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Tad opens his front to door to the unexpected arrival of the flower-carrying, sugar-smiled Adam. Needless to say, neither Tad nor Krystal responds warmly to the uninvited guest. Adam’s efforts to maneuver his way inside to Krystal are met by a forceful shove outside from Tad.

Upon arrival at the hospital, Erica immediately picks up on Kendall’s angst. In response to Erica’s inquiry, Kendall goes off on a rant about her “mysterious” husband. As her complaining continues, Kendall shocks Erica with, “I’m done with him!” Erica quickly jumps to give her daughter some wise motherly advice, “Don’t be a fool.”

Meanwhile, from the Valley Inn bar, Zach makes a follow-up call to Josh about his search for Greenlee and Aidan. After he hangs up, Kendall’s spiteful words about him being “almighty Zach” reverberate through his head. Lily’s greeting breaks his trance. Zach hurriedly brushes over her initial comments regarding Jack’s concern about Greenlee’s disappearance and kidnapping charges. He then deftly shifts the topic to her fashionable outfit but becomes tongue-tied by her explanation. Zach does not know what to do with himself, as Lily prattles on about how her outfit does not scream, “I wanna have sex.” Through her babble, Zach realizes Lily has a date with a new friend and hopeful future boyfriend, “Richard.”

In the meantime, Richie plans out their date with Babe on her porch. As he tries to snuggle up to her, an uncomfortable Babe pulls back. By her expression, Richie perceives that Babe pities him for being terminally ill.

Ryan tries to take advantage of the rare moment of being kid free for the evening with Annie. Just as he begins seducing her, the home phone rings. Ryan flips, when the caller identifies himself as, “Tom Brennan, the guy who saw Richie murder someone.” Without immediately responding, Ryan’s eyes immediately dart over at Annie. Ryan collects himself enough to acknowledge he employed Aidan to search for him. Once realizing the identity of the caller, Annie rushes to Ryan’s side. Not knowing the situation, Tom fears Richie may be behind Ryan’s inquiry and hesitates to fulfill Ryan’s request for a meeting. After learning Ryan’s wife is Richie’s sister, Tom frustrates him by abruptly terminating the call. Annie’s face shows her clear disappointment.

Playing the eternal optimist, Richie asks Babe to focus on the here and now. Babe marvels at his ability to face his “own mortality.” From his perspective, Richie advises to never take anyone for granted. Her eyes tear in reaction to the sentiment.

While she waits for “Richard’s” arrival, Lily joins Zach at a table for coffee. Zach nearly chokes on his drink, as Lily relays Ava’s take on dating and sex. She then looses him completely, as she explains the symbiotic nature of the “golden ratio” between well-suited couples. She speaks in his terms, when she relates it to the theory of attraction and balance. Lily notices Zach’s sadness, when she opines that he and Kendall have the “golden ratio.” Zach lets his guard down and replies with, “When you have something solid and special, when it’s not solid and special, it makes it that much harder for you.”

Meanwhile, believing Zach loves Kendall “more than any man ever has,” Erica hopes to find the right words to get Kendall to reconsider her anger towards him. Although acknowledging her love for him, Kendall continues to blame Zach for the position they are in with Greenlee. Erica points out that Zach is always motivated by his love for Kendall and cautions her not to destroy “the beautiful thing you two have.” In reaction, Kendall quiets and appears to be mulling over her mother’s wisdom.

Overhearing Adam’s audible griping through the door, Tad angrily reopens it. Worried about Adam’s next move, Krystal shrinks behind Tad, now standing in the doorway. Without hesitation, a seemingly civil Adam advises a stunned Tad that he and Krystal want to reconcile. Tad turns to a mute Krystal for confirmation, as Adam tries to reasonably work out details concerning Jenny with him. Tad looks visibly wounded, when Krystal finally responds with, “Tad, please try.”

Lily picks up on Zach’s lingering pain and tries to help him. Through their continued discourse, Zach reveals his take on the argument in general terms. After terming it as being dishonest with each other. Lily simplistically advises him to, “try to make it right.” As he encounters difficulties in further expressing himself, he turns the subject to Lily’s screensaver, a house she found for Jonathan and Ava named Paradise.” Zach appears struck by both its name and depiction.

In her initial reaction, Kendall rejects the wisdom behind Erica’s words based on her own failed relationships. Despite Kendall’s contempt, she appears to get through to her when she advises, “Don’t ever let the argument get bigger than the bond, because that’s when things get out of control.”

As Tad tries to digest the situation, the three take it inside. Not buying Adam’s “changed man routine” shoveled to Krystal, Tad proclaims that Jenny will never reside with Adam. Then, in an effort to provoke him, Tad uses select words, like “espionage and blackmail,” garnered from Hannah’s confidences and throws them in Adam’s face. While Krystal appears perplexed, Adam ignores the comments and makes the argument that he allowed Colby to reside with Tad. Colby happens to walk in on the scene, just after Tad asserts his authority over her also, on the basis that Adam is “poison.” Colby is curious to find out what is transpiring between the three.

