AMC Update Friday 11/9/07

All My Children Update Friday 11/9/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Zach and Kendall enter the courtroom.

The judge makes sure that Greenlee understands the charges against her. She also makes sure that she intends to give up her rights to representation. Jack quietly tries to persuade Greenlee to reconsider representation by allowing him to represent her.

After seeing Kendall in the courtroom, Greenlee proceed with her testimony. She stares Kendall in the face the entire time that she is confessing. She testifies that she is indeed guilty. She lays out the plan in detail of how she kidnapped Spike. She gives details of the event as if she had actually planned it. The details she is telling fit the incriminating evidence planted by Kendall to entrap her. Kendall starts to feel guilty. She and Greenlee maintain eye contact through out Greenlee’s testimony. Kendall’s guilt drives her to attempt to confess, but Zach stops her. Zach takes Kendall outside of the courtroom. Kendall insists on confessing because she believes that she, and Zach have driven Greenlee mad.

Zach cannot convince her to keep quiet. As Kendall attempts to reenter the courtroom, Erica arrives and stops her. She prohibits Kendall from testifying, because it would hurt the Slater family. Greenlee tries guilt on Kendall again as she begin to talk.

Erica is visiting Ian in the hospital when Joe questions her about her plan to have Greenlee committed. Erica wants to know who squealed to him. Joe does not mention a name. He suggests that Erica tell Jack about her plan to hospitalized Greenlee before he does. He is afraid that she is up to her old tricks and may destroy her family with her manipulations.

Ryan approaches Aidan with suspicion and wants to know what Aidan is doing at the courthouse and why he is not trying to convince Greenlee to revoke her plea of guilt. Aidan jumps on Ryan and blames him and all of Pine Valley for Greenlee’s current troubles. Aidan know that Ryan is aware of Kendall lies about Greenlee. He suggests that Ryan do the right thing by telling the truth. Somehow he knows that Ryan will protect Kendall. Ryan figures out that Aidan is up to something and want to know what it is.

A doctor tells Ritchie that he is very ill. Ritchie knows the story about his illness. Lily is at the hospital as well. She bumps into Ritchie and asks him for a date. She clearly has a crush on him.

JR is at The Comeback talking to Babe. She apologizes to him for freaking out on him when he asked her to remarry. He does not need an apology because they had a good time. He tries hard to woo her, as he appears to be interested in renewing their relationship. Babe backs him off. She is a changed woman. JR is tempted to take a drink.

Krystal visit Adam dressed very alluring. He professes his love, but she rejects him. She has a restraining order on him. He reviews it and then determines that it has no teeth because a judge did not sign it. He tears it up. They tease and then they kiss.

Kendall tries to confess again, but an explosion occurs. Jack calls Greenlee name, and then try to find her in order to ensure her safety. The judge orders the bailiffs to put her back into custody, but she is not in the courtroom. Greenlee has disappeared!

Aidan, disguised as a fireman, is running from the courtroom with Greenlee thrown across his shoulder. They run into Ryan, and stop for a moment. Ryan gives them a nod to go. They run!

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