AMC Update Wednesday 11/21/07

All My Children Update Wednesday 11/21/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

At the set for New Beginnings, Pam gives Erica kudos for lining up Celine Dion’s appearance on their Thanksgiving Special segment. Celine arrives early and after exchanging warm greetings with Erica, she inquires about Kendall. When Erica puts her best face forward, Celine tries to give her strength by advising, “The show must go on.”

As Krystal arrives with Jenny at the Comeback to ready for the Thanksgiving festivities, she reminds her baby daughter how important it is to be thankful on this day. Jenny smiles, when her mother strokes her face.

As Kendall arranges Ian’s hospital blanket over him and peeks at Spike in his crib, her prayers to God for Zach’s safe return to his family are heard. Just as she prays for God to watch over him, the scene shifts to Richie, now canvassing the wooded area where he threw Zach from J.R.’s vehicle. He appears fearful, when there is no sign of Zach.

Meanwhile, as Zach lies still in the darkened bomb shelter within feet of Greenlee’s watchful eye, Kendall’s voice plays in the background with words of promise that she will somehow save him.

Babe arrives at the Comeback. Just before she can tell Krystal about her Thanksgiving plans with Richie, Opal interrupts them with a question about food preparation. It becomes even harder for Babe to bring up the subject, since Krystal immediately comments on how, “Today is a day you want to hold onto your loved extra hard.” Instinctively, Babe realizes Krystal’s sentiments stem from the horrible circumstances that Kendall is facing. A guilty faced J.R. happens to walk in on their conversation about Kendall.

Meanwhile, Ryan arrives at the hospital to offer help in the search for Zach. As he takes Spike from Kendall’s arms, as per usual, she immediately presumes he believes that Zach deserves to be punished. She is both thankful and touched, when Ryan kisses her and advises her to the contrary. Kendall appears about to cry, when Ryan reminds her the four of them are family. He then curses J.R. after hearing about Kendall’s suspicions and J.R.’s blackout. With Spike now back in her arms, Kendall stands over Ian’s bed and remains hopeful Zach will return safely. Since today is Ian’s homecoming, Ryan makes the sad recognition that Zach would not “miss it for the world.”

In the meantime, Derek heads up the search team with canines through areas surrounding the crash scene. As he gives out orders, Jack rushes up to him over concern that Derek is conducting a manhunt for Greenlee. After Derek explains they are searching for Zach, Jack wants his assurances that Greenlee will not be the target of trigger-happy law enforcement, should they come across her in the process. Derek does his best to allay his fears. Meanwhile, nearby, Richie continues his mad search for Zach. Now frustrated, Richie angrily asks aloud, “Where the are you Slater?” While conjecturing on Zach’s whereabouts, Richie has a flash back to when he tossed Zach’s seriously injured body from the moving car. Confounded that he could still be alive, Richie violently kicks every leaf pile within his striking distance.

In the meantime, Greenlee hopelessly stares at the crack of light shining through the unreachable opening to the bomb shelter. As she bemoans their fate, Zach begins to stir. The limping Greenlee drags herself over to check him and becomes concerned over his high fever. She tries to control it by frantically applying compresses to his forehead.

Krystal is too busy rushing around to talk to Babe. As Tad arrives, he kisses his “moms” hello and informs Krystal that he is cutting his visit short to join the search for Zach. As Opal balks over Adam’s invitation, Krystal sticks up for him. With that, Adam darkens the festivities with a toy pony for Jenny in hand. Tad scowls in the background at Adam’s gesture. More fire works get started, when Amanda storms in and approaches Babe. Amanda jerks away, as Babe stretches her arms out to hug her. When Babe apologizes for her mistake with J.R., he skulks by the bar and listens in on the discussion. When Amanda eyes him, he puts his head down in shame. Amanda coldly asks Babe to thank Krystal for her invitation and charges out. As Babe looks over at J.R., he turns his head and stares at a taunting bottle of liquor. To add insult to injury, J.R. can over hear Krystal’s fitting words to Tad, “Whoever hit Zach has ‘gotta’ be a devil without a soul.” He begins squirming in his chair, when she continues with, “I hope he has a shred of decency to hate himself.”

