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Written By Linda

After receiving word about Richie’s condition, Ryan arrives at the hospital and runs into Babe in the hallway. Ryan ignores her commentary, when she berates him over his nonchalant attitude. His only concern is to locate Annie. Meanwhile, Annie contemplatively stares at the vial containing a supposed lethal liquid, while Richie tries to persuade her to kill him with it. Without verbally responding, Annie’s hand shakes, as she twists the cap from bottle.

Concerned about the accusations leveled at J.R., Adam goes to look for him at the Comeback. As expected, he sees him stooped over the bar and slamming down the booze. Despite Adam’s assurances that “everything is going to be all right,” a trembling J.R. fears that not even his father can protect him from a likely murder charge.

Aidan’s path through the woods leads him to an isolated cabin, whose occupant will only speak to him through a peephole. The occupant bears a resemblance to the man Richie had an encounter with earlier. More relentless than ever, Aidan asks him if he has seen her and thrusts Greenlee’s photo at him. The terse occupant slams the peephole closed with an emphatic no. Unsatisfied with the interaction, Aidan remains on his porch determined to get more answers from him.

Meanwhile, fearful of being alone, Greenlee frantically continues in her endeavors to rouse the feverish Zach from unconsciousness.

Aidan’s pounding on the door finally results in a menacing reaction from the cabin owner; he opens the peephole long enough to warn Aidan to, “Get the hell off my property.” Having had enough, Aidan decides to “teach this guy some manners” by kicking in his door. Aidan is greeted by a stern faced man, wielding a shotgun..

In the meantime, Greenlee puts compresses on Zach’s brow and begs him to wake up. With that, Zach springs up from the floor, while complaining about a light in his eyes. Knowing they are surrounded by darkness, a now hysterical Greenlee presumes “the light” is a beacon to the after world. As she tries to steer him from it, Zach appears to be suffering from delirium. Through his flash back to being mowed down by the car, Zach reveals the source of the light, the car’s headlights. Still assuming Zach is near death, Greenlee urgently wipes his forehead and keeps him steering him away from the light. She then becomes puzzled by his blank stare, as he fixates on her. Out of no where, Zach wrenches Greenlee’s wrist and demands to know what she has done with Kendall.

J.R. throws his hands up in frustration over his inability to recall what he allegedly did to Zach. Despite his son’s turmoil, Adam remains steadily calm and reassuring. He then leans in to J.R. and asks for the truth. A forthright J.R. admits he has no idea what he was doing the night in question. As J.R. racks his brain for answers, Adam maintains his confidence that he will be cleared. J.R. questions his father’s certainty in the outcome. In response, Adam emphatically exclaims, “You’re innocent, and I can prove it.” J.R. gives him a smile that says I know you are up to something.

Annie wrestles with her decision, while Richie keeps trying to persuade her. Still shaking Annie slowly moves the bottle up to Richie’s lips. At the last minute, her conscience precludes her from going forward, and Richie becomes frustrated. Now completely sobbing, Annie rushes to the sink and dumps the poison down the drain and discards the empty bottle in the trash. Annie blasts Richie for asking her to commit murder. She then does shuts out Richie’s euphemistic view of the situation. Ryan happens to enter with Babe right behind him, as Annie yells at Richie to stop. Ryan wonders what is going on. Babe appears dismayed, when Annie announces that Richie asked her to kill him and asks him to confirm. Richie’s non-response leads to Babe attacking Annie’s credibility. Annie tells them about the vial, and Ryan retrieves it from the trash. Babe then accuses Annie and Ryan of contriving this situation, while Richie sits in silence and watches the warfare. Overhearing the disturbance, Joe rushes in and chastises the three for arguing in front of a patient in critical condition. Before Joe can usher them out, Ryan tells him about Richie’s request of Annie and asks him to perform tests on the bottle. Completely flabbergasted, Joe turns to Richie for answers. Richie whispers, “Please, I can’t talk about it.”

After wrenching her arm from him, Greenlee responds with reminding Zach about what he and Kendall have done to her, not the other way around. As if she is having a coherent conversation, Greenlee keeps answering Zach’s question about Kendall with, “she is above ground.” Then, in an almost Kendallesque way, Greenlee starts throwing the fact she has kept him alive at him. A huge smile emerges on his face, as she continues on her rant. Zach’s smile is so big, it even causes her to pause. Greenlee almost falls over, when Zach blurts out, “I love you.”

Meanwhile, the cabin owner attributes his isolated lifestyle to his distaste for “city folk.” Aidan takes his best shot and manages to grab the gun from him. With the tables turned, the man becomes more cooperative. Aidan gives him a description of Zach. As the conversation continues, the man indicates he found a gentleman meeting a different description on his field. As he describes him as light eyed and expresses his disliking of the “shifty fellow,” the scene shifts to none other than Richie. Joe wants to speak to Richie alone but allows only Babe to remain at Richie’s request. Joe advises he must report the assisted suicide attempt and orders that Richie be subjected to psychiatric evaluation. Although respectful, Richie laughs in response to Joe’s efforts to save his life. Once alone with him, Babe blasts Richie for his cowardice. In the meantime out in the hallway, Annie has difficulty in coming to terms with the fact she almost killed Richie, while Ryan tries to comfort her.

Borne from his hatred for Zach, Adam announces his intentions to attest that J.R. was with him at the time. J.R. is too sickened by the thought he may have killed Zach and disposed the body to fully digest Adam’s plan. When he asks if Adam thinks he is innocent or guilty of this heinous act, Adam coldly replies, “Frankly, I don’t give a damn.”

