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Written by Mandy
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Annie interrupts Richie and Ryan’s meeting wanting to know why he didn’t tell her that he was dying.  He tells her what he thinks she wants to hear.  She asks him if he is sick and confronts him with pills.  Ryan tells her that it is all a lie.

Erica wants to know if Adam is going to help her or not.  Adam says she must be desperate to ask him for help.  Adam tells her maybe she should ask someone else.  She compliments his ability to make the impossible happen and tells him that he is the only one she can trust with the situation.

Kendall is sitting on a bench and she pulls a gun from the diaper bag.  She immediately puts it back.  She says something thinking that Greenlee was walking up, but it was actually Zach.  He takes the diaper bag from her and looks through it.  He finds the gun.

Greenlee walks into The Comeback and asks J.R. about the frozen embryos.  She wants to know where they are, but J.R. claims he is not in the mood to tell her.  When Greenlee asks what she has to do, J.R. replies that he wants Ava’s contract.  Greenlee is more than willing to cooperate until he says that he also wants all of her shares of Fusion.  She calls J.R. a bottom-feeding parasite.  He says it is a once in a lifetime offer and if she doesn’t take it, she will regret it for the rest of her life.

Adam wants to know who she wants to railroad, but Erica says it isn’t important.  She just wants to know how to do it.  Adam says he can’t help until she gives him a name because research has to be done on the personality type.  He figures out that she wants to have Greenlee committed.

Greenlee tells J.R. to forget it.  She says she will not give her shares of Fusion to anyone because she started the company and she has invested too much into it.  J.R. reminds her of all the things that a child will do that Fusion can’t.  She tells J.R. that she will not make Kendall work with the person who almost killed her because she has hurt Kendall enough.

Zach asks what the gun is about.  Kendall says that she hates Greenlee and wants her out of their lives.  Zach assures her that Greenlee will be out of their lives, but Kendall is sick of waiting.  Kendall tells Zach that Greenlee has plans to keep them in her life.  Zach tells Kendall that having a gun around their little boy is not the way to deal with the problem.  She realizes she was wrong when she looks at Spike.  She tells Zach that she is a terrible mother and Zach comforts her.

Richie takes the pills from Annie.  Richie says she should listen to Ryan, but she wants the truth.  Richie says he will be around for a long time.  Annie and Ryan look through the things in Richie’s office after he leaves.  Ryan thinks Richie manipulated Babe so that Annie would be worried about him.  Ryan tells Annie not to feel sorry for her brother.

Richie runs into Babe outside The Comeback.  Inside, J.R. tells Greenlee that Zach and Kendall hate her guts.  J.R. says he would even throw in a baby shower.  Greenlee says she paid for those embryos and now J.R. wants he to pay for them all over again.  J.R. nods and Greenlee slaps him.

Adam tells Erica that she continues to delight him.  She claims she has no choice.  He says, “This calls for a drink.”  Erica says that Greenlee poses a real danger to Kendall.  Erica thinks she should go to someone else.  Adam wants details about what Greenlee is up to.  Erica claims she is trying to save Kendall, Greenlee, and Jack.

J.R. tells Greenlee she needs to watch her temper if she wants to be a mom.  She claims that he is breaking the law by extorting her into giving up her company.  He says that her future babies are in Zach’s world and everyone knows that Zach is above the law.

Kendall and Zach are at home.  Zach says Spike went right down.  She wonders why he isn’t yelling and screaming at her.  She says she is a crazy person, and Zach agrees, but he tells her that she is also a brave person.

Babe explains to Richie that Annie is her friend and she thought Annie had a right to know.  Babe wants to know if he really has Leukemia.  He doesn’t understand why she cares.

Annie tells Ryan that she feels sorry for herself, not her brother.  She says that no matter what Richie has done, she should feel some compassion for him because he is her brother, but she doesn’t.  Ryan tells her that if she did, it would scare him.  He says not to let Richie get to her because it might be a way to get revenge.  He assures her that Richie will not come between them.

Richie is happy to hear that Babe cares about him.  She tries to get him to patch things up with Annie, but he is more interested in his chances with Babe.  He tries to sweet talk her, but she wants answers.

Zach wants Kendall to promise that there will be no more guns.  He tells her that all the justice they need is for Ian to come home and Spike to be healthy enough to go through with his surgery so they can all be under one roof.  Kendall is skeptical because there is always a setback.  She apologizes for having a gun around Spike because she knows it was crazy, but she snapped.  He tells her not to worry about Greenlee because “justice will come.”

J.R. tells Greenlee that she could go to Zach and demand her eggs, but Zach would just laugh at her.  J.R. says “but, hey, you will always have Fusion.”  She says maybe it is just business to him, but to her the embryos are the promise of a future that she has wanted for a long time.  J.R. tells her that she has 24 hours to “figure it out.”  He says it is either Fusion or her future children and he walks away.

Erica is happy that Adam will help her, but she wants to know what Greenlee did to him.  He says that what Greenlee did to her family is enough, but Erica says that he never gets involved unless there is something in it for him.  He thinks that what they are doing is a community service.  She tells him that no one can know that she is behind it, and he agrees not to say anything.  Adam still wants to know what Greenlee is planning.  Adam offers to help develop evidence that shows Greenlee is dangerous.

Annie tells Ryan that even though she has bad memories of Richie, she also has wonderful ones.  She says that she does not want her brother to die.  Ryan wishes she could make her brother a better man, but she can’t.

Kendall wonders if it will ever be over.  She admits she isn’t sure what would have happened if he hadn’t shown up.

Adam and Erica come up with reasons to justify their plan for Greenlee.  Adam says he can pretty much guarantee the cooperation of Greenlee’s mother, Mary Smythe.

Greenlee says she would need more than 24 hours.  He tells her that it seems like a no-brainer to him.

Kendall insists that it doesn’t matter what she was going to do to Greenlee because it is over, but Zach wants to know.  She says she just wants to be happy with their family.

Ryan makes a phone call to Joe Martin.  Ryan wants to know how they test for Leukemia.

Richie wants to know how Babe would feel if he did have leukemia.  She says that she would feel terrible.  J.R. walks out and asks Babe if he can take Little A for a hayride and she says that he would love that.

Greenlee is sitting inside the bar, crying.

Adam makes a phone call.  While on the phone, he claims that Greenlee is having emotional problems lately.  He tells someone to start the paperwork and they will fill in the blanks as they go.

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