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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Zach calls Hannah for a status report on her search for Greenlee’s location. She advises, “I am working on it,” as she enters the Comeback. Zach feels certain that Greenlee is with Aidan.

Meanwhile, after successfully springing Greenlee from the courtroom, Aidan begins laying out his next move to her at his place. She then compliments him on his bold diversionary tactics in staging her escape.

As Hannah enters the bar, she affectionately greets the expectant Tad. After returning her affections, he commends her on her deft abilities in “playing hooky” from work.

While sleeping in Ian’s hospital room, Kendall begins restlessly stirring from her nightmare about Greenlee chasing her through the woods and then shooting her. Kendall is jarred completely awake, when the dream sequence reverses to her kneeling over Greenlee’s motionless, bloody body and saying, “You made me do it.” Simultaneously with opening her eyes to Zach, she says aloud, “ You made me do it.” Zach winces at the sound of those deafening words.

After engaging Tad in a pool game, a shrewd Hannah tries to bait him into revealing that Aidan whisked Greenlee from her hearing. Equally shrewd, Tad does not fall for her ploy. He then appears wistful, when Hannah surmises he has also gone to such lengths for a woman he loved.

While anxiously expecting Krystal’s arrival at the Pine Valley Hotel restaurant, Adam makes last minute gestures to create ambiance. To his surprise and chagrin, Krystal then saunters in with baby Jenny on board. Adam tries to plaster a smile on his disappointed face.

At the boathouse, Ava begins choking from an offensive odor. As she looks for its source, she discovers an inebriated J.R. half-asleep in the bushes. Through garbled speech, J.R. asks what she is doing in his bedroom. As kneels down to help him, J.R. reverts into his typically obnoxious self. The staggering J.R. struggles to get up, after Ava starts backing away from him. As J.R. requests her assistance, a now indignant Ava snarls, “Get away from me.” J.R. appears wounded by her intolerance.

Now outside in the waiting area, Kendall clarifies to Zach her outburst was not directed at him. Then, with a look of foreboding doom, she describes her unsettling dream. Fearing retribution from Greenlee, Kendall begins sputtering out of control. She then reacts viscerally to Zach’s attempts to allay her fears. Zach tries to preempt a brewing argument between them without success. Through her ensuing diatribe, a now disdainful Kendall blames Zach for setting off the entire chain of events with his “blackout.” As she levels her accusatory figure at him, Zach remains speechless.

Meanwhile, Greenlee bristles, when Aidan mentions he intends to secrete her in Canada, while he tries to clear her name. She grows even more anxious, when he reveals his plans to access Kendall’s computer in search of evidence of the “set-up.” Before leaving, Aidan calms the jittery Greenlee with a warm kiss. Now alone, Greenlee is unable to hold back her tears. Almost on cue, Aidan immediately walks back inside. While grabbing hold of her, he begins passionately kissing her.

Hannah manages to get Tad to open up about being Dixie’s “white knight.” Through their conversation, Tad reveals how he rescued Dixie from confinement at a mental ward by Adam’s hand. Now accustomed with Adam’s predilection for treacherous tactics, Hannah, albeit disgusted, is not at all surprised. She quickly diverts him, when Tad questions whether she was able to fall in love after breaking up with Zach.

While making it clear that she and Jenny are a “package deal,” Krystal puts a damper on Adam’s plans for a rendezvous in one of the hotel suites.

After he manages to stand, Ava treats J.R. with further contempt. He then angrily snaps at her, when she chastises him for drinking. Ava continues berating him, as he makes his way inside. When J.R. tries to get her to lighten up, Ava breaks into the following strange dialogue, “Come on pretty girl, it has been a hard week.” J.R. becomes confounded and asks, “What are you talking about?”

Krystal and Adam continue with breakfast. While cradling the baby, Krystal views Adam’s claims of fondness for Jenny with a jaundiced eye. To win her over, Adam expresses his desire for the entire family, including Jenny, to once again reside at the Chandler mansion. Krystal bursts his little bubble with the realities of caring for a baby. When Adam winces in reaction, Krystal makes note of his “save me from the poop look.”

With all humor aside, Krystal reminds Adam of another harsh reality, “Jenny, the love of my life, is Tad’s.”

