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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

The unlikely pairing of Zach and Greenlee regain consciousness, after plummeting to the bottom of a vast opening in the ground. As they look around the darkened area, they try to ascertain their whereabouts. Based on their history, Greenlee views Zach’s inquiry about her condition with skepticism. When she then tries to move, she lets out a scream of pain.

In the aftermath of finding blood in his car, the pacing J.R. tries to mentally account for his time, during his alcoholic binge blackout. To allay his growing fears, he convinces himself that the blood must be from a deer he ran over. As he sits on his bed and frustratingly tugs at his hair for answers, Kendall arrives unannounced and yells, “What did you do to my husband?” In reaction, the startled J.R. stares back at her blankly.

Ryan returns home to the sight of Richie standing within striking distance of Annie and orders him to get away from her. Annie quickly advises that they were just in the midst of a conversation. Despite her explanation, a smug Richie backs away from Annie anyway. Looking like a raging bull, Ryan demands an explanation for the sudden disappearance of Tom Brennan and the diversion of his e-mails. With his typical arrogance, Richie feigns ignorance on both counts and heads for the door. As Annie relays her encounter with Richie to Ryan, she reveals, despite Ryan’s misgivings, she bought into his so-called feelings for Babe.

Meanwhile at the Comeback, Babe checks to make sure her Thanksgiving list is complete. With that, Colby approaches her and regards her odds of striking peace amongst the holiday participants to less than those during a “Middle-East peace accord.” Her opportunity to engage in diplomatic peace talks comes with the arrival of Tad and Adam at her behest. As soon as she broaches the subject, the two men balk.

After J.R. emphatically denies having any recent contact with Zach, Kendall winds down slightly and flashes the photo of J.R, Babe, and little A she found at Zach’s accident scene and begins describing it to him. J.R. looks ill, as she continues and notes he smells like a distillery. Thinking she may get his cooperation with a different approach, Kendall urges him to lead her to Zach and promises not to involve Derek in the situation. She shifts into demand tone, when J.R. offers other plausible explanations for Zach’s whereabouts and categorically renews his denials of any wrongdoing.

While damning her circumstances, Greenlee grapples around in the darkness in search of her cell phone. As the broken Zach tries to help her in her endeavor, he agrees with her description of their plight, “Cosmic bad luck.” The hobbling Greenlee happens upon a working flashlight. With the benefit of illumination, Zach concludes they have fallen to the bottom of a 1960’s bomb shelter. When the reality of their situation sinks in, a doom filled Greenlee recognizes the un-likelihood of anyone searching for them there.

While Annie remains convinced Richie’s feelings for Babe are genuine, Ryan tries to remind her that he is incapable of “normal human emotion.” Based on Annie’s unwavering belief in Richie’s sincerity, Ryan comes up with a plan on how to use his feelings against him. Through Babe’s interaction with Richie, Ryan now hopes to gain insight into Richie’s motives. Ryan decides to put his plan into action by inviting the two to Thanksgiving dinner.

Meanwhile, Babe cuts her call short, when Richie arrives at the bar, flowers in hand. As she questions him about his abrupt earlier departure from their date, Richie initially evades her. Richie’s excuse that he took off for fear of getting too close is met by Babe’s skepticism.

Greenlee and Zach embark on their mad search for a means of escape. Growing frustrated, the ill-fated pair begins arguing. Believing he came to hunt her down, Greenlee, the fugitive, has difficulty in accepting that he was just out in the country looking for a house for Kendall. Through the continued bickering, Zach reveals he has no memory of the identity of the person who ran him over and is astonished by the fact that Greenlee saved his life. Greenlee then poses a “billion dollar question” at him by asking whether he would have done the same for her had the situation been reversed.

Growing weary of J.R.’s denials, Kendall threatens to contact the police and advise them of the photo she secreted from the scene. J.R. then caves in and confesses that his “blackout” is preventing him from being able to account for his recent whereabouts. In reaction to the apparent dead end, Kendall eyes widen with fear.

During her sit down with Tad and Adam, Colby miraculously finds the right words to get them to forge a “truce.” Their temporary accord to attend dinner together is short lived, when the two men argue over the location.

