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Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Everyone is searching the courthouse and the judge orders security to lock down the building.  Aidan is dressed as a firefighter.  He runs into Ryan as he is carrying Greenlee out of the building and Ryan lets him get past and Ryan follows.  Zach tells Kendall that Greenlee pulled off an elaborate escape and Derek comes in.

Jack says that he still has faith in his daughter.  Erica tells him that it is obvious that Greenlee planned this.  Jack reminds her that the only reason they are in the courtroom is because Kendall framed Greenlee.

Greenlee tells Aidan that she knew he had a plan, but she didnít expect what happened at the courthouse.  They go to a room inside stables.  Greenlee is worried for Aidan, but he says they have no proof that he was involved.  Aidan tells her not to thank him until he proves that she is innocent.  She asks him if he has any ideas for other ways she can show her appreciation.

J.R. is talking about how much his life sucked when he walked into The Comeback.  He orders scotch and Amanda walks up as it is being poured.

Babe meets Richie at the boathouse.  Richie tells Babe that he wonít die from clumsiness and tells her that Leukemia will kill him instead.

Ryan comes home while Annie is cleaning up the house.  She tells him that Kathy is staying over and that she and Emma are upstairs.  Annie asks if Ryan is okay.  He wonders if he is good or bad.  He tells her that Aidan helped Greenlee escape and that he stepped out of the way so they could have a chance to get away.

Aidan stops Greenlee.  He tells her that her staying in the stables at Wildwind is temporary.  She asks ďwhere to next?Ē  He asks her how to run a chopper.  He gives her a disguise and tells her that they have bikes stashed in the stables.  He says his goal is to get her into Canada.  She tells him that her button caught on her shirt so he comes over to help.

Erica apologizes for how her comment sounded.  Jack tells Erica that she knows Greenleeís confession is a lie.  Jack says that Kendall isnít the victim in this and that the only way Greenlee could survive what Kendall did to her was to become a fugitive.

Kendall thinks that she should have come forward sooner because Greenlee hates her now.  Kendall wonders if Greenlee is planning retaliation.  Zach asks Kendall if she noticed that Greenleeís champion wasnít in the courtroom.  Kendall suggests that they go pick up Spike and go check on Ian.  Zach says that Ian is fine, but Kendall points out that Greenlee has gotten past the nurses before.  Kendall says she canít take any more chances with her boys.

J.R. tells Amanda to sit down and order a drink.  She wonders what happened to make him start drinking.  Amanda says it is no wonder why Babe left him because he is a jerk when he is drinking.  He admits that he purposed to Babe.  He then runs his mouth and Amanda finds out that he slept with Babe.

Babe asks Richie if he is really sick.  He says that he never wanted anyone to find out, especially Annie.  He says that having a rare disease means that he is special.  Babe wonders why he is making jokes about dying.  He says that knowing he is going to die makes him appreciate life more.  She wonders how much time he has left and he makes a joke about only having 47 minutes left.  He tells her about the shrink he had in prison.  He admits that he came to Pine Valley to reconnect with Annie.

Zach and Kendall go to the hospital.  Kendall announces to Joe that she wants to take Ian home.  Joe tells her that he would recommend waiting until Thanksgiving Day like they had planned.  Zach says they donít want to take any chances with Ian.  Kendall says that either they take Ian home or they move in to the hospital with him.

Greenlee is dressed as a man.  Julia walks into the stables and Aidan slams the door behind her, scaring Julia.  She wants to know what he is doing in the stables.  Greenlee comes out of hiding and Julia announces that everyone is looking for her.  Aidan tells Julia that she has to swear that she wonít tell anyone that she saw them.  She wonders what will happen if she does.

Amanda questions J.R. about what happened between him and Babe.  J.R. tells Amanda that he realizes how great he has it with her.  Amanda pours a drink in his lap and runs out the door.

Babe tries to convince Richie to connect with Annie and tell her about his cancer.  Richie tells Babe what Ryan did to him the previous day.

Ryan admits to Annie that he believes Greenlee was set up.  He says that Zach and Kendall wouldnít admit that they set Greenlee up, but they looked guilty and couldnít deny it.  Annie and Ryan realize that Kendall risked her own freedom for nothing because Greenlee truly sounded like she was ready to move on.