Pam goes over Erica’s “intro” for the super star guest with Erica and Celine. When she refers to Celine as “magical,” Celine in turn hopes to be “magical for Erica. Before the show starts, Erica makes a quick call to Jack to inquire about the status of Greenlee and Zach. As he flatly responds that there are no new developments, he trudges through the woods with the search team. Erica takes the opportunity to invite Jack to Thanksgiving dinner. Before he directly answers, Pam whisks Erica away from the phone. Erica’s stage entrance is met by a warm and exuberant response from the live audience. Erica appears misty eyed, when she talks about loved ones separated from their families this day. Erica then announces her “gift” to her audience, “Ms. Celine Dion.” Her guest walks out, and the two exchange a warm hug. Celine genuinely addresses her devoted audience with words about her new song, “I hope this new song will in some small way touch the hearts of all of us.” The audience clamors, as she is about to sing. While the gifted crooner belts out, “What do you say….,” the scene shifts to Kendall and Ian’s nurse playing with Spike, while Ryan enjoys watching the interaction and then back to Celine. The music keeps playing in the background, while Jack continues looking for the missing pair; Aidan does his own search; and Greenlee keeps a vigil over Zach. The audience cannot get enough of Ms. Dion.

Meanwhile, the maniacal Richie covers the territory with a make shift hiking stick. As the trail to Zach keeps reaching a dead end, Richie furiously exclaims aloud, “You can’t just disappear!” Now even more enraged, Richie slams the stick against the ground. At the same time nearby, Kendall and Ryan arrive and approach Derek about his investigation into J.R.’s involvement. Just as Derek advises, if the evidence links him to the accident, “We’ll nail him to the wall,” Tad startles the fragile J.R. by approaching him from behind. Tad immediately notices how jittery J.R. is. It is the last thing J.R. wants to hear, when Tad praises him for his sobriety and parenting skills. Tad keeps prying, as J.R. tries to avoid him.

Krystal reacts with both disappointment and astonishment, when Babe finally manages to tell her about her dinner arrangements. In the midst of that bombshell, Hannah’s arrival is met by Tad’s surprise. Adam eyes the two, as they exchange mutual thanks for each keeping the other’s confidences. Tad reassures he will never divulge that she is Adam’s spy. Hannah appears jilted, when Tad’s focus shifts to the entrance of his date. She whips around to see Tad scooping up Kathy. Krystal whisks Babe behind the bar to knock sense in her about joining the dangerous Richie for dinner. J.R. happens to approach them just after Krystal finishes her lecture. He allows Babe to take their son to Annie’s for Thanksgiving without realizing the full circumstances. In hopes of getting a unwitting ally, Krystal tries to discourage him from going along with Babe’s request. Babe then gives J.R. a kiss and hurries off to avoid further confrontation with Krystal.

Ryan braces Kendall at the scene and encourages her to stop thinking the worst about Zach’s fate. Meanwhile, Greenlee tries to keep Zach from lapsing into delirium. He then becomes angry with her, when he realizes she is using their only water supply for compresses. Not taking any bull from Zach, Greenlee orders him to “shut-up” and convincingly proclaims they can expend the water, since “we are getting out of here today.”

A breathless and choking Richie trips while in the midst of his deliberate search. He then looks up to the sight of an ominous man who advises him, “You don’t belong here.” Meanwhile, Ryan holds Kendall, as she begins to lose it over the fact that Zach is missing the same day Ian is coming home. Richie rises and glaringly faces off the stranger. The man backs away, while again repeating, “You should not be here.”

As Annie watches Emma make paper turkeys, she notices she drew a tattoo on one of their wings for Ava. Annie responds to a knock at the door and answers it to the smiling Babe and little A.

Celine responds graciously to a standing ovation, and Erica joins her on stage. Both close the show with hopes her song will inspire others to “take chances.”