Erica continues with her efforts to reach Kendall by terming Zach as, “one of the great gifts of your life.” Kendall finally regrets being so hard on Zach and calls him to apologize. Erica appears relieved by her progress with her. As Kendall puts the call through, the scene shifts to Zach’s ringing phone lying conspicuously on his front passenger seat and then back to Kendall. Erica suggests other explanations, as an upset Kendall now presumes Zach is “screening” his calls from her.

Inspired by Lily’s paradise screensaver, Zach decides to take Kendall there and heads for the door.

Ryan makes a call to put a tracer on his phone. Just as Annie remarks on how Richie still strikes palpable fear in Tom, their phone rings again. Before the caller speaks, Ryan presumes it is Tom and promises to protect him from Richie.

Richie brings levity into their discussion about his leukemia. As Babe tells him not to joke about it, Richie moves in to kiss her. Babe immediately responds and grabs hold of him.

As Tom and Ryan speak, the scene shifts between the two. Ryan tries to keep him on the phone by telling him about Annie’s previous testimony against Richie, while Tom remains skeptical and reticent. To pull confirmation from Tom, Ryan mentions that knows he witnessed Richie murder the boy for his baseball cards. Not only does he acknowledge that fact, he refers to Richie as something from a “horror show.” Before terminating the call, Tom explains he only contacted Ryan to caution him that Richie will “kill anyone who does not play by his rules.” Ryan manages to give him his e-mail address as an alternative form of communication before the call ends. Tom appears conflicted, after hanging up. Although remaining positive, Ryan looks back at Annie with a desperate expression over Tom’s reluctance to come forward. Annie begins finding the either alternative to stop Richie, his demise or incarceration, unpalatable. Ryan quickly reminds her that Richie’s imminent death renders him all the more dangerous.

Babe tries to put the breaks on and makes a roundabout reference to her interlude with J.R. Richie appears to take the event in stride and returns to cherishing his fleeting time with Babe. Touched by his strength and sentiments towards her, Babe welcomes another warm kiss from him.

Erica attempts to distract Kendall from the call by convincing her reluctant daughter to get a quick bite. Just as the elevators close on them, Zach arrives and exits from the other elevator bank. He heads inside Ian’s unit and shows his sons the “piece of paradise” he intends to take Kendall to. With that, he heads for the elevator and learns from the guard that Kendall left with Erica.

Richie abruptly stops kissing Babe when he receives a message alert on his cell phone. After reading the text, Richie’s eyes grow cold and dark.

Adam takes Colby outside to fill her in. Adam picks up on Colby’s reserved happiness over his reconciliation with Krystal. After she attributes her reservation to her love for Tad also, Adam appears wounded. Meanwhile inside, Tad and Krystal cannot reach common ground over Jenny’s residency. In hopes of getting Krystal to reconsider Tad stumps her with questions as to how she plans to explain to Jenny in the future why she reconciled with the man that kidnapped her. Just as he then reminds her, “he cannot put his own child first, let alone mine,” Adam tries to turn Colby against Tad.

While the two cling to each other for support, Ryan assures the doubting Annie that their family life will be restored to normalcy. Meanwhile, the text on Richie’s phone advises him of an “e-mail interception alert” diverting recipient Ryan’s Lavery’s e-mail from Tom Brennan to Richie. Although Babe tries to break his fixation on the message, a stunned Richie is incapable of responding to her.

As Adam and Colby join the other two inside, Colby encourages everyone to somehow “make things work.” As the impasse remains, Krystal chastises Adam for acting prematurely and hits him with an I told you so. After Krystal advises she is remaining at Tad’s for now, Adam extends a warm invitation to Colby to return home. In reaction, Colby silently approaches Tad for direction. Even after Tad gives her his blessings to return to Adam’s, Colby embraces her father and apologetically declines to return home. A devastated Adam turns on his heels to leave, slamming the door behind him. After Krystal watches Colby sadly drag herself upstairs, she tearfully looks at Tad and heads for a neutral corner.

While berating herself over her treatment towards Zach, the nurse locates her and Erica in the waiting area and tells Kendall that Zach was just looking for her. Kendall begins worrying about Zach’s reaction to her leaving the children unattended; in light of the fact she accused him of placing them in jeopardy from his actions.

Meanwhile, with the address to “Paradise” in hand, Zach drives out of town to find the house.

Lily appears devastated, as she continues to wait for “Richard” to show.

Richie ignores Babe, as he reads Tom’s e-mail to Ryan. Its contents are revealed through Tom’s voice stating that he witnessed Richie murder his friend.

At the same time, confident that Tom will contact him by e-mail, Ryan stares at his laptop and shares his certainty with Annie.

A frightened Babe repeats her efforts to capture Richie’s attention. He manages to collect himself and tells her the e-mail was a business-related problem. As he leaves to “take care” of it, Richie declines her offer to accompany him. To avoid arousing her concern or suspicion, Richie gently kisses her on the forehead before heading off.

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