AMC Update Monday 11/19/07

All My Children Update Monday 11/19/07


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Ryan and Jonathan are looking for evidence implicating Ritchie in the drowning of a kid.  Ryan calls Annie and tells her that neither Ritchie nor Tommy is at Tommy’s place.  Annie asks Ryan to come home now.  Jonathan and Ryan wonder what Ritchie’s next move is.

Annie puts her phone down and Ritchie knocks on the door.  Annie asks why he is there and Ritchie tells her that he is there to end things.

Greenlee tries to help Zach to a house so he can get help.  They both fall into a hole in the ground.

Kendall and Erica are waiting for Zach to get back to his car on the side of the road.  Kendall thinks that something is wrong and yells for him.  Erica has no cell phone reception so she suggests that they drive back until she can get reception.  An officer shows up and Kendall tells him that her husband is missing and she believes he is hurt.

At The Comeback, Ava is shooting pool when J.R. walks in.  Ava tells him that he looks like hell and that he is an alcoholic. 

Erica tells the officer that he needs to get a search team out there immediately.  Kendall points out that there is damage to Zach’s car and there is blood on the ground.  Kendall thinks that someone hit her husband and now he is out there bleeding to death.

Aidan is being taken away in handcuffs.  Derek is questioning Jack about Greenlee.  Jack is also being taken away in handcuffs.  Jack tells Derek that his daughter comes first.  Derek says that neither of them is getting in the way of him finding Greenlee.  Derek announces that they have to make a detour on the way back to the station.

Ryan tells Jonathan that he has to figure out what is truly going on with Ritchie.  Ryan wonders how to figure out what Ritchie is thinking and Jonathan tells Ryan exactly what Ritchie is thinking and what is motivating him.  Ryan tells Jonathan to stop, but Jonathan tells him that he knows what Ritchie is thinking because he has had the same thoughts before.

Annie tries to close the door in Ritchie’s face, but he begs her to let him come in for 5 minutes.  Ritchie says that he wants to end the feud between them.  Ritchie says that he wants to live in peace with a friend for the rest of the time he has left.  Annie realizes that he is talking about Babe and accuses him of lying to Babe.  Annie tells Ritchie that he will hurt Babe, too.  Annie tells him to leave Babe alone, but he claims that they like each other and have fun together.

Ryan tells Jonathan that he is nothing like Ritchie and tells him the differences between them.  Ryan begs Jonathan to stop talking about it, but Jonathan needs to talk about it.  Jonathan says that surgery didn’t remove the memories and that he can remember every detail.

Derek arrives and Kendall tells him what is going on with Zach.  Erica asks if he can search the area.  Jack and Aidan come over and ask to be let out of the handcuffs.  Derek tells Erica that the men have been charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive.  Kendall thinks that maybe Greenlee is behind whatever happened to Zach.  Kendall tells Erica that when she set Greenlee up, she told her that Zach had been in a car accident and this is Greenlee’s way of getting revenge.  The cops begin searching.  Aidan wonders if Greenlee had run into Zach out there, but Jack tells him to stop.  Aidan and Jack are both worried about Greenlee and wonder what Zach was doing out there.  Kendall tells Derek that Greenlee hates him and that she could have gone after Zach.  Erica asks Aidan if he thinks that Greenlee was involved and he says that until they find out whose blood is on the pavement they don’t know who is hurt or who is to blame.

J.R. asks Ava if she has experience with Alcoholism.  Ava tells J.R.  what she did before she came to town.  She tells him that most drunks become violent.  J.R. wonders why she would put herself in that position, but she claims that she didn’t have a choice.  J.R. tells her that all he can think about is having another drink.

Jonathan goes into details explaining to Ryan what he was thinking before the doctors found the tumor.  Ryan wants to know what Jonathan’s goal was and Jonathan admits that he wanted revenge on Ryan for leaving him to deal with their father.  Jonathan tells Ryan that the two people that Ritchie plans on taking with him when he dies are Ryan and Annie because they have gotten in the way.

Annie tells Ritchie that Babe doesn’t deserve him.  Annie says that Ritchie doesn’t know how to love.

The cops are still searching and they are taking samples of blood off the pavement to have tested.  Aidan wonders why Zach was out there and Kendall tells him that Zach was looking for a house that he saw online to buy for them.  Kendall tells Aidan that Lily told her what Zach was doing and Lily doesn’t lie.  Derek tells them all that Zach hasn’t turned up at any hospitals yet.  Jack asks Kendall if she was going to do the right thing when she stood up in the courtroom and he wants to know why she had to go after her.  Kendall says that if he hadn’t defended Greenlee the first time she took Spike, then none of this would be happening.  Kendall thinks that Greenlee killed Zach because Greenlee knows that Kendall couldn’t recover from that.

Zach is lying in some leaves next to Greenlee in a dark hole. 

Jack reminds Kendall that they don’t know what happened out there, but they don’t need any more random accusations.  Jack tells the medics that Greenlee has a very rare blood type.  Erica says that she doesn’t want anyone to be hurt.  The medics announce that the blood on the ground is type O Positive, Zach’s blood type.  Jack is happy and Kendall accuses him of not caring about Zach’s blood being all over the road.  Erica defends Jack.  Kendall tells Jack to go celebrate.  Aidan tells Kendall that she cannot blame Greenlee for everything that happens and Kendall replies, “only the bad things.”

J.R. tells Ava that he thought he had control of his alcohol problem.  He says that everything that happens is an excuse to get drunk.  He tells her that he was lusting over her, like alcohol.  He says that his sobriety is the only thing that takes care of him.

Ryan tells Jonathan that he and Erin both love him.  Jonathan tells Ryan that he will keep Ritchie away from Ryan and Annie if Ryan wants him to.

Annie tells Ritchie not to do to Babe what he did to their mother.  Annie tells Ritchie that he destroyed their mother and he will destroy Babe too.  Ritchie tells Annie that he cares about Babe a lot and that he wants Babe by his side when he goes.

Ava reminds J.R. of things he said to make her laugh.  J.R. tells her that he doesn’t even know how he got there.  She tells him that he only left there a couple hours ago.  He goes to see if his car is outside and he thanks her for everything before he leaves. 

Erica tells Jack that Kendall is not to blame and reminds him that Greenlee started the whole thing.  Aidan says that Greenlee admits that she made a mistake, but no one will listen to her.  Derek comes over and tells them that being at each other’s throats will not help the investigation.  Kendall pulls Zach’s coat out of his car and holds it close to her.  She leans down next to the car and finds the photo of Babe, J.R., and little A.

Annie says that she wants to believe Ritchie, but she isn’t sure if it is real.  Annie begs him not to hurt Babe.  Ryan comes in and tells Ritchie to get away from Annie.

Jonathan gets to The Comeback and is happy to see that Ava waited for him.  Ava wonders what happened while he was gone.  They leave and he says he will tell her on her way home.  J.R. finds his car in the parking lot and when he leans in his car window, he sees blood streaked on the passenger seat.

Derek says that everyone ignores his authority.  He says that between them and the Chandlers they think they can get away with murder.  Kendall puts the picture inside her coat.

Greenlee opens her eyes.  She struggles to get up and tells Zach to get off her.  Zach wakes up and rolls over.  They both sit up and Zach asks where they are.

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