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Erica barges in at Jack’s house, while he is in the midst of a phone call. As she does her best to engage him, Jack is dismissive and continues his search for Greenlee. The effect his treatment has on her is made apparent by the concerned expression on her face.

As she readies to leave Ryan and Annie’s, Babe graciously thanks Annie for dinner. Annie does not let her get away without mentioning the ten-ton elephant in the room, Richie’s conspicuous absence. While Babe does her usual routine of defending Richie, Annie remains convinced Richie has ulterior motives. With that, Babe receives a call from Joe Martin, at Richie’s behest, to advise he has been hospitalized. Annie appears both alarmed and dismayed after hearing the news.

Meanwhile, as Ryan arrives at Zach and Kendall’s to pick up Spike, he welcomes Ian home. After the two marvel over Ian’s progress, Ryan decides to allow Kendall to keep Spike overnight. Kendall tears, when the conversation turns to Zach’s continued disappearance.

Tad tracks Aidan down at the cabin where he hid Greenlee. Aidan starts melting down and flashes to his promise to Greenlee, while relaying that all trails to her are cold.

In the meantime, a confounded Greenlee looks to Zach for answers as to why their so-called rescuer sealed them inside the bomb shelter instead. Laconic as ever, Zach responds, “Because he did.” Greenlee starts freaking out, as she realizes their almost certain fate, death.

Tad does not allow Aidan to lapse into a “pity party” over springing Greenlee from the courthouse and pushes him to focus his energy on finding her. While Tad heads outside to look for potentially overlooked clues, Aidan continues with his satellite search of the surrounding area in hopes of detecting shelters. After Tad closes the door, a distraught Aidan flashes to him and Greenlee in the throes of passionate lovemaking. This image gives him the impetus to forge ahead.

A supportive Ryan tells Kendall he loves her. Racked with guilt over setting up Greenlee, she has difficulty in accepting his sentiments and begins believing her current “punishment” is “karmic.” After Ryan assures her that is not the case, Kendall’s gut tells her that Zach is alive but somehow temporarily impeded from returning home. Meanwhile, Zach remains stoically silent, as Greenlee has a mini breakdown and hurls whatever provisions they have across the floor. She then deflects him, when he tries to reach out to her.

Jack continues to act as though Erica is not even there. Determined to get through, Erica begins with an apology and then lends her support to him. Now incensed by her apparent hypocrisy, Jack breaks the silent treatment and throws the commitment documents for Greenlee bearing her forgery of Mary Smythe’s signature at her. Despite being confronted with this overwhelming evidence, Erica lobs Jack’s phone across the room and angrily demands the floor.

Annie and Babe arrive at the hospital anxious for word on Richie. Babe glares over at Annie, when Joe advises Richie contracted pneumonia from being out in the cold searching for Zach. Confounded by his uncommon act of unselfishness, Annie questions Joe further. Through his response, Joe reveals that a volunteer discovered Richie passed out in his car by the crash site and presumed he was part of the search. Babe braces herself before heading inside Richie’s room. Babe falls head first for his valiant hero act, while Annie watches the now ashen Richie stroke Babe’s hand through the hospital window.

In the meantime, Zach quietly watches Greenlee struggle with stacking up whatever objects she can get her hands on. He smugly questions her judgment and waits for her to fall, as she determinedly yet futilely makes her climb up the very unsteady foundation. As expected, the screaming Greenlee takes a nasty tumble. Zach slowly rises to her aid.

Jack is completely uninterested in any explanation from Erica and cuts her off. Erica appears as though she can barely catch her breath, after Jack informs her, “You and I are finished.

Babe goes out to the hallway to give Annie some time alone with Richie. Before Annie enters Richie’s room, Babe asks her not have any confrontations with him based on his weakened state. Although leery, Annie makes her way near to his bed. His fragile condition does not prevent him from engaging in his typical mind games. He starts with, “Annie I have a gift for you…I’m ready to confess.”

Erica will not accept his position and keeps trying to get through to Jack. Despite her efforts, Jack remains unwilling to forgive her actions this time. Erica will not let go and pulls out all the stops with, “Jack you have always told me I am your heart, how can you live without your heart?” Now teary eyed, Jack pauses. Erica throws her next curve ball, when she asks him to marry her again.

