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Kendall answers the phone and tells Greta that the press keeps calling. Greta calls to remind Kendall about Spike’s surgery and Kendall says that she will definitely be there. Kendall turns on the TV and hears that Zach still hasn’t been found.

Krystal picks up the paper and sees the article about J.R. Tad comes out and she shows it to him.

Lily tells Erica that Jack is worried about Greenlee. Lily asks why Erica wasn’t around for Thanksgiving. Erica tells Lily that she is planning something really special for Jack and that she needs Lily’s help.

Aidan and Jack are going over where they know Greenlee has been.

Greenlee watches Zach sleep. She remembers asking Zach what happens to her after they get out of there. She struggles to get up and walks over to Zach. Greenlee pretends to be Kendall. She asks Zach why he isn’t grateful that Greenlee saved his life.

Aidan says that they could go over every piece of ground, but that it would be a waste of time. Aidan promises Jack that they will find Greenlee. They can’t figure out why Greenlee hasn’t tried to contact them. Lily calls Jack and she asks him where the family photo albums are. Lily tells Erica that she will bring her the pictures.

Babe walks into the police station and says that she is there to see J.R. She sees Ava and Amanda both waiting for J.R. The officer tells them that J.R. already has a visitor. Tad tells J.R. that he used the “step-father card” to get in to see J.R. Tad says that J.R. turning himself in made him proud.

Kendall talks to her boys. Kendall says that Zach always comes home.

Greenlee puts a blanket over Zach and then goes back to pretending to be Kendall. She asks if the lies they told about Greenlee haunt Zach. She says that they should tell the truth. Zach says that he will kill anyone who tries to hurt their family.

J.R. wonders why Tad would be proud of him. Tad asks if J.R. remembers anything and J.R. says that he remembers the bar and the parking lot. Tad wonders why J.R. would go after Zach and J.R. says that he was pissed because they had a deal and Zach reneged. J.R. says that Zach is obviously dead or he would be back by now.

Greenlee is still talking to Zach as Kendall. Zach asks if she remembers the lobster and Greenlee lies to him and says, “How could I forget?” She says that she misses Greenlee and that she was such a monster to her.

Kendall says that it’s a good thing that kids can sleep through anything. She remembers what she heard on the TV. She turns on the TV again. She watches Erica’s show about a woman who lost her whole family in a fire. Kendall yells at her mother on TV. Kendall starts ranting and says that she will weave potholders and that will get her to forget about Zach.

Tad comes out and sees the 3 young ladies and tells them that he thinks that J.R. is giving up. Tad asks Amanda if she saw him at all that night. Amanda says that they broke up. Ava says that when she saw him later that night he was out of it. Ava asks who goes first and Amanda says Babe. Babe goes in to see J.R. Babe asks how he is. J.R. asks why she is there and she says that she cares about him and that she wants to do anything she can to help him. J.R. asks Babe to make sure their son is a good boy if she has to raise him alone. Amanda comes to see J.R. J.R. tells Amanda that he had a blackout and there is a flashback of him putting his arm around her outside The Comeback. Amanda says that the J.R. she knows always fights back. J.R. says that payback is a bitch and asks Amanda if she is having fun and she replies “not quite yet.” Ava comes to see J.R. She tells him that she is there because she doesn’t think he did it.

Tad tells Aidan that J.R. doesn’t remember a thing. Aidan tells Tad what he knows so far. Tad points out where Zach’s car was found. Tad suggests that Zach and Greenlee are together. He points to the map where the two trails meet.

Greenlee (as Kendall) asks Zach how he is going to find paradise with a guilty conscience over framing Greenlee. He says that Greenlee belongs where she is.

Erica tells her guest, Lauren, that she would love to cover the art exhibit. Jack walks in. Jack says that he wants the pictures of Greenlee back and Erica says that he can have them back after the show. Erica says that she is doing something good. Jack says that if she is doing something to further scorch Greenlee’s reputation, that he will make sure she regrets it.

Krystal shows up at the police station to see Babe. Babe says that J.R. is sad, confused and afraid.

Kendall thanks Amanda for all the work that she and Babe have been doing since Kendall and Greenlee have been away. Amanda tells Kendall that J.R. doesn’t remember anything. Kendall says that she can’t quit thinking about Zach. Kendall tells Amanda about Erica’s show. Kendall feels bad because she forgot about Amanda’s mother’s activities.

Erica can’t believe that Jack thinks she is launching an attack on Greenlee. Jack demands the photos back. Erica says that she is doing this for Jack and Greenlee.

Aidan and Tad try to figure out what could have happened to Greenlee and Zach. They discuss Sylvester. Tad tells Aidan that he has a better idea than a shootout between Aidan and Sylvester.

Krystal and Babe sit down and Krystal says that she is worried about Babe. Krystal admits that she is a lousy role model for staying away from the bad boys.

Ava plays detective and helps him go over what happened that night. Ava tells him to work with her because he is innocent.

Erica starts her show by asking for help. She announces that two people very close to her are missing and shows both Zach and Greenlee’s pictures on TV. Erica asks for anyone who has seen either of them to call New Beginnings.’

Kendall wonders if creative therapy really helps. Kendall admits that when she is working on something she does forget about her worries.

Greenlee (as Kendall) tells Zach that she doesn’t believe that Greenlee deserves this and tells Zach that it doesn’t have to end this way. Zach says that there is nothing else to be done and that it is too late to tell the truth. Zach says that he can’t believe that Kendall wanted to confess in court.

Tad and Aidan show up at Sylvester’s house. Sylvester comes out with a gun. Tad offers him cash for the house and the property. Aidan says that the next person Sylvester points the gun at could be a bunch of FBI agents. Tad hands Sylvester the money. Sylvester thinks that it is a trick. Tad says that the money is his, but Sylvester has to go now. Aidan appreciates the help from Tad.

J.R. wonders why Ava would help him. Ava says that she doesn’t like being thought of as stupid. Ava says that this is one bad thing that he didn’t do.

Erica says that with the help of her audience, she knows that they can bring Zach and Greenlee home. Erica says that Jack misjudged her. Jack says that she made Greenlee a bigger target.

Kendall is at home and she asks what she needs.

Greenlee (as Kendall) asks Zach why she didnít tell the truth about Greenlee in court. Zach opens his eyes and sees Greenlee. Greenlee wants to know why Kendall didn’t tell the truth. Zach says that he wouldn’t let Kendall do it.

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