In the meantime, Jack catches up with Lily at the Comeback. She reads her father so well, when she attributes his frown to his worry over Greenlee and sadness that Erica is not there. Jack does not appear to share Lily’s concern over Zach. In the meantime Colby and Sean saunter in with tagalongs, Dre and Wren. Colby expresses her gratitude to both Tad and Adam for their joint attendance. Tad rolls his eyes at big spender Adam, as he gives Colby and her entourage money for the movies they are going to later. To one up him, Tad gives them more money for their refreshments. Feeling defeated Adam skulks off. Tad then gives Jack words of encouragement about Greenlee’s safe recovery. In response, the embittered Jack is anxious for Zach’s return also, so that after he and Kendall clear Greenlee, they can go directly to jail. Tad has someone else in mind that shares Jack’s sentiments. With that, the scene shifts to Aidan in desperate search for Greenlee through the expansive wooded area. Meanwhile, Derek assures the nervous Kendall that she can go home and that the search will continue through the night. With his arm around her, Ryan encourages her to return to Ian. The stubborn Kendall reluctantly heads off with Ryan. Meanwhile, the exhausted Richie has to keep forcing himself to get up after repeatedly falling. He is inspired to forge ahead, when he notices Zach’s money clip amongst the leaves nearby. As Richie triumphs over his discovery, he flashes to when he reached inside Zach’s pocket and pulled his money from the same clip, after running him over.

At the same time, Greenlee tries to force Zach to eat for sustenance. Thoughts of Ian’s homecoming drive Zach to find an escape with Greenlee’s help. Greenlee disrupts his impetus with her bitterness over her eventual return to charge hanging over her head. With his sights focused on Ian’s hospital release, a fiercely determined Zach yanks at her collar and becomes indifferent to her plight. In a firm tone, he advises Greenlee that he “willed Ian to live.” As he continues with, “His life starts today,” the scene shifts to Ian stirring in his hospital crib and Kendall’s return. Although the moment is bittersweet, she anxiously waits for Ian’s release. She turns to find the welcomed presence of her mother and gratefully hugs her. Kendall enters Ian’s room and is met by her smiling brother, Josh. As Kendall takes hold of Spike, she approaches Ian with encouraging words. Joe Martin stands by, while Erica tries to keep Kendall from cracking. Since the homecoming is not how she envisioned it, Joe gives her the option of keeping Ian there until Zach returns. Viewing Ian as her “good luck charm,” a hopeful Kendall graciously declines.

Meanwhile, the evil Richie smiles at his good fortune and wills himself up. Not far from the scene, Aidan continues to call out Greenlee’s name.

Amanda pays a surprise visit on Janet at the mental institution. Over come by joy, her mother greets her with big open arms.

After initial small talk, Babe pointedly asks Annie about her so-called truce with Richie. Annie is saved by the bell, as Ryan happens to return home at the same time. After he hugs them both, Babe hits him with same question. When Ryan gives her the “holiday spirit” routine, Babe immediately wonders why she is included. A jittery Annie quickly advises that Richie likes her. When Ryan chimes in, Babe pauses with a shrewd look on her face and jumps to the conclusion they are trying to “use her against Richie.” Annie and Ryan appear very uncomfortable.

Aidan heads back to his hideaway spot for Greenlee. With certainty, Aidan says aloud that he will find her

In the meantime, Derek strolls up to the Comeback, while confirming with an officer that they may have possibly located J.R.’s car, now without plates. Through Derek’s responses, he reveals the officer detected blood on the abandoned vehicle’s seat. Derek puts his sights on J.R., as he stares at him through the bar window. Krystal gives him a warm hug after he walks in. Once Joe arrives, the festivities begin. Although “his moms” want to sit next to him, Tad surprises Hannah, when he saves a spot for her. Colby lovingly coaxes J.R. to the table. Opal notices Tad’s scowl, when Adam plops himself next to Krystal.

Josh holds Spike, while Kendall gets Ian ready to go home. Erica looks at Kendall with saddened eyes, when Kendall talks to Ian about his daddy’s return home.

Meanwhile, now on Zach’s trail, Richie plods through the leaves and collapses again. As he drags himself, he happens upon an opening in the ground. At the same time, Greenlee hears the sound of debris falling from above and realizes someone is there. A jubilant Greenlee then rushes towards the opening and shouts out, “They have found us, we’re saved!”

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