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Greenlee informs Jack that she intends to plead guilty. Jack is confused as to why she would want to do that. Greenlee’s reason for pleading guilty is that she is guilty for Spike’s deafness, and Ian premature birth. Jack is nonplussed.

Jack tries to reason with Greenlee by reminding her that Kendall set her up. He promises that he can break Kendall on the stand. Greenlee doesn't think that she could stand to see the hatred in Kendall’s eyes. Greenlee thinks that she would have a hard time convincing a jury of her innocence since everyone in Pine Valley thinks that she is lower than dirt with the exception of Jack and Aidan. She tells Jack that she wants to go to jail. She gives him details about Zach’s embryo scam. Jack wants payback. She believes that Zach, JR, and Erica will all testify that she is insane. She tells Jack emphatically that she is not going to trial. He is speechless. He begs that she not plead guilty to a crime she did not commit. She tells Jack that she intends to take the deal offered by the D.A.

Aidan tells Tad that the kidnapping of Spike has all been fabricated. They have one hour to figure out how to keep her out of jail. Tad is at first shocked, but later agrees to Aidan’s harebrain scheme to break Greenlee out of jail. Tad reminds Aidan that he will be charged with "aiding and abetting".

Kendall and Zach’s door is open. Ryan overhears them talking about what they have done to Greenlee. He demands to know the details. He asks them if they could be that cruel to mislead her about her embryos.

Ryan passes judgment on Kendall and Zach, and tells Zach that what he and Kendall did to Greenlee was wrong. Zach lets Ryan know that his aim was to protect Spike. Zach believes that Ryan should be thanking him. Ryan is fearful that if the truth comes out, Spike may suffer the lost of his mother. He does not want Spike’s mother to go to prison. Ryan didn’t believe Greenlee at first, but when she told him about the embryos, the story made sense. He knows Zach is not a choirboy, but thinks that what he did to Greenlee was cruel.

Ryan wants Zach to admit that Greenlee is telling the truth, but Zach will admit to nothing. Zach does not understand how Ryan can show compassion for Greenlee. To prove his point he tells a fairytale of an innocent little boy whom “an evil woman” who made him goes deaf, also kidnapped him. He continues with the fact that this innocent little boy will have to have his head cut open in order to possibly hear again. Ryan becomes upset over the story. He feels sorry for Greenlee but not for Kendall, even though Kendall suffered as well. Zach makes it clear to Ryan that Greenlee hurt Spike, and for that she should pay.

Erica visits Ian, and tells him that he is like her, because he is brave and strong. Opal visits Erica in the nursery with Ian. She feels that Erica was trying to snow her so she asks her to explain the Greenlee situation. She senses that there is more to the story and ask Erica to explain. Erica refuses to because of legal ramifications. Erica generalizes while telling Opal that she tried to rid Kendall of Greenlee before the situation became bad. Opal asks if Greenlee is guilty of trying to kidnap Spike again. She cannot believe that Erica has the power to keep Jack's daughter out of jail, but refuses to do so.

Jack encourages Greenlee to stand up to Zach, Kendall, Ryan and Erica. She doesn’t want to because she did hurt Spike and Ian suffered at her hands as well. Those babies are damaged and it is her fault. She confesses that she didn't mean it, but it doesn't change anything. Jack tells her that everyone on this earth has hurt someone and he won't stand by, and let them do this to her. She thanked him for loving her. She does not change her mind about pleading guilty.

Zach let Ryan know that he stands by his wife. Spike begins crying. Zach warns Ryan about threatening his wife. Zach telling him that his personal theory of justice is a little boy hurt and waking up covered in blood and not hearing. Zach accuses Ryan of wanting to put Ian and Spike’s mother in jail. Zach lets Ryan know that he put a noose around Ritchie’s neck and that is no different that what he and Kendall did to Greenlee. Ryan is unhappy that he must side with them, and send an innocent woman to prison, but he agrees to do just that.

Erica does not see how she can help Greenlee. Opal knows from her cards that someone was stabbed in the heart. Erica is not concerned about what Jack thinks because they have always had their problems. Opal encourages Erica to help Greenlee.

Greenlee fires Jack because she is pleading guilty. He said fine, fire your lawyer, but not your father. She asked him to leave her alone. Aidan tells Greenlee that the plan is on.

Jack calls Kendall and asks that she help Greenlee. He tells her that he is not attacking her; He just wants her to help Greenlee. He also tells her that he love her like his own daughter. Kendall does not understand why Greenlee is pleading guilty. Kendall hangs up and leaves for the courthouse. Zach follows her.

Greenlee, representing herself, pleads guilty. Jack and Greenlee approach the bench. The judge decides that Greenlee is of sound mind and can represent herself. She is accused of kidnapping, false imprisonment, and endangerment of a minor.

Kendall and Zach enter the courtroom.

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