Meanwhile, Hannah acknowledges to Tad that she is not the save me “romantic” type. After noticing Tad received a text message on his cell phone, Hannah coyly asks him to get her some more coffee. Once he leaves the table, Hannah swiftly snatches his phone and tries to memorize the address given in the message. Tad snags her from the corner of his eye and calmly advises, “but you don’t know which state.” Tad gives her some credit for then admitting her spy tactics are work related. To his further surprise, she confesses she spies on Adam’s behalf in addition to Zach’s and then proclaims herself as a “whore.”

Greenlee continues to seek refuge in Aidan’s loving arms. Aidan sweeps her off of her feet and carries her to the sofa. After their smoldering kiss, an emotional Greenlee tries to again convey her deep appreciation for saving her. Aidan cuts to the chase and admits he overheard her recent comment to Kendall that she loves him. Greenlee’s eyes well, when Aidan expresses his mutual love for her.

Meanwhile, after quietly listening to Kendall’s tirade, Zach finally stands and attempts to curtail her from further berating him. Zach does not receive the reaction he had hoped for. Instead, Kendall reveals her clear resentment for his controlling manner. As she relentlessly blasts him, Zach stops cold and gives her a piercing glare. In his own inimitable way, Zach lets Kendall know she is about to cross the point of no return.

In the meantime, the chemistry between the two is evident, as Greenlee and Aidan disrobe each other.

In hopes of avoiding irreparable damage, Zach reminds Kendall of his ever-present intentions to protect, “Always only you.” As the words resound in her ears, she takes a step back and her eyes begin to tear.

Ava continues to trash J.R. for being an alcoholic, as he tries to defend himself. As if they are veiled references to her past, Ava tells J.R., “Do your son a favor and stay from him.”

Weary from all of the games, Hannah decides to unburden herself. She begins with confiding in Tad that Adam is blackmailing her into spying on Zach. Tad is confounded by the fact that, now acting as “Adam’s mole,” she would then spy on Aidan at Zach’s behest. Through her explanation, Hannah reveals she still cares for Zach despite her activities. Her comments prompt Tad into inquiring about Adam’s leverage over her. Hannah’s bombshell nearly knocks Tad from his chair, when she reveals that she slept with Alexander Cambias Senior.

After Adam advises he forgives her and has come to terms with Jenny’s paternity, Krystal challenges him. The two then begin rehashing their respective transgressions against each other.

As Tad reels from her revelation, Hannah tells him about her then-circumstances of being forlorn and pregnant with Zach’s baby, as he left for college. She continues with that Alexander offered to give her shelter in exchange for sleeping with him but ultimately tossed her out anyway. At the conclusion of their conversation, Tad is appreciative of the fact that Hannah agrees to withhold the information she gathered about Aidan and Greenlee. However, Tad cannot mask his disgust for her other actions, when she tries to ascertain how he now feels about her. He then abruptly gets up and leaves.

When Adam strokes Krystal’s hand, she begins crying and heads for the exit. Before leaving, she asks Adam to truly assess his feelings about the entire situation. Adam has to hold back tears, as he watches her walk off.

In response to Ava’s condemnation, J.R. gets in her face and throws a couple of digs in about “psycho Jonathan.” As he attempts to storm off, he trips down the stairs. When he again turns to leave, he tries to act unfazed by his clumsiness.

Tad asks Krystal about her morning whereabouts, when she returns home. Just as she barely says, “Breakfast” as her vague response, the doorbell rings. Tad opens the door to a flower baring Adam. Tad’s expression sours, and Krystal becomes teary-eyed again.

J.R. struggles to swallow bitter coffee, while he stands on the other side of the door to an “AA” meeting. He bumps into a former group member, Brian. Clearly in denial, he declines Brian’s offer to attend the meeting with him and walks off.

Aidan and Greenlee lie intertwined in each other’s arms, after making love. Aidan caresses her back, as Greenlee reflects and gently kisses him.

Still fearing repercussions from Greenlee, Kendall keeps vigil over her two sons from the hallway. Zach’s repeated efforts to declare a cease-fire are met with more contempt from Kendall over his conspiring with J.R. to deceive Greenlee. In sheer frustration, Zach picks up a chair and slams it to the ground. The noise in and of itself causes Kendall to shutter. After she watches him storm away, she appears somewhat concerned she has gone too far.

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