AMC Update Wednesday 11/7/07

All My Children Update Wednesday 11/7/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Beginning preempted by breaking news. At the police station, a distraught Aidan learns from Jack that Greenlee will likely remain in custody, while her case is pending. In the meantime, an infuriated Ryan attacks Greenlee over her second so-called attempt to kidnap Spike. Through the cell doors, Greenlee makes a plaintive effort to get Ryan to realize that Kendall and Zach set her up without success. Recalling Greenlee’s recent inquiry as whether she would be “considered family, if they shared a child,” Ryan is completely unreceptive to Greenlee’s claims and regards her as “insane and obsessed.” Greenlee somehow manages to compose herself and resigns herself to the fact that her attempts to convince Ryan otherwise are futile. Show preempted by breaking news. Once Ryan quiets, Greenlee begins alluding to the proverbial carrots dangled in front of her by both Zach and Kendall.

Grasping for answers as to why Richie came to Pine Valley, Annie confronts him at the boathouse. In hopes of reading him, she indignantly tries to bait him for answers. After she comes up with her final theory that he wants to force her to watch him die, the ever enigmatic Richie attempts to convince her he came to “reconnect” with her. Annie deflects his hand, as he reaches out to her while advising that she “needs help.” Richie gives her the his pitiful doe eyed look, when Annie tells him, “I want you gone.”

Ryan temporarily becomes a captive audience to Greenlee, as she chronicles her alleged reconciliation with Kendall. Ryan intermittently grows skeptical, until the teary-eyed Greenlee throws Zach’s contrived embryo story in the mix. With each detail Greenlee provides, Ryan grows more and more confounded.

After hearing the ten-year plea offer extended by the prosecutor to Jack, the nervously pacing Aidan becomes even more determined to clear Greenlee’s name. Jack considers the task daunting, based on the overwhelming evidence against her. In response, Aidan remains resolved to prove that Kendall planted it. Jack is convinced Kendall did not act alone and then questions the legitimacy of the commitment documents initiated by Mary Smythe. Now anguished over Greenlee’s plight, Jack begins rationalizing that Greenlee has never been punished for her initial abduction of Spike. Aidan then goes to great pains to illustrate to Jack that Greenlee has suffered tremendously as a result of her previous actions. After processing Aidan’s insights, Jack becomes even more distraught over the fact his daughters are pitted against each other. Aidan then coldly reminds him that Kendall is really not his daughter.

Meanwhile, during their conversation about their respective Greenlee plots, Kendall, now racked with guilt, sputters around their living room. She then feels enormous empathy for Greenlee over the fact Zach gave her false hope about the existence of her embryos. To assuage her, Zach advises Kendall that Greenlee declined the offer to transfer her Fusion stock to J.R. in exchange for her eggs. With intimate insight into Greenlee, Kendall initially reacts incredulously. Zach then shares that he reacted the same way, until he realized, through ensuing conversations with J.R., that Greenlee “moved on.” Kendall is then struck by the fact that, unlike her, Greenlee managed to put aside her past. As Kendall self deprecates for misinterpreting Greenlee’s comments about having a child, an equally guilt ridden Zach yells at her to stop.

Beleaguered from the course of events, Jack rubs his weary brow. As Aidan prattles on about his intentions to uncover Kendall’s set up, Jack sternly warns him to “do things by the book.” Hell bent on clearing Greenlee, Aidan bristles at Jack’s advisory.

Meanwhile, when Greenlee mentions J.R.’s involvement in Zach’s scheme, Ryan rejects her story as implausible. He remains quiet, while Greenlee lays out the details of J.R.’s offer. To lend more credibility to her version of events, Greenlee lets Ryan know she has moved on from him by virtue of her relationship with Aidan. Despite her efforts, Greenlee realizes that Ryan still views her with contempt. While making a small concession that there may be a shred of truth in her story, the unforgiving Ryan condemns her for all of her transgressions and charges out of the jail.

Taking Annie’s “gone” comment literally, the smirking Richie wants her to detail her plans for his demise. Annie wipes the smug look from his face, when she holds him accountable for their mother’s suicide and their father’s deafness. Richie’s eyes blacken with rage, as he tries to undermine her resolve with convincing words of their parent’s lack of love for her. In reaction, Annie begins to tear.

Zach wants Kendall to recognize her pattern of having sympathy for Greenlee, regardless of her transgressions. When Kendall still harps about the embryo scheme, Zach forcefully reminds her that Greenlee set the chain of events into motion by abducting Spike initially.

Isolated within the confines of her cell, Greenlee begins reeling from visions of Kendall, Zach, Ryan, and Jack condemning her in court. Almost in the form of a mirage, Aidan suddenly appears by her cell and manages to put a smile on her face. After he strokes her face and kisses her, he asks her to plead guilty. Greenlee’s eyes widen in shock at the request.

After composing herself, Annie unemotionally advises, “I’m done with you” and calmly walks off. Once alone, Richie revealingly says aloud, “I’m not done with you.”

Zach tries to stop her, when Kendall becomes determined to visit Greenlee in an effort to right the wrong. In reaction, Kendall points out, “We did this to her, we did this to each other.” Ryan happens to arrive in time to catch her comment and demands an explanation from the two.

Meanwhile, Greenlee cannot believe her ears. While leaning in towards her, Aidan advises in hushed tones, “I cannot get into it right now, just trust me.” Greenlee then slowly clasps his hands in hers and kisses them. She sincerely looks into his eyes and places her faith in him.

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