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All My Children Update Monday 11/5/07


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan and Annie try to talk Richie into letting go of the pilot, but he doesn’t listen.  A doctor comes around a curtain and Richie tells him to announce his diagnosis.  The doctor tells Ryan and Annie that Richie does have leukemia.  Richie tries to make light of the fact that he is dying.

Greenlee is being led away in handcuffs.  Kendall and Zach check to make sure Spike is all right.  Greenlee begs Kendall to tell the cops what happened and Kendall announces that Greenlee stole her baby.

Jack and Erica are in bed and they agree to make the night about them.

Greenlee tells them that she didn’t steal Spike, but Kendall insists that she came out of nowhere.  Greenlee realizes that Kendall set her up as Derek arrests her.

Annie begs Richie not to kill anyone.  Richie tells Annie to ask the doctor the questions that have been bothering her.  She asks the doctor if he is sure that it is terminal and the doctor informs her that there is no cure.  Richie says that families are over rated.  The pilot passes out and Ryan hits Richie.

Adam is outside The Comeback dressed as Stuart.  He goes in.  Tad is playing pool with Hannah and makes her miss a shot.  Krystal walks outside to take the trash out and Tad turns around and says hello to Stuart.  Stuart goes outside to talk to Krystal.  She wonders what he is doing there so late at night.  Stuart tells Krystal that Hannah isn’t as pretty as Krystal.

Hannah asks Tad if sacrificing his life for Jenny was worth it, to which he replies “completely.”

Krystal thanks Stuart for complimenting her.  Stuart wonders if she wants to discuss Tad, but she denies that she does.

Kendall says Greenlee must have followed her.  Kendall tells the cops that she brings Spike there when he can’t sleep because the water and the ducks calm him down.  Greenlee insists that Kendall called her.  Greenlee tells Derek that Kendall is lying.  Kendall tells Derek that Greenlee put something over her mouth and nose.  Aidan tells Derek that he can’t arrest Greenlee because Kendall set the whole thing up.  Kendall says that she wouldn’t willingly hand over her child to the woman who almost killed him.  Kendall tells Greenlee not to look at Spike because he is Kendall’s son, not Greenlee’s.  Aidan tells Greenlee that he believes her.  An officer comes back with chloroform that they found in the bushes.  Greenlee asks Kendall how she could do this and Kendall tells Greenlee that she did it.  Greenlee figures out that Kendall has been playing her for months.  Kendall tells Greenlee that she is delusional.

Jack’s phone rings.  Aidan tells Jack that Greenlee has been arrested for kidnapping Spike.  Erica wants to know what is wrong.

Annie knocks her brother out.  The doctor checks the pilot and tells them that he is still alive.  Ryan tells the doctor to go get his sedatives.  Annie and Ryan handcuff Richie while the doctor gives him a sedative.  Ryan realizes that no one on board knows how to fly a plane.

Erica asks Jack if there is anything she can do and tries to get him to tell her what is going on.  Erica realizes that Kendall framed Greenlee.

At the police station, Kendall keeps telling Spike that he is okay now.  She looks over her shoulder as they bring Greenlee in.  Rachel comes to pick up Spike.  Two detectives come in and tell Derek that they found a large suitcase in Greenlee’s car.  They also found a lot of money, two plane tickets to the U.S. Virgin Islands and a phony birth certificate for a boy named Jackson Smythe.  Derek asks a detective to take Greenlee into an interrogation room and tells Kendall that he has some questions for her.  Aidan accuses Zach of helping Kendall plan the whole event.

Tad and Hannah discuss parenthood and trying to balance lives.

Adam asks Krystal how long she has known that he was pretending to be Stuart.  She replies, “long enough to know not to get your hopes up.”  Adam tells her that spending time in bed together gets a man’s hopes up.  Krystal tells him that if she has to choose between him and Jenny, she will not abandon her child.  Adam begs her to go back to him.

Annie and Ryan are trying to figure out how to land the plane.  Ryan gets on the radio and tries to reach someone who can help.  Ryan gets through to someone.  The man tells Ryan step by step how to get the plane back on the ground.

Hannah tells Tad that the happiness he has based his life on is all about the choices that Krystal makes regarding who she wants to spend the rest of her life with.  Hannah says that women cannot stay away no matter how much they know the guy is wrong for them.

Krystal admits to Adam that she loves him, but tells him that she is afraid to try again.  She asks him why he couldn’t accept Jenny and he says that he wishes he would have.  Adam says he will make it up to her every day of their lives.

Derek is questioning Greenlee when Jack gets there.  Derek leaves so they can have a moment alone.  Jack comforts Greenlee.  She tells him what Kendall has been doing for months and what happened that evening.  Jack tells her that he believes her.  Derek comes back and turns on a tape recorder.  Greenlee answers his questions.  Kendall tells her side of the story, while Greenlee tells hers.

Aidan realizes that Zach didn’t know about Kendall’s plan for Greenlee.

The detective leaves Kendall so that he can have her statement typed.  Zach warns Aidan not to threaten Kendall.  Erica shows up at the police station asking about Kendall and Greenlee.  Derek finds out they got warrants to search Greenlee’s home and her office.  Derek tells the detectives to make sure they get her computers from both locations.  Jack asks Erica if she knew this was coming.

Ryan lands the plane with help from the control tower.  The controller tells him to come inside and have a beer because he earned it.  The doctor explains the details of Richie’s condition.  Richie tells everyone that he could press charges against all of them for kidnapping him.  Richie wants out of the handcuffs.

Tad tells Hannah that he can’t stay because it is his night to relieve the sitter.  They agree to get together the next day.  They kiss good night and she leaves.

Adam tells Krystal that he wants her to be his wife again.  He kissed her just as Tad walks out of the bar.  Tad then realizes it is Adam dressed as Stuart.

After Derek takes Greenlee to her holding cell, Aidan comforts her from the adjoining cell.

Erica claims that no one was surprised by the kidnapping because everyone knows that Greenlee has been having problems.  Jack figures out why Erica planned their evening the way she did and confronts her.

A detective comes out and asks Kendall to sign her statement.  The detective walks away and Zach asks his wife what really happened.

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