AMC Update Thursday 11/1/07

All My Children Update Thursday 11/1/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall has been overhearing Greenlee talking about embryos, and having her own child, Ryan’s child. Kendall misunderstands and thinks that Greenlee intends to kidnap Spike. She forges a plan to entrap Greenlee in a compromising situation. She visits the hospital and sees Ian while she is there. She breaks into the supply cabinet to try to steal chloroform. Julia spots her and asks what is she doing. She makes up a story about needing one of the hospital baby blankets because Spike got accustomed to them while in the hospital. She convinces Julia to believe that Spike cannot sleep without it. Julia is convinced and goes to get the blanket. Kendall steals the chloroform while Julia looks for the blankets.

Greenlee refuses to exchange Fusion stock for her embryos fertilized by Ryan. J.R. is disappointed but refuses to give up. Greenlee decides to give up on her plan to have Ryan’s baby. She wants to make her own family with a man who cares about her. J.R. needs the remaining $1.5 million from Zach in order to start his Internet business. He must have a second chance to convince Greenlee to give up the stock.

Zach lets J.R. know that the deal is over, because he failed at his task. He did not convince Greenlee to exchange her stock for the embryos. Zach realizes that Greenlee was ill but now she is better. She is healthy because she no longer wants Ryan baby. Zach want to let his plan for Greenlee go, because now she is no longer a threat to his family. J.R. is disappointed.

Babe is upset because Richie is dying of Leukemia. Neither he nor Annie is acknowledging that fact. Krystal notices that Babe is upset. She urges Babe to forget about Richie, because he is not worth it. Babe is concerned because Richie is ill.

Ryan intercepts a packet that was intended for Annie. He opened it up and there were pictures of Annie and Richie. Ryan thinks that Richie intends to trick Annie with memories of their past. Ryan throws Richie against the wall and handcuffs him. He plans to take Richie on a trip. Richie thinks that Ryan wants to kill him. Ryan assures Richie that he means him no harm. Annie trusts Ryan but wants to accompany him on the trip. Ryan takes Richie on a plane ride. A doctor enters to draw blood. Ryan wants to make sure that Richie has Leukemia. Taking blood, 10,000 feet in the air, ensures that Richie's condition truly exists. Richie’s fear subsides.

Aidan and Greenlee toasts to “new times.” Aidan is happy that Greenlee has seen the light. They go to her place and make out. He expresses his love for her. After they make love, Aidan falls asleep.

Greenlee has abandoned her plan for Ryan’s baby, and she no longer has the desire to be one big happy family with the Slaters and the Laverys. Kendall does not know this, so she continues her plan to entrap Greenlee.

Kendall goes to the park to rehearse her plan for Greenlee. Simone, her dead friend, appears to her as the voice of reason. Simone reminds Kendall that Greenlee is her cosmic twin. If Kendall hurts Greenlee, she will hurt herself. She tries to talk Kendall out of her plan. She thinks it is wrong to entrap Greenlee because Kendall will be sorry later. When Kendall orders Simone to go away, she does.

Zach deletes all records related to Greenlee's embryos. J.R. is devastated and sits at The Comeback's bar.

Kendall calls Greenlee and pretends to need to speak to her at the boathouse. Greenlee leaves to meet with Kendall without informing Aidan. Zach enters his office and finds Aidan. Greenlee arrives at the boathouse to meet Kendall.

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