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Thanksgiving dinner at The Comeback starts after everyone has arrived.  Tad and Jack ask Derek if there is any news and Derek tells them that they might have the car that hit Zach and that the lab is analyzing the blood as they speak.  Julia reminds them that there is a child at the table and they quit talking about the crime scene and the blood they found.  Colby asks J.R. where Little A is and he tells her that Babe has Little A.

Babe questions Ryan and Annie about why they really invited her and Richie to dinner.  Jonathan and Ava show up for dinner and they realize that there is a lot of tension in the room.  Ava thinks that it is because of her.

Kendall and Erica bring the boys home and find Myrtle sitting in the living room.

Greenlee and Zach yell for help and Richie answers them.  Greenlee finds some pans to bang together.  Richie determines that Zach is down there and tells him that Kendall will be relieved.  Richie can barely breathe.  Zach and Kendall admit that their loved ones must be worried.

Aidan looks around the cabin and remembers moments he shared with Greenlee there.

Kendall stares at the door with tears running down her face.  Kendall introduces Ian to his “fairy godmother” Myrtle.  Kendall tells Ian about his home and tells him that Zach will teach him to play hockey.

Babe explains to Ava that the tension has nothing to do with her.  Jonathan ushers Ava out to the balcony so that Ryan, Annie, and Babe can finish their conversation.  Ava wonders if they were fighting.  Annie tells Babe that they are not going to pull anything on Richie with the kids around.  Ava and Jonathan think that they are talking about Richie.  Jonathan and Ava discuss their childhoods.  Jonathan says that he is going to wine and dine her on the holidays.  Jonathan wonders what is going on between Ava and J.R.

Amanda spends Thanksgiving with her mother.  Janet explains that she has a problem with short-term memory loss because of a new drug she is on, but at least she is sane.  Amanda tells Janet that she is lonely.

Joe says grace for everyone at The Comeback.  Everyone says what he or she is thankful for.

Kendall tells Ian that if they pray hard, maybe Zach will walk through the door.  The doorbell rings and Josh comes in with balloons.  Josh says that he knows how Zach wanted the day to play out and he is trying to do things the same way.

Zach and Greenlee call out for help again.  They realize that they are alone.  Greenlee hopes that “he” went for help.  Greenlee realizes that she is getting carted right back to jail when they get out of there because she is a fugitive.  She says that she is running because of Zach and Kendall and Zach asks if anything is ever her fault.

Babe says that she doesn’t like being played and that she isn’t going to help them, but Annie says that she is.  Annie says that all they want to know is if Richie is planning revenge and if so, what it is so that they can look out for their family.

Ava tells Jonathan that she doesn’t understand why he is worrying about J.R.  Jonathan says that he heard that J.R. was bugging her at The Comeback and was wondering why, but she insists that he is always bugging her.

Amanda tells Janet that she misses her.  Janet asks why Jamie didn’t drive Amanda and Amanda tells her mom that Jamie is in Africa and they are only friends.  Janet doesn’t remember it, but she is sure that she should.  Janet asks if Amanda is dating anyone and Amanda says, “no one worth mentioning.”  Amanda tells Janet that if she had any sense she could have predicted what J.R. did.

J.R. gets up from the table and goes over to the bar.  Adam comes over to him and apologizes for announcing his sobriety salute.  J.R. returns to his table.  Opal tells Jack that she has a feeling that everything will work out all right.  Jack’s phone starts to ring and he looks at the number and ignores the call saying that it doesn’t matter.

Erica leaves a message for Jack telling him that they are all at Kendall’s.  Kendall tells Spike that if he is careful, he can touch Ian’s head. 

Greenlee looks for something to use as a disguise so that she doesn’t go back to jail.  Greenlee wonders why they are taking so long to pull them out.  Richie sits up and says something about Zach.

Adam kisses Krystal and she tells him to be careful.  Joe tells Jack that the signature on the committal paperwork is not Mary Smythe’s.  Joe says that he knows who did it and that it was Erica.  J.R. fights temptation and doesn’t drink.  Derek gets a call and is informed that the blood on the seat of J.R.’s car does belong to Zach.

Amanda tells Janet that J.R. was never serious about her.  Janet says that maybe it is just the letter “J” that she should stay away from.  Janet says that J.R. was a fool to get back into bed with Babe and Amanda becomes alarmed because she never mentioned it.

Babe says that maybe Richie knows that Ryan and Annie don’t want him there and that is why he isn’t there.  Jonathan and Ava come back in and Ryan goes to get the kids.  Annie suggests that they all sit down and eat.  Babe thinks it might be better if she takes Little A and leaves, but Ava tells her that food seems to make everyone happier.  Emma asks Babe if she is leaving.

Myrtle tells Kendall that Zach has been waiting for this day.  Kendall envisions Zach walking through the door and holding his son.

Zach sits down and starts to fall asleep.  Greenlee tries to keep him awake.  Greenlee says that Zach has to live to tell the cops that she didn’t run him down and then he can die on his own time.

Kendall looks worried. 

Amanda tells Janet not to worry about J.R. because Amanda took care of him.  Amanda says that it is a secret and Janet wonders what she did.  Janet puts her hands over her eyes and when she removes her hands, she acts as if Amanda just got there.  Janet says it was another memory loss and asks for a hug.

Emma asks where Richie is and Babe says that she is sure Richie will be there sooner or later.

Richie is walking around.  He finds a metal plate and he drags it toward the opening into the bomb shelter. 

Aidan is trying to find Greenlee.  He is looking at a computer screen and is asking Greenlee for a clue to finding her.

Greenlee finds a bottle of aspirin and gives one to Zach.  She hands it to Zach and Greenlee hears a noise and thinks that they are lowering a basket for them.

Aidan is watching the screen hoping for a glimpse of the scenery.

Krystal is cutting the pies at The Comeback while everyone talks.  Colby and Sean play with Baby Jenny.

Derek meets with two officers outside The Comeback.  J.R. catches a glimpse of the officers and sneaks out the back.

All the adults play with Emma and Little A at the penthouse.  Babe looks at a drawing that Emma made of her uncle Richie.

Kendall holds Ian while looking off into space.  Erica looks towards the door and then at Kendall.

The hole closes above Greenlee and Zach as Richie covers up the plate with leaves so that no one will find it.  Greenlee and Zach realize that they are trapped.

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