AMC Update Friday 10/26/07

All My Children Update Friday 10/26/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan spies on Richie with his hidden camera. Richie is nowhere to be seen, but he enters the door with bags in his hand. He looks up to the camera and states that he has been shopping for Spike. Ryan walks into Richie’s office furious. He strongly recommends that Richie not speak Spike’s name. Ryan threatens to send Richie back to prison. Richie is not afraid since he plans on being a model citizen. He promises Ryan that when he is ready to come after Annie and him, they will not see him coming. Ryan says that he just taped Richie’s threat. Richie tells Ryan that he misunderstood, because he did not make a threat.

Kendall is hiding the gun as Zach enters the living room. She is startled that he came home early. He wanted to spend the rest of the day with his family, but Kendall has other plans. She secretly wants to meet Greenlee. She apologizes for being short tempered with him. He suggests dinner, but she bows out. She promises to make it up to him.

Erica wants Jack to tell her details about his discussion with Greenlee. He thinks that Greenlee is entitled to her secret. Erica erroneously thinks that Greenlee plans on kidnapping Spike again. Jack dismisses it. He believes that his talk with Greenlee has enlightened him about her intentions. Jack refuses to divulge Greenlee’s confidence. Erica warns him to not get between the girls by taking sides. Erica proposes to Jack that she set up a job for Greenlee in Paris. Jack sees it as a ploy to get rid of Greenlee. He rejects the idea. He believes that Greenlee has a right to stay in Pine Valley. Erica tells Jack that their daughters will rip each other to shreds if they do not interfere. She calls Greenlee a powder keg. She warns Jack saying that everyone see that Greenlee is dangerous, but him.

Aidan found the embryos files on Cambias computer, but now think that it was way too easy. Greenlee, believing that Zach has stashed her embryos, lashes out at Zach. Aidan is not buying the fact that there are embryos because the information was too easy to find. Green wants to believe it. Aidan thinks that Zach set him up to find the files.

Greenlee believes that the embryos exist, but Aidan notice that there is no address mentioned anywhere. Greenlee want to alert Kendall to Zach’s dastardly deeds, but Aidan does not agree. Kendall calls Greenlee, and set up a meeting; Greenlee begin to mention the embryos, but Aidan knocks away her cell phone. He asks her to not tell anyone about the embryos. Greenlee agrees to stay quiet if he continues to search for them. He thinks that they would be impossible to find without an address. He advises that they proceed with caution.

Kendall receives the call from Greenlee and pretends that the call is about a Halloween party for Spike. She attempts to leave. Zach pick up the bag holding the gun. Kendall gets excited and snatches the bag away. After Zach asks what is going on, she pretends that the bag contain a Halloween costume for Spike that she is hiding from Zach. He passes it on to her, but seems suspicious of her behavior.

Annie encounters Babe at The Comeback. Babe ignores her. Annie is afraid that Babe is beginning to believe Richie’s lies. Babe cannot believe that Annie sent her own brother to prison with lies. Annie warns Babe to not believe Richie. Babe explains that Richie is sick. Annie knows that Richie is sick mentally. Babe wants her to understand that Richie is sick physically. Babe shows Annie the pill bottle. Annie leaves to find Richie.

Richie has researched cochlear implants since Ryan gave him nothing to do. He believes that Spike has a good chance to hear with the implant. He did the research to impress Ryan. Ryan is not trusting. Richie passes on the research material anyway.

J.R. is at the Chandler Mansion with Adam. Adam inquires about J.R.’s network business venture. He asks about business details and then mentions that he knows about Zach being the major financial backer. J.R. is evasive at first, but then he admits it. Adam badmouths Zach and warns J.R. about Zach’s wheeling and dealing. He wants J.R. to partner with him.

Adam believes that Zach is setting up J.R. and Greenlee. J.R. mentions the fact that Zach gave back the mansion, but Adam still is not impressed with the return of the mansion. Adam continues to try to get details on J.R.’s job with Zach. He does not understand what it could be since none of these people like each other.

Annie walks into Ryan office and yells at Richie, “When were you planning to tell me you are dying.” Richie looks on in disbelief.

Erica visit Adam and yells, “I am desperate. I need to do something heinous, and you’re the only person dastardly enough to show me how.” Adam curiously looks on.

Greenlee enters the park near the bench. She does not see Kendall so she steps away. Kendall follows; sits on the bench as she places the gun on top, but inside of the diaper bag. She hears a sound and talks toward it saying, “Greenlee I thought you would be here first.” She looks shocked as the figure approaches.

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