Ryan tries to comfort her, as Kendall laments over not being part of the search for Zach. The doorbell interrupts their conservation. Kendall nervously answers to Derek. Kendall eyes widen, when he informs the two about the retrieval of J.R.’s abandoned car, soiled with blood matching the specimen at the accident scene.

Tad returns empty handed. Tad empathizes, when Aidan grows frustrated over the fruitless search for the “pain in the ass.” Although it is obvious to Tad, Aidan admits that he loves Greenlee.

Meanwhile, Zach has to jar Greenlee awake. He then tries to force her to get a grip, until he figures a way out.

Erica’s marriage proposal leads into rehashing old wounds instead of reconciliation. Out of shear principal, Jack will not give Erica “her way.” She appears absolutely stupefied, when refuses to marry her.

Annie becomes still, when Richie confesses to doing everything she ever accused him of him doing and praises her for heaving him imprisoned. Admittedly remorseless, Richie then freely continues with, “I came here to hurt you bad.” As she listens intently, Annie cannot withhold her tears. Annie breaks into sobs, when Richie explains the reason for his confession, “I am about to die.”

Ryan and Kendall become apoplectic, when they learn J.R. escaped apprehension by running off. Kendall then immediately jumps to the conclusion J.R. lied to her about his blackout and heads for the door to force information from him. Ryan grabs hold of her to prevent her from going off half cocked.

Greenlee gasps for air, as her claustrophobia now sets in. Zach hands her a bag to breathe into and tries to talk her down. When all else fails, Zach pulls her towards him and kisses her. To her own surprise, Greenlee initially responds. When reality hits her, she pulls away and chastises him. Zach plays it down as a useful tactic. When Greenlee lapses back into panic mode, Zach tries a different approach. At his suggestion, Greenlee focuses on pleasant thoughts consisting of kissing and embarking on a bright future with Aidan. Zach collapses in the middle of the now serene Greenlee’s expression of gratitude. Clearly worried about his condition, Greenlee rushes to his side.

While Tad maps out the search strategy for the next morning, Aidan becomes completely unglued and unwilling to wait. Clearly sympathetic, Tad offers to help Aidan locate the paths detected by satellite throughout the night. Although appreciative, Aidan wants to go it alone and sends Tad home to his family.

Erica still does not get it and hopes to remind Jack of their undying love. To drive it home for her, he tells her that unlike her mother, his ability to forgive her is not infinite. Having reached his limit, Jack turns away from her.

Ryan and Derek knock sense into Kendall. Derek leaves after giving her his reassurances about J.R.’s arrest. Once seated, Kendall becomes frantic over Zach’s obvious bloodshed.

Despite his evil deeds, Annie still encourages Richie to fight for his survival. Richie claims he can no longer endure the physical pain. In hopes Richie is having a near death epiphany, Annie asks if he still wants to hurt her. Richie still manages to strike fear in her, when he admits that he does. Annie shake, as she retrieves an item from his coat at his request. While she appears confounded by the vile containing liquid, Richie explains, “This is something to set us both free.” Annie is rendered motionless, when Richie asks her to kill him with the substance.

Ryan puts his arm around Kendall and encourages her with hopeful words about Zach’s eventual return. Now exhausted and sobbing, Kendall lays her head on Ryan’s chest.

Determined to keep his promise to her, Aidan plods through the woods in search of Greenlee. He becomes perplexed by a document he finds and stuffs it in his pocket. He then finds her cell phone nearby and begins calling out for her. Meanwhile, Greenlee desperately hopes to keep Zach alive by rousing him from unconsciousness.

Erica still cannot believe that Jack’s love for her has died. To make himself clear, Jack goes as far as to tell her she is incapable of loving anymore but herself. Still in denial, Erica thinks his words are just a tactic and forces him to admit he does not love her anymore. Even after Jack says those deafening words aloud, Erica insists on “fighting” for their relationship. In typical Erica form, she refuses to leave, after Jack shows her the door. Erica’s jaw drops, when the now resigned Jack walks out on her.

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