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Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Erica is imagining what it will be like when mend come and take Greenlee away in a straight jacket. Right then, Kendall comes into her office. She knows that her mother is lost in thought.

J.R. tells Aidan that he does not have to go through him in order to get to Greenlee. He tells him that Greenlee will steamroll over him for those embryos. Aidan tells J.R. that he is a pathetic little rich kid. He has to resort to stealing embryos He tells J.R. that he is hunting for answers and he will get them. J.R. tells Aidan he must realize that his girlfriend still wants Ryan’s babies. And that has got to hurt.

Greenlee goes into Ryan’s home and tells him she doesn’t know if she will ever get used to being in his home. There are so many memories. She remembers life after he “died”. And then the black out. Everything comes back to that. He asks her if that is what she wanted to talk about and if she wants to blame Zach for that. She then asks him if somebody else short circuited the lab where the embryos were frozen so that they melted and got ruined. She tells him that she had a future. Her whole life was planned out. She could feel it. He asks her if she is talking about Spike. In response to that, she tells him she realizes that Spike belongs to him and to Kendall. She knows all about that. It’s not about Spike. It’s about them. She tell shim that she has wondered how things would have been for them if the black out had not occurred. She thought that maybe it was wrong that she was thinking these things but did not tell him. She asks him if she has made a total mistake there. He replies no. She then asks him if he could discuss that with him. She asks him what he wanted to say. He tells her he wanted to say that he is sorry.

Ryan admits to Greenlee that he is not going to pretend that what happened to Spike did no happen. But he does not believe it’s entirely her fault. He tells her that he wanted to prove to himself that what he had with her did not mater. But that is not true. Their marriage was real. And it was right at the time. And he took that away from her. He confirms to her that what they had was right and he blew it.

Annie asks Richie if he is really sick and going to die. She asks him if this is another sick game. He then tells her if this is another game, she loses. She tells him that she has something. She has a family and a husband. In response to that, he laughs and tells her that he knows how to find her “white knight”. He seems to know that Ryan has been spying on him with the camcorder. She tells him that he can no longer threaten or intimidate her. But he tells her that he is not worried about anything. If he is dying, he has nothing to lose taking her with him.

Kendall tells Erica that she saw Greenlee snooping around Ryan and it made her crazy. Erica tells her daughter that she is not crazy. But  Kendall tells her mother that she got the most amazing news today. And yet she has to live in fear of Greenlee . Erica tells her daughter that she must drop this. She must get over this Greenlee situation and move on. Erica then tells Kendall that she must realize that Greenlee is emotionally disturbed. Kendall does not need to set her up in order to prove that Greenlee is mentally ill. Kendall tells her mother she agrees but asks how she can promise that Greenlee will no longer be a threat to her. She can tell that her mother has some sort of trick up her sleeve in regard to Greenlee.

Josh goes and sees Zach and they discuss Greenlee. Josh asks Zach if he is having second thoughts. He tells Zach this is his call. If he wants to put an end to this, he can right now.

J.R. tells Aidan that he is giving Greenlee something. Aidan tells J.R. that this is not his to give. J.R. tells Aidan that he has a way to find her eggs. She doesn’t have to care or want them but she does.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she was stuck in the past for so long. He tells her that he really understands what it’s like to be stuck in the past. And he believes that moving on does not mean forgetting the past. It means taking what you need and making good of whatever happened and moving forward.. He tells her that you can still have an incredible future. She asks him if this is a theory about taking what you need an moving forward. He tells her he knows that she is seeing Aidan, reflects that he is a great guy and tells her that thinks that maybe she can have a bright future. She asks him if maybe she can have what he has. He tells her he is certain that he can.

Annie asks Richie if he understands anything that is real. In response to that, he tells her that what is real is getting his ass kicked by his cell mate every day. Real is having stand in line to use the bathroom and to eat. Real is having to beg to see the sunlight out of a tiny window. She tells Richie that as far as she is concerned, he is dead in his heart.

A messenger comes to Ryan’s home and gives him some documents. It looks like Richie has sent Annie some mail.

Erica tells Kendall that she need not expend any energy on Greenlee. She needs to be happy and focus her energy on her wonderful little boys. She tells her daughter she needs to be happy. Today is Halloween. She needs to go and dress up her boys and have fun. Kendall then concludes that is exactly what she will do. Greenlee may be up to no good. But she does not care. Erica tells her daughter that that is what she wants. Kendall tells her mother that she wants her to have some fun also. Kendall leaves Erica’s office. And as she watches her daughter depart, Erica obviously has a plan that she is not letting on about.

J.R. tells Greenlee and Aidan that he is willing to work with her on this deal.  She tells him that he can take his deal and shove it. He then tells her if she is expecting her boyfriend to find her embryos, it will not happen. She tells him she realizes that and she does not want them. He asks her if she really does not want her embryos just like he doe not want money or sex or booze. He then tells her if she is bluffing to him, then the “price” just went up. But it looks like Greenlee and Aidan know how to put J.R. in his place.

Richie tells Annie that he knows she would not care if he dropped dead right now, so why is she suddenly so concerned about his health. She tells her brother if he really is sick, she wants him to get well. Right then, Ryan enters. She asks him if Emma is ok. He tells her she is fine. She is Trick or Treating with Kathy. He tells her he came there to see Richie.. He is going to go on a trip with him. And Richie does not have to pack for this trip.

Josh tells Zach that he knows that the whole situation involving Greenlee is getting to him. And now that they are getting the implants for Spike, then maybe Zach needs to move on. Zach tells Josh that Greenlee will never hurt his wife again.

A man named Barry comes to talk to Erica and tells her that she might want to think twice about putting her “plan” into motion. If it doesn’t go the way she expects, she could be looking at a federal offense. In response to that, Erica tells Barry that she is not going to let that happen. That’s why she has called him. She tells him that Greenlee Smyth is a threat to her family. And she has no choice except to take action against her.

Right then, Kendall takes Spike to the park and they spy upon Greenlee. Kendall tells Spike that she can see that Greenlee still wants him.

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