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Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Zach is holding and feeding baby Ian with Kendall by his side. They are very happy at how well their child is growing and that he will be coming home soon. She tells him that she cannot wait until Ian gets to come home and see the sunlight and breathe the fresh air. Zach talks about taking his son to a game. Julia walks in. She informs them that her shift is over. And Dr. Joe asked her to come by and talk to them about Spike.

Ryan comes downstairs and Annie gives him some coffee. She warns him it’s a little strong but it’s good. Right then, their doorbell rings. It’s Jonathan. Ryan tells his brother he’s just in time to witness a miracle. Annie tells her brother in law that she’s finally mastered the coffee machine. Jonathan tells them he doesn’t need any coffee. They inform him that there are some crazy things going on involving Annie’s brother Ritchie. He is now claiming to have leukemia. Jonathan asks what is wrong with that guy. And he tells them he needs to talk to them about Ava.

J.R. arranges for Ava to meet with an agent who might be able to promote her. J.R. really wants to have contact with her. But she tells him she does not want his hands on her. He tells her that this is a good day because he’s very close to getting what he wants. And he asks her if she cannot just feel it.

Greenlee sits alone looking out the window. It looks like she’s spent the night with Aidan. Burt she’s clearly got her mind on something else. She reminds him that he asked her to stay away from J.R. and disregard whether he’s telling the truth about her embryos.  But she admits to Aidan that she does believe J.R. when he said he knows where they are. But Aidan knows that J.R. is asking for something in return for finding her embryos and enabling her to have a baby. She replies that he asked for her shares at Fusion. And what is scaring the hell out of her is that she is actually considering it.

Krystal is tending bar at Come Back when Tad comes in and asks for some coffee. He runs into Hannah. Krystal eyes her coldly knowing she might want to make trouble for Tad. Krystal asks Tad if his work is keeping him busy and remarks that he looks like he didn’t get much sleep last night. Julia walks in and Tad sits with her. Alone with Krystal, Hannah remarks that she can see that Tad “has a way with the ladies.” And knowing that Krystal is protective of her baby’s father, Hannah assures Krystal that she has no intention of hurting Tad. When he sits with Julia, he tells her that “last night” was the most fun he’s had in a long, long time.

Jonathan announces to Ryan and Annie for the first time that he asked Ava to marry him. He tells them that he’s been putting that off  for a long time, realizing that their lives “blow” right now and it would be inconsiderate of him to take up their time with his own situation. But they sense that there is another reason why he has hesitated to announce his engagement. And he admits that he wonders if they will think that he is throwing his life away with this girl.

J.R. tells Ava that he knows she can “sell”. He gets grabby and sounds like he wants to use her and make a ton of money. He tells her that he bets they can recoup the initial investment when they start promoting her. He tells her that there is a German investor who is crazy about her and will probably generate a lot of money for them. But she announces to J.R. that she quits. She will no longer work with him.

After Jonathan tells his brother and sister in law that he is afraid they might have reservations about his marrying Ava, they tell him the main thing is whether he wants to marry her. They realize that she got a Mohawk and looks exactly like his previous wife. But the main thing is that he believes she is right for him. Hearing that he has their blessing, he tells them it means a lot to him. Right then, Kendall and Zach appear and announce they just came back form the hospital and heard some good news about Spike.

Greenlee admits to Aidan that she does not know what to decide. She has to choose between those embryos which is the only chance she will have to have a child, or the company that she has created and worked hard to run for years. She admits that being called mommy would mean everything to her. But she already walked away from Fusion once before and regrets it. And the only things she risk is hurting Kendall. She then concludes damn Zach for causing her to be forced to choose. And damn J.R. for holding the ultimatum over her head. But at that point, Aidan tells her she might not have to choose. He might be able to help her.

Kendall and Zach announce to Ryan, Annie and Jonathan that Spike might get his hearing back. Ryan hugs Kendall and is very happy that their son will be alright.

Aidan tells Greenlee that he is not going to let her be intimidated by J.R. But she tells him that in order to find the embryos, they have no choice except to trust J.R. and do what he wants.

J.R. meets with Ava and tells her that without him, she won’t have her opportunity. She tells him she will not play his “bad girl”. She will not cheat on the man she loves. And she’d rather work with Fusion. But he tells her that he knows what she is really afraid of. She “has it bad” for him.

Julia tells Tad that there is a difference between what he did and what Krystal did. He tells her yes. He had sex with his own species.  She tells him that Krystal had sex with Adam for a different reason than what Tad did with another person. Not far away, Krystal and Hannah are talking about the same thing.

