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Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Stuart shows up at Krystal’s home to make repairs. She knows that Stuart is actually Adam pretending to be Stuart. Krystal discusses, with Stuart, her romp in the hay with Adam. Stuart then starts asking questions about Krystal and Tad’s relationship. Krystal tells him that she does not love Tad. Adam, pretending to be Stuart, is trying to convince Krystal to recognize her love for Adam.

Tad is at the Comeback bar shooting pool. Hannah walks up to Tad and plants a big kiss on his lips. Hannah stops kissing Tad, and then leaves. She later walks back in to finish her drink. Tad joins her and sips his drink while they talk about women and his alternative family (Krystal, J.R., Jenny and Colby). They also discuss their mutual hate of Adam.

Zach and J.R. are discussing the Greenlee situation. Zach lets J.R. knows that there will be no baby. J.R. puts two and two together to figure out that there will be no baby, because the embryos does not exist. J.R. is happy about Zach’s plan. Zach tells J.R. that someone is trying to cut him out of his money, and out of the picture. J.R. wants to know whom. Zach says, “Greenlee. She seems to be going to Aidan”.

Aidan is at The Comeback working on his laptop. He is hacking into Cambias files. Zach set it up for Aidan to enter the files so that he can find the folder and think that everything is legit.

Greenlee meets Jack, and she is happy to see him because she needs to talk. He senses that something is wrong. She is seeking advice. She tells Jack that she wants to have a baby. Jack is shocked by her words. Greenlee explains about her intentions to have a surrogacy for her baby. Jack advises Greenlee to remove herself from Kendall and Ryan. He thinks that the best way to move on is to have her own family. Greenlee is glad he is in agreement about having her own family. He thinks that she will make a wonderful mother. She tells him that the embryo is Ryan’s. She is happy because now she can have the baby she has always wanted. Jack's smile becomes a frown.

Erica is back from visiting Bianca in Paris. Kendall catches up on Miranda, and Bianca. Erica senses that Kendall is hiding something. Kendall wants to know if Erica has seen Ian since her return. Erica has seen him, and she tells Kendall so. Erica figures out what Kendall is still up too. Bianca let the cat out of the bag by telling Erica that Kendall wanted Erica out of her hair. Kendall tells Erica that Greenlee wants to have a baby. Kendall gives her mother details about Greenlee’s wrong doings.

Erica is concerned that Kendall is becoming obsessed with getting revenge on Greenlee. Kendall denies it. Kendall is now implying that she will harm Greenlee. Erica insists that Kendall protect her family by not doing the wrong thing. Kendall is not ready to listen. She fears that Greenlee will continue to pursue their kids (Ryan, Kendall, Annie and Zach’s). She believes that she is the one who must stop Greenlee. Erica throws in the towel by agreeing to help Kendall get revenge. Kendall accepts.

Krystal leaves the room and spies on Stuart as he console Jenny. He is sounding like Adam. She catches Adam red handed as he pretends to be Stuart.

J.R. laughs about Zach's plan for Greenlee. J.R. likes the fact that Zach is deluding her into thinking that there is a possibility of having a baby. Zach is not amused and grabs J.R.’s ear. J.R. yells in pain. Zach says, “You just don't know when to stop do you”? Zach let go of his ear, but J.R. does not stop with the bantering. Zach want J.R. to have a heart, and realize how badly Greenlee will be hurt. They continue their discussion.

Jack is concerned about Greenlee having Ryan’s baby. She tells him about Zach hording her embryos. She does not want to get the police involved. Jack agrees to stay quiet. He wants to make her happy so he agrees. Erica walks in as Greenlee leaves. Erica asks Jack about the nature of their discussion. She insists on hearing the truth.

Greenlee contact Aidan to find out about his investigation of the embryos. He invites her to meet him at the Comeback bar. Aidan is working on the computer.

Tad and Hannah continue to flirt.

Zach is on his cell; he hang up the phone; J.R. asks, “What's up”? Zach says, “Aidan just hacked into my computer.” Zach tells J.R. to take control of the Greenlee situation and to not screw it up. He wants J.R. to get Greenlee to ask for his assistance and not Aidan’s.

Tad and Hannah go over to his house.

Jack and Erica are kissing; He asks about Bianca; Erica tells Jack that Greenlee is planning to kidnap Spike again.

Kendall is polishing a gun. When Zack walks in, she hides the gun with a cloth.

Zach and J.R. - J.R. gets his ear back and is still talking smack. Maybe Zach should smack him. They are still talking about greens and her lack of getting the baby.

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