Jack is told that no one can find Aidan.  He realizes that Erica is still there.  She claims that she canít let him go through it alone, but he doesnít want her badmouthing his daughter anymore.  He admits that they donít know for sure if Greenlee is with Aidan.  She says that Aidan will protect Greenlee.  Erica tells him that she is trying to help, but he tells her that he doesnít want her help.  She leaves.

Kendall talks to Ian.  She tells him that they are all moving in with him, but Zach suggests hiring guards.  She says that she isnít leaving her boys.  Joe agrees to try to find another crib and a cot so they can stay with Ian.  Kendall says that if she had 5 minutes she would have confessed and Zach tells her that if she did that she would be in jail.  She tries to talk her way out of it, but Zach tells her to stop.  Kendall admits that she wishes she could go back and do it over because she did everything wrong and now it is too late for Greenlee and maybe for them.

Annie reminds Ryan that they have never been normal.  She teases him.

Richie tells Ryan exactly what he was feeling and exactly what happened on the plane.  Babe says she doesnít believe that Ryan could do something like that.  He says that it was all because Ryan and Annie didnít believe him, but she reminds him that he did lie to them.  J.R. stumbles across them at the boathouse and watches them from behind a tree.

Julia wonders if they thought it through.  Julia tells them what it is like being on the run.  She says that it is lonely and depressing.  Aidan tells Julia that he only needs about 3 weeks.  He asks Julia if he can trust her not to rat them out and she agrees not to say anything.  Julia tells Greenlee to think about it because it might only be for a few weeks, but it might be for a lot longer.

Joe tells Kendall that an orderly is on the way up with another crib.  Joe tells them that it is against his better judgment, but he knows how much family means to Kendall so they can stay there until Greenlee is found.  Erica thinks that he is going to tell Kendall something else, but Joe says that he is going to leave that up to Erica.  Kendall wants to know what Erica did.  Erica admits that Adam helped her to arrange to have Greenlee committed and that they arranged for someone to forge Greenleeís motherís signature on them.  Kendall tells Erica that she just gave Greenlee one more reason to make their lives hell.

Greenlee tells Julia and Aidan that she doesnít like the idea that Jack will be worrying about her when she canít contact him.  Julia offers to tell him that she is all right, but Aidan tells her that she could be an accessory to all of it.

Derek tells Jack that he is sure that Aidan was behind Greenleeís escape.  Jack asks Derek to give Greenlee the benefit of the doubt and list her as a missing person, but Derek says he canít.

Erica tells Kendall that she is right, but they were all trying to protect Kendallís family from Greenlee.  Erica tells Kendall not to blame herself, or Erica, or Zach because they all had reasons to believe that Greenlee was a threat.  Zach agrees with Erica and tells Kendall to focus on the future and stick to their plan.  He leaves.  Erica wants to know why Kendall thought that Greenlee was a threat to the boys and Kendall says that she thinks that Greenlee is like a wounded animal that can strike at any time and that she will not allow Greenlee to take revenge on Kendallís boys.

Annie and Ryan are sitting on the couch watching TV and eating popcorn when Kathy and Emma come downstairs.  Kathy says it sounds boring.

Richie tells Babe that he doesnít know how much time he has left, but there are 3 things that he wants to accomplish.  Richie asks Babe if he can have another first date. She agrees to have lunch with him the next day.  J.R. is laying in the bushes behind them.

Jack calls Mary and yells at her for trying to have Greenlee committed.  He thinks that Greenlee might contact Mary and wants her to call him if Greenlee contacts him.  He hangs up and Julia shows up with news about Greenlee.  Jack is worried that she is in the hospital, but Julia assures him that Greenlee is fine.  Julia relays messages from Greenlee to Jack.  Jack hugs Julia and thanks her.

Zach asks Josh to find Greenlee and have Hannah help him.  He tells Josh that Greenlee is probably with Aidan.  Josh turns to leave, but Zach stops him and warns him about Aidan.  Zach says to find where they are and he will take care of the rest.

Greenlee and Aidan grab their helmets and leave the stables.

Kendall and Erica spend time with the boys.  Erica tells Kendall that she knows that she is trying to protect her children.  Zach walks back in and looks at Erica.

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