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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

After rekindling sparks between them, J.R. and Babe lie in bed together on the yacht and reminisce about their relationship. Caught up in the moment, J.R. asks Babe to remarry him.

On the porch at the Comeback, Adam nuzzles a receptive Krystal. When she notices Tad from the corner of her eye, she begins pushing Adam away. Krystal appears worried about the almost certain confrontation, since Tad now realizes Adam has been posing as Stuart. Observing that something has caught Krystal’s attention, Adam turns around and finds a sour faced Tad. Now incensed, Tad asks Krystal, “ How stupid do you think I am?”

Jack and Erica engage in battle over Greenlee at the police station. Erica feigns ignorance, as he accuses her of having prior knowledge of Kendall’s set-up of Greenlee. The more Erica insists the evidence substantiates that Greenlee kidnapped Spike, the more an outraged Jack believes his daughter was entrapped.

Once they return home, Zach demands the truth from Kendall. Appearing somewhat regretful, she confesses to setting Greenlee up. Meanwhile, Greenlee scorns Kendall from her jail cell, while Aidan tries to calm her. He then discourages her, as the now hell-bent on revenge Greenlee directs Aidan to take J.R. up on his offer on her behalf. Aidan tries to interrupt her, when she spews her intentions to take Zach down for stealing her eggs.

Completely taken off guard, Babe questions the sanity of J.R.’s marriage proposal. As he strokes her arm, Babe tries to put their intimate moment into proper perspective. After she terms it as “two friends needing each other,” a wistful J.R. seizes on the “need” part of her assessment and lavishes the receptive Babe with kisses. Now shocked by her own conduct, she springs up and yells out, “I’m turning into my mother!” In the meantime, an enraged Tad believes that every time “Stuart” showed up at his and Krystal’s house; it was Adam instead. Feeling duped, Tad accuses Krystal of being aware of Adam’s masquerade all along. Krystal apologetically places her hands on Tad’s chest and acknowledges the accusation.

In keeping with her performance, Erica tries to convince Jack Greenlee needs professional help. Right on cue, Derek returns with commitment documents for Greenlee purportedly signed off and initiated by her mother, Mary Smythe. Erica now looks as though she would like to crawl into a hole. As Jack reviews the paperwork, Derek rattles off the mounting evidence against Greenlee and then whips out the “journal” extracted from her computer. Erica’s discomfort level increases even more.

Meanwhile, Zach wants all details from the moment of conception. Now seated, Kendall lays out how her methodical revenge plot was formed. Kendall then flashes to the horrific image of Spike’s arrival to the hospital, while she was being wheeled into surgery for Ian’s premature delivery. Kendall becomes agitated, as she relives her range of emotions at the time. She then pinpoints the moment her vengeance was conceived. Her eyes grow furious, as she recalls how Greenlee put a damper on the most precious of moments, the first time she held Ian. After patiently listening, Zach questions why she reneged on her recent promise to forget about Greenlee on the day that he caught her with a gun at the park. A defensive Kendall explains, “I had no choice.” Meanwhile, a raving Greenlee vows revenge through the use of her embryos. Aidan stops her cold, when he manages to euphemistically inform her that “they are gone.”

Erica puts on the concerned wife act, while Jack doubts the legitimacy of all the evidence. He then gives Erica ample warning of his intentions to hold Kendall accountable, in the event she is behind the “set-up.” With mouth now agape, Erica will not allow Jack to ignore the fact that Greenlee set off the initial chain of events. As she turns on heels to leave in a huff, Erica assures Jack of her sincere love for him. Jack appears anguished, as he watches her walk off. In the doorway of the police station, Erica calls a reporter and offers an exclusive interview on the Greenlee story.

Although marveling at the lengths Kendall went to in pursuit of revenge, Zach blasts her for secreting her plot from him. Kendall fails to come with justification for excluding him. In the meantime, Greenlee remains in denial, as Aidan relays Zach contrived the egg story and employed J.R. as the conduit. As she finally processes the information, Greenlee appears disturbed by the obvious deep hatred the Slaters have towards her.

Tad will not accept Krystal’s sugar coated explanation for her continued dealing with Adam. Disgusted by her apparent lack of value for their relationship, Tad lets her know, in no uncertain terms, that Jenny will never be exposed to Adam. As Tad turns from her, Krystal’s facial expression reveals that she anticipated his reaction.

