dr. Chambers works and asks to speak with him, while posing as “Brett Carter” from the “State Psychiatric Board.” After hanging up, Ryan speaks aloud and reveals that he is even more suspicious, since Dr. Chambers phoned in “sick” at work. Meanwhile inside Richie’s room, Dr. Chambers rouses him from his sleep. Richie does not react warmly to the doctor’s visit. Through their conversation, an apparent “deal” has previously been struck between the two.

Keeping up a front, Erica insists that her only concern is Kendall’s mental state. She then gets angry, as Kendall maintains she just wants to rest. Now intolerant, Erica cracks the whip on Kendall to leave with her and find Zach.

At the same time, Greenlee struggles up the rope. When she is about ready to give up, Zach coaches her with a reminder of the greatest motivation, to get away from him. Zach’s words give her the needed impetus to forge ahead.

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