AMC Update Friday 11/2/07

All My Children Update Friday 11/2/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Babe sees a drink in front of J.R. and assumes it is his. She throws away the drink that is for the man at the next table. Babe apologizes. She threw away the drink, because she cares about J.R. She needs him to be a good father to Little A. They talk about the reason behind J.R.’s sour attitude. J.R. explains that he is at the bar waiting for the car repairman. He is told that his car cannot be repaired tonight. Babe offers him a ride. He gives her a tour of his yacht. They kiss and then make love.

Ryan holds Richie and takes a blood sample. Richie does not want Annie and Ryan to know the truth about his illness so he pretends that he was faking his illness. He explains that he pretended to be ill in order to garner sympathy. Ryan insists on knowing the truth. This is why he is drawing his own blood sample.

Jack meets Erica in her hotel room. He lets her know immediately that if she mentions Greenlee, he will leave. Erica is very flirty with Jack. She receives a phone call with the voice on the other end telling her that Greenlee will be taken to a psychiatric hospital tonight. She agrees to the plan. Jack is suspicious wanting to know why Erica is being so sweet. She wants him to know that she loves him. Jack returns the love. They dance, Kiss and make love.

Aidan has broken into Zach’s office. He demands to know if the embryo story is true. Zach offer Aidan a drink, but he refuses. Aidan figured out the plot, with J.R., to swindle Greenlee out of her Fusion stock. Aidan recanted the entire plot. Zach did not admit to anything. Aidan threaten Zach for misleading Greenlee, and warns him to not do it again. Aidan does not intimidate Zach at all. Zach lets him know that he does not respond well to threats. Aidan says that if Zach go after Greenlee again he will kill him. Aidan attacks Zach’s character, but when he tries to attack Kendall’s character, Zach stops him. Aidan want to know if Zach dealings with Greenlee are over. Zach admits that they are over.

Greenlee meets Kendall. She wants to know how can she help. Kendall misleads her by making her think that she needs her friendship, because she is upset over Spike. Kendall pretends to be in need of a friend to help her deal with Spike’s Cochlear implant. Greenlee buys her ruse one hundred percent. Greenlee tries to settle Kendall’s worries by offering friendship.

Kendall gets a call and pretends that Zach was in an accident and is asking for her. Rachel is not around so she needs Greenlee to take Spike to Rachel. Greenlee initially rejects the idea. She does not think that it is a good idea. She refuses to drive him in a car again. She questions Kendall again and again. Kendall insists. Greenlee hold Spike in her arms while they wait for Rachel to pick him up. Kendall goes outside and call the police. When she hears the sirens, she knocks herself out with chloroform. The police arrive, see Kendall; and then approach Greenlee with guns drawn. They ask Greenlee to put down the baby. She is in shock as she put down Spike. Kendall told the police that Greenlee was trying to steal Spike.

Richie asks to have his hands uncuffed so that he can visit the men’s restroom. When he returns, he argues with Ryan, and refuses to be handcuffed again. The pilot enters the room after hearing the noise. He asks what is the matter. Richie grabs him behind the neck, and lets Ryan know that he is now in charge.

Zach and Aidan arrive upon the scene after Zach received a call telling him that Greenlee tried to steal Spike.

Greenlee was totally fooled. She knew she had been set up as she looks into Kendall’s eyes.

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