With a sheet draped around her, Babe frantically tries to make her get away amidst J.R.’s continued romantic advances. When he questions her haste, Babe advises she does not love him anymore.

Jack pays a visit on the incarcerated Aidan and Greenlee. Realizing Aidan assaulted the officer in an effort to be close to Greenlee, Jack believes he is “more help to her” on the outside. After offering his continued support, Jack tells her about the discovery of the so-called diary and its contents. In reaction, the gulping Greenlee recognizes the precarious position she is in.

Kendall explains she feared he would have tried to dissuade her. As she continues with her reasoning for excluding him, she blurts out that Erica tried to do the same. In reaction, Zach worries that Greenlee is not “the only one going down.” Zach removes Kendall’s cocky attitude, when he points out that any “hole in her plan” will negatively impact their entire family.

Meanwhile, Erica gives her televised interview in front of the police station. With all the drama one can muster, Erica describes Greenlee as “troubled” and expresses her hopes that “she gets help.” The scene shifts to a defeated Greenlee now seated on the jail cell floor. Reaching through the bars, Aidan promises to clear her. Greenlee responds by stroking his face. Now standing outside of Greenlee’s earshot, Jack and Aidan take comfort in their mutual commitment to support Greenlee.

Although his back is turned towards her, Babe realizes she wounded J.R. In hopes of taking the sting away, Babe rephrases by declaring she loves him but is not “in love” with him. With his back still turned, J.R. collects himself to face her. As he spins around, he acts unfazed and claims he was not serious about his marriage proposal. Babe’s eyes follow him, as he turns away from her.

Adam remains oddly silent, as Krystal reassures Tad of her intentions to remain with him, not Adam. Still contemptuous of her affections towards the “anti-Christ,” Tad questions her priorities. Now offended, Krystal defensively claims her daughters are her priority. In reaction, a disgusted Tad storms off. In turn, Adam offers his comfort and support to the distraught Krystal. Although touched by his gestures, Krystal declines. With tears in his eyes, Adam leaves Krystal with these parting words, “ I love you.”

Despite J.R.’s efforts to trivialize their interlude, Babe knows she hurt him with her comments. Before leaving, she deeply apologizes to him. Once alone, J.R. appears completely dejected.

Aidan approaches Derek about the discovery of Greenlee’s so-called computer diary. Although Derek tries to avoid the discussion, Aidan inquires whether they checked the hard drive for Trojan horse computer hacking programs. As Derek remains unreceptive, Aidan forcefully advises him that Kendall framed Greenlee. Meanwhile, Greenlee expresses her regret for not leaving town to Jack. In a very fatherly way, Jack manages to find the right words to make her smile. He then plants a firm kiss on her head, while holding her through the bars. In the meantime, Erica continues her interview. When questioned about the strain of the situation on her marriage, Erica implies that she and Jack agree about the course of action for Greenlee. Jack happens to walks outside, as she goes on about their desire for Greenlee to receive psychiatric help.

Through continued bickering, Zach is forced to admit he also hatched a plan for Greenlee’s demise. After Kendall chastises him for his hypocrisy, Zach differentiates his actions from hers in that he aborted his. Zach looks sickened, when Kendall explains she intended on keeping her promise to him, until she overheard Greenlee telling Aidan about her desire to have Ryan’s baby.

Needing a father and son talk on the subject of women, Adam pays J.R. a visit. Meanwhile, Babe arrives at the Comeback to have a similar talk with Krystal. As she sips on a beer, Babe informs her she was “with” J.R.

Jenny smiles up at her daddy, as he plays with her. He then has a loving heart to heart with his daughter, while the baby’s eyes follow him adoringly.

When Zach fully realizes the context of Greenlee’s words, he sorrowfully puts his head down and advises Kendall that Greenlee was not referring to Spike. After learning of Zach’s scheme, a devastated Kendall cries out, “Oh my God, what have we done?”

In the meantime, Greenlee languishes on the jail cell floor and thinks aloud about Kendall. The scene shifts to Krystal consoling Babe, as Greenlee’s words about still longing for Kendall’s friendship play in the background. The scene then shifts to J.R. laughing at his father’s “female torment.” As the two commiserate, Greenlee’s words about the mourning of her lost embryos and desire to be a parent play again. While Greenlee’s background voice questions whether Zach and Kendall have a conscience, the scenes shift to the somber couple and then back Greenlee, as her cell door slams shut.

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