AMC Update Friday 11/16/07

All My Children Update Friday 11/16/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

When the police catch Aidan, Jack questions him and tries to persuade him to tell where Greenlee is. Jack believes that it would be best for Greenlee to give up. Aidan disagrees and wants Greenlee to run until he can find proof of her innocence. Derek is not cooperating nor does he believe Aidan’s story.

Greenlee escapes capture as she stumbles through the dark woods.

Ryan and Jonathan figures out that Richie has Tommy’s address and try to reach Tommy before Richie does. They make a plan to entrap Richie. Jonathan proposes to make Richie disappear so that he cannot hurt his family. Ryan refuses to entertain that idea. Jonathan is not proposing that he kill Richie, but he is proposing that he keep him captive until his timely death.

Kendall is frantic at the hospital. She still has not been able to reach Zach. Lily arrives at the hospital to look for Richie and overhears Kendall saying she wonders if anyone knows where Zach is. Lily tells her that he went to “Paradise.” Lily talks about her missed date with Richard. They offer loving and kind words to Lily. Kendall can no longer wait around so she decides to go looking for Zach. Erica goes with her. Erica calls Josh and asks him to stay with Kendall’s boys. Lily provided them with the address of “Paradise.”

Richie hits Zach with J.R.’s car. He gets out of the car, overlooks the damage, then decides to leave Zach on the road, because he thinks that he is finished. He has something urgent to do, see Tommy. He thinks that he recognizes Zach, but is not certain. He steals Zach’s money before he leaves. Zach awakens and begs for assistance. Richie does not think that Zach will make it, but he throws him into J.R.'s car and drives off. Richie ignores Zach’s pleads to be taken to the hospital; he stops the car and throws Zach out on the side of the road. Richie finds a picture of J.R.’s family in his car. He plants the picture under Zach’s tire to implicate J.R. as the guy who hurt Zach.

Greenlee continues to run from the police. She stumbles and falls smack dab into Zach. He is unconscious because his head hit a rock after he was thrown. She starts to talk to an unconscious Zach. She thinks that he is there to hunt her down. She slaps him to awaken him, but he remain unconscious. She tells him that she is on the run, because of him and his wife. She intends to send help for him. She walks a little bit, and spots a light coming from a house. She returns to get Zach with the intention of leaving him on the doorstep of the house. Zach awakens, but his eyesight is fuzzy. He tries to stand up, but to no avail. She helps him to his feet. He does not recognize her.

Derek guesses that Aidan, dressed as a fireman, aided in Greenlee’s escape from the courthouse. Jack notices the tiger given to Greenlee by Aidan. He gave it to her after the accident with Spike. Jack hides it from Derek. Derek discovers two motorbikes in the woods, and concludes they are for Greenlee and Aidan. Since Jack cannot lick them, he decides to join them, so he takes sides with Aidan. They plan to trick Derek so that Aidan can escape. Unfortunately for them, Derek has posted officers outside of the door. Derek arrests Jack and Aidan for obstruction of justice.

Erica and Kendall continue to have diverse opinions about Greenlee. Erica still dislikes Greenlee, but Kendall regrets her action to accuse Greenlee of Spike’s kidnapping. Erica spots Zach’s car ahead. They stop behind it, and then get out to look it over. Erica notices the flat tire.

Unfortunately for Tommy, Richie gets to him before Ryan and Jonathan. Richie forces his way into the hotel room. He bullies Tommy and threatens to hurt him if he offers evidence to Ryan regarding Jay's murder.

Kendall notices blood on the road, then she frantically calls Zach.

By the time Ryan and Jonathan arrive at Tommy’s hotel, he has disappeared along with the evidence against Richie.

Greenlee and Zach walk towards the house; Zach stops, telling Greenlee that he heard something. Greenlee urges him forward so they continue toward the house, but they suddenly disappear into a hole.

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