While Greenlee tells him, “You’re brain is fried…. and “you’re off with Kendall,” Zach sees Kendall’s image. His smile erases, when her image whispers, ”I can’t go to bed with you Zach, because you’re gone and never coming back to me.”

Adam tries to get J.R. to focus on the alibi. Instead, he worries about little A seeing him in this state. With that in mind, J.R. gives Adam the go ahead to call Derek about the alibi.

During his thorough interrogation, Aidan learns the man’s name, Sylvester. Although Sylvester omits telling Aidan about the bomb shelter, he does allude to the fact his grandfather came to the cabin to prepare for “the end of times.” Unsatisfied that Sylvester has been completely forthcoming, Aidan leads him by gun point to a closet and locks him inside. When Sylvester does not go in quietly, Aidan tells him, he is on “time-out.”

Meanwhile, she attempts to reorient Zach by reinforcing that she is Greenlee. The name Greenlee prompts Zach to shout at the imaginary Kendall, “To hell with Greenlee.” As Greenlee reacts with, “Hey, watch your mouth,” Zach envisions that Kendall is saying it. When Kendall’s image disappears, Zach’s futile struggle to find her results in his collapse. Greenlee again rushes to his side. Although appearing repulsed at the thought of it, Greenlee leans towards him and does her best Kendall act. Falling for the performance, Zach opens his eyes and stares into hers.

After an indignant Babe gives Richie her “fight for your life” lecture, he asks to hold her. In response, Babe lays her head across his chest, while Richie holds her close and strokes her head. Meanwhile outside, Ryan begs Annie not to self-deprecate. Annie still cannot reconcile the fact she wanted to kill Richie and watch him die. After she relays her entire conversation with Richie, Ryan thinks he is still “playing” Annie. She becomes even more guilt ridden, when she advises that Richie caught pneumonia from being out in the cold looking for Zach. Worried that Richie is now even getting to Annie, Ryan snaps, “That’s a lie.”

Back inside his room, Babe lingers in Richie’s arms. Just as they are about to kiss, Joe accompanied by Dr. Vogel enter. Meanwhile outside, Ryan points out that he was present at the scene and never saw Richie. Babe happens to overhear them, as the two then surmise that Richie’s motives were to impress Babe. Completely incensed, Babe goes on the attack. Ryan flabbergasts her, when evades the confrontation and gets into the fact J.R. is the prime suspect in Zach’s disappearance. Babe appears dumbfounded, as Ryan lays out all the evidence against him and advises her that J.R. cannot account for his whereabouts due his current alcoholic binges.

Meanwhile, a confident Adam and J.R. meet Derek at the station. Before they proceed, Derek is forced to term J.R. only as a “person of interest.” Adam rattles off that he took the drunken J.R to his house on the night of November 15 th for the entire evening. When Derek asks about J.R.’s car, Adam thinks quickly on his feet and announces it was stolen. Derek is struck by J.R.’s silence, throughout Adam’s rendition, and asks him for confirmation.

As Greenlee continues with the Kendall charade, Zach can only see Kendall’s face and begins stroking Greenlee’s hair. Through his albeit deluded responses, Greenlee learns about his argument with Kendall and his hopes to bring her to “paradise.” Greenlee cannot resist having “Kendall” advise Zach to “listen to Greenlee.” Zach then tells “Kendall,” “ I love you.” Greenlee bristles, when she has to mutually respond.

J.R. collects himself, as he contradicts his father. As Adam interjects, J.R. uncharacteristically has an epiphany. Adam’s brow furrows, when he advises, “I guess it is the Chandler in me, I want to do what’s right for my son too.” J.R. then admits he cannot recall his whereabouts after drinking at the Comeback with Ava. Derek places him under arrest. Adam keeps rushing to his defense, when Derek reads J.R. his rights.

Babe reemerges and tells Ryan and Annie the news after calling the police department and learning that J.R. turned himself in. When Annie suggests that she lend her support to J.R., a glaring Babe snaps, “J.R. has Adam, and Richie does not have anybody.” Meanwhile in his room, the doctors conclude their visit just as Babe re-enters. Babe tells Richie about J.R.’s situation. Richie makes Babe feel at ease about leaving him to help J.R. Once alone, he flashes back to his delight in stealing J.R.’s car and indifference when leaning over Zach’s motionless body. The two flash backs bring a grin to Richie’s face.

Meanwhile, Joe reviews Richie’s lab results and regretfully tells Annie and Ryan that Richie may not make it through the night. Annie’s eyes glaze in reaction. She watches Richie sleeping through the doorway. Ryan holds her, as she wishes she could have the same empathy Babe has for him.

After Aidan’s rifling through Sylvester’s cabin remains fruitless, he releases him from “time-out.” Aidan suspects he is still hiding something, when Sylvester refuses to allow him to search the property outside. Before leaving, Aidan removes the bullets and hands Sylvester his shot gun. Once alone, Sylvester tosses a remnant of the bomb shelter across the cabin floor.

Weary from playing “Kendall,” Greenlee begs Aidan aloud to find her. At the same time, Aidan trudges around the cabin property and shouts out “Greenlee.” The scene shifts back to her tending to the babbling Zach. Greenlee uses the situation to gain insight into Zach’s true feelings about setting her up. Greenlee wants to strangle him, when the deluded Zach blurts that he would do it again and “she deserves it.”

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