AMC Update Thursday 11/15/07

All My Children Update Thursday 11/15/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan receives a call from Tom who witnessed Richie killing another child. Tom is still afraid of Richie today and does not initially trust Ryan.

Richie intercepts Tom’s e-mail to Ryan and realizes that he must silence him. He steals a car from “The Comeback" and drives too fast and recklessly. Once Richie realizes that he has J.R.’s car, he begins to laugh.

Zach, while searching for the house called Paradise, runs into the vegetable lady who asks what he is looking for. He responds, “Paradise." After speaking with him, she offers to show him “Paradise,’ the place she remembers as a child.

Josh visits Kendall at the hospital. She gives him details about how she hurt Greenlee. She also asks if he knows Zach’s whereabouts. Josh admits that he was involved in Zach's embryos scheme as well. She tells Josh about the fight she had with Zach. She blames herself. She feels as if they are heading for bad luck. They talk about Erica’s plan for Greenlee as well. Josh notes to her that everyone had a part in setting up Greenlee.

Ava and Jonathan are at “The Comeback” discussing their love for each other.

Jack walks into The Comeback and sees J.R. taking a drink. He attacks J.R. for his part in the deception of Greenlee. Kyle stops the first fight between Jack and J.R. Jack attacks J.R. again. Julia stops the second fight and tells Jack that she saw Greenlee, and she is fine. Jack believes that Zach and Kendall ran his daughter out of town.

Greenlee and Aidan are in a hideaway when she tells Aidan that she wants to leave with him to find a place where no one knows them. Before Aidan leaves to buy food, Greenlee has a sense of foreboding and warns him not to go.

Convinced that Richie is telling the truth, Babe visits Annie and Ryan and accuses them of torturing Richie by stringing him up, forcibly drawing blood, and faking the shooting of Annie. Annie and Ryan defend themselves to Babe, and then suggest that she mind her own business.

Kendall begins to panic. Josh decides to leave to track down Zach. Kendall talk to Ian and Spike about their parents. She has beautiful flashbacks of their past.

Zach’s flashbacks are concurrent with Kendall’s. Neither knows what they would do without the other. They both agree that they are “Team Slater, always only them."

The vegetable lady takes Zach to “Paradise." Unfortunately “Paradise” has been abandoned, and is a run down house. The lady tells him that she guesses there is no longer a place called “Paradise." He disagrees saying, “Paradise is in his wife’s diamond eyes." He returns to his car but while driving notices that he has a flat tire.

Kendall is teary-eyed as she remembers exchanging their wedding vows. Zach is not there, but she tells him that she loves him. Quietly, she begs him to come home as she has a cold chill along with a sense of foreboding.

Jonathan looks on as Jack pounds on J.R. He and Ava leave The Comeback. He calls Ryan to say that someone rerouted all of Ryan’s company e-mails to Richie. Ryan notices that Richie intercepted Tom’s e-mail to himl containing Tom’s address.

At The Comeback, Derek mentions to Jack that they have a lead on Greenlee and Aidan. They leave to follow the lead.

Aidan returns to the hideaway and senses that someone has spotted them. He suggests that they leave immediately. Later he suggests that they split up; they do, but the police catch him. When asked by Jack where Greenlee is, he lies about her whereabouts.

After he gets out of the car to check on the flat tire, Zach sees car lights as Richie runs into him. At the same time, Kendall drops her tea cup!

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