J.R. tells Ava that he has fantasies about her. She laughs and tells him to give it up already. But he tells her he remembers how it felt when they were together.  He tells her they both know what is going to happen eventually. So they cannot fight it. But she tells him she cannot. He tells her that they both want it. And they both always get what they want.

Greenlee is alone, not knowing what her choices are. Aidan asks her if she really wants to do this. He tells her he realizes how much this means to her and how much she wants to be a mom some day. And he thinks she should talk to Ryan. But she admits to him that she is not ready to go to Ryan. She believes that those embryos are hers. He asks her if she is ready to give up Fusion for embryos that she may never use.. He tells her that he believes it might be helpful to talk to Ryan. But she tells  him that Ryan has no legal claim to them. He gave that up when he sold his “donations” long ago. But he tells her he’s is not talking about legal claims. He doesn’t want her to have to give up Fusion in order to have a baby.

Kendall announces to Ryan, Annie and Jonathan that Spike will not only have the fun experience of hearing all of their obnoxious voices. He will also get to hear Ian’s voice. Ian is finally coming home.

Ava tells J.R. he does not have to be that much of a pig. He tells her that he does not intend to be a pig. They both need to get this out of their system. She tells him she will not cheat on her fiancé. He tells her he doesn’t intend to get in the way of her decision about “psycho boy”. He need never know about their encounter. She can marry Jonathan if she wants. She tells J.R. he better stop calling her fiancé psycho boy. He tells her she needs to realize that she doesn’t really want Jonathan. She wants him.

At Ryan’s, Kendall tells her baby’s father that she wants him to pick up Spike because she knows they have not seen each other in a while. He tells her he will do that and he gets up to leave. They all conclude that this news has changed everything.

Aidan acknowledges to Greenlee that he realizes that this is a really tough decision for her to make. But he thinks that she needs to trust Ryan. She asks him if he is implying that if she does not tell Ryan he will. He tells her if she does not tell Ryan, he will respect her decision. He knows that this situation is eating her up inside. And he does not want to do anything that would make her feel any worse that she already does. Hearing that, she is really happy to know that Aidan really respects her choices. She tells him that these last few weeks have been hell for her. And having him to talk to and to whine to has meant so much to her. He kisses her hand and jokes about how she could think that she’s whined. She admits to him that she has kind of grown dependent upon him and hopes that he is not going anywhere any time soon. He tells her that he does not plan to go anywhere any time son. And he kisses her. She then concludes to him that she will do what is right where Ryan is concerned.

Ryan asks Jonathan when the “big day” is. He cannot answer that. Annie asks Jonathan if they have planned an engagement party. He admits that they have not yet. But Ryan asks if it is not the best man’s job to throw the engagement party. He tells Jonathan that he’s honored to be his best man and throw the party for him. And he hugs his brother.

J.R. asks Ava to look at him. She tells him no. He asks her to kiss him. She tells him she cannot do that. But he tells her yes she can and asks her to let him help her. He kisses her. She pulls away. He asks hr to get out of there. But she tells him she cannot. This is so wrong. He better back off. This is never going to happen. She will not sleep with him nor do business with him. She walks away.

Tad and Julia discuss what the nature of his relationship with Krystal is about. He tells her that Krystal is a close friend and he is a bit concerned about her throwing her life away by sleeping with Adam Chandler. He admits to Julia that he is a red blooded America man. He had a chance and he took it. Then, he woke up this morning and realized it was what it was. She asks him what next. He cannot really answer that.

Ava calls Jonathan on her cell phone while he’s at Ryan’s. He can sense that something is wrong. She tells him nothing is wrong. She needs to see him and has something to tell him. She asks him to hurry.

At the Come Back, Hannah asks Krystal if Tad ever had a “thing” with Julia. Krystal replies no. Tad and Julia are just friends. And she tells Hannah that if she wonder if she (herself) is going to have a romantic relationship with Tad, she need not worry. Tad comes up to talk to Krystal. And when she goes off and turns her back, he kisses Hannah. Hannah confirms to him that she had a good time and would like to do it again some time.

Ava goes to find Jonathan and tells him she wants to get married as soon as possible. He tells her that is great and he needs to go and get a calendar. But she doesn’t want him to do that just now. She gets on top of him, kisses him and wants to seduce him.

When J.R. is on his phone wheeling and dealing, Aidan finds him and punches him.

Greenlee goes to Ryan’s telling him she’s glad she’s found him and they need to talk. But when she sees him happily engaging with his extended family, she looks disappointed and seems to know this is not the right time.

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