Kendall begins hammering at J.R. to remember this evening’s events. He begins tearing, as she throws his past-unintended transgressions against her and her family. In hopes of jarring his memory of running over Zach, Kendall forcefully grabs hold of him to take him to the accident scene.

Greenlee worries that Zach is loosing too much blood from his sustained head trauma. She manages to find a first aid kit. While trying to open it, it falls from her hands. The two trace the direction of its fall. After rediscovering it, Zach seeks out scotch to sterilize his wound. Now seated next to Greenlee by the first aid kit, Zach takes a swig from a scotch bottle and happens to look upward. He notices the fortuitous landing spot of the kit, since directly above them is the opening to the bomb shelter.

Richie deftly plays Babe, while helping her do work. After baiting her into revealing why she is interested in him, Babe makes reference to her bumpy arrival in Pine Valley.

Annie cannot believe her ears and questions the soundness of Ryan’s judgment in inviting Richie to dinner. She becomes quiet, as Ryan suggests they “kill Richie with kindness.” Although she remains concerned for Emma’s safety, Ryan persuades Annie with his logic.

In the meantime, Babe gives Richie some insight into her “underdog” background. Through admissions of her own past transgressions, Babe also reveals her empathy for him. Appearing mesmerized by her, Richie leans in and warmly kisses Babe.

Greenlee cannot bear to accept the fact the opening is unreachable. As she begins having a melt down, Zach reaches out to calm and comfort her. Although she initially deflects him, she quickly again lapses back into concern over his injuries.

Adam and Tad challenge each other to dart match. Whoever emerges victorious selects the dinner location. Colby has to break up the contentious match, as the two argue over Jenny and Krystal’s ultimate fate. Meanwhile, Annie calls Richie and invites him and Babe to Thanksgiving dinner. Richie appears to be trying to read Annie’s gesture after hanging up. The scene shifts back to Annie’s discussion with Ryan. Although she reserves complete certainty, she remains hopeful Richie “bought into” the sincerity of the invitation. The scene shifts back to Richie now in the process of convincing a reluctant Babe to join him. Despite her hesitancy to forgo dinner with her mother, Babe agrees in the hopes of promoting good will between Annie and Richie.

Greenlee worries she will be accused of murdering him, if Zach dies. With that in mind, she tries to psyche herself into stitching his wound. The two take another swig of scotch to get their respective courage. Greenlee reluctantly proceeds after threading the needle. Meanwhile, Kendall and J.R. arrive at the crash scene in the midst of a massive search effort by law enforcement. Although he still cannot account for his whereabouts during the time lapse, J.R. now becomes convinced that he had never been to this area before. Now frustrated and incensed, Kendall keeps pounding on him for answers.

Colby forces the two to be seated and proclaims the Comeback as neutral grounds for the Thanksgiving dinner location. While Tad and Adam appear defeated, they agree to Colby’s terms. In the meantime, Babe looks forward to sharing dinner with Richie and his family and then heads for the kitchen. Once alone, Richie comments aloud, “I wish I could trust you Annie.” Meanwhile, Ryan reassures a nervous Annie that his plan will work. The scene shifts back to Richie, as his attention is caught by news reports on the Comeback television monitor. His eyes begin darting back and forth, when the reporter announces that “hit and run” victim Zach Slater is missing from the accident scene and surrounding area on “Old Ridge Road.” Richie begins flashing to Zach’s eyes gleaming in his headlights just as he mows him down with J.R.’s car. He quickly shuts off the broadcast and darts outside. Now on the porch, Richie curses the fact that Zach is still alive.

After J.R. sincerely apologizes to Kendall for his faulty recollection, she makes a beeline for Derek, present at the scene. After hearing Kendall’s suspicions about J.R. and the photo removed from the scene, Derek chastises her for tainting this evidence. Just as she then begs him to search J.R.’s vehicle, J.R. enlists his lawyer, Barry Shire's assistance via phone “to disappear” his car, now hidden at the airport's long-term parking lot.

Greenlee snaps, “Shut-up” at Zach, as she winces at the daunting task before her. To summon her courage, she takes another gulp from the scotch bottle. Zach lets out an agonized scream, when she starts on his hand. Meanwhile, amidst the chaos of the search, Kendall calls out, “Zach where are you?”

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