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All My Children Update Wednesday 10/24/07


Written By Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Ava goes to Lily hoping for a solution to her hair dilemma but instead learns of her sister's meeting with Richard at the Yacht Club.  Clearly smitten, Lily confides all the details of their conversation, including how much like her her new friend is, except for the fact that he can have sex.  Suddenly the amused expression leaves Ava's face and is replaced with deep concern about the stranger who spoke so intimately to her innocent little sister.  Seeing how excited Lily is to find someone who shares so many of her traits, Ava wants her to be happy but cautions her to be careful and take it slow.  Lily pessimistically thinks she probably won't see Richard again, and besides he probably already has a girlfriend and her odds of finding someone that fits with her are against her, and always will be.  While Ava ponders her atrocious Mohawk in a mirror, Lily advises her sister to just cut all her hair off, so it will grow in at the same rate.  When Ava wonders if she should just wear a bag over her head, Lily thinks that would be very uncomfortable and offers to shave her impetuous sister's head herself.  Then they agree to confide in each other if they ever want to do something rash again, calling  it the Ava/Lily promise pact.

When the maid announces a female visitor, Adam assumes Krystal has returned and is disappointed to see Hannah walk onto his patio.  Although he tries to tell her this is not a good time, Hannah insists she has important new information about Zach being is in business with J.R., and it somehow involves Greenlee.  Her lack of any further details, though, infuriates Adam who lashes out at Hannah when she tries to quit being his spy.  She explains that her feelings have changed, and she now feels sympathy for Zach and all he's going through with his sons.  Adam, though, could care less about her feelings and refuses to let her go soft on him now.  In order to stop Hannah from backing out, Adam asks her if she's going to support herself by returning to her old ways of making deals by sharing her "assets" with men.  He also threatens to ruin her reputation in the financial community as well as in Zach's eyes by disclosing how she prostituted herself and slept with his father.  Grabbing a knife off the breakfast tray, Hannah threatens to kill him, but Adam grasps her wrist and forcibly shakes the knife out of her fist.  Calling her the busiest maid at the Cambias estate, Adam questions Ethan's paternity, but Hannah insists a DNA test proved that Zach is his father and threatens to blow Adam's head off if he spreads that lie.  Urging her to save the dramatics, Adam assures Hannah he won't reveal her sordid past as long as she does the job she signed up for.  At that moment, Hannah understands why Krystal hates him.  After he admits he was a little hard on her, Adam more gently encourages her to find out what she can without taking her eyes off the real target, his company and his money back from Slater.  As she's leaving, though, he cautions her not to cross him, because she can't possibly imagine what's he's capable of.  Once alone, Adam picks up a picture of himself with Krystal and kisses it.

Needing someone to help her sort her emotions, Krystal tries to talk to Tad, but he refuses to hear any details of her night's adventures with Adam, because he's fresh out of sympathy.  He does advise Krystal, though, to get honest with herself and admit she's not done with Adam and figure out what's next now that she's caved and slept with the bastard.  Since she feels bad enough, Krystal doesn't appreciate Tad beating up on her and resists following his house rules.  Accusing her of acting just like a rebellious teenager, Tad grabs Krystal by the arm and orders her to go to her room, then locks her in the hall closet so she can think about what she's done.  From inside, Krystal bangs on the door begging Tad to let her out.  Once he opens the door, Krystal apologizes for not calling, breaking her promise not to see Adam, and lie to herself that he doesn't affect her.  Affirming her love for Tad, Krystal vows not to make any more promises she can't keep.  Even though she recently shared some nice moments with Adam, Krystal assures Tad that it was just a one-night shot, and she is not going back to her husband.  After Tad apologizes for locking her in the closet, Krystal again apologizes for not calling him.  Then they both agree that they like their "sweet deal" of a living arrangement.  Kissing her on the forehead, Tad declares that he has to get out of there but is not sure where he's going yet.  Once at The Comeback, he helps himself to a drink behind the bar and returns Hannah's smile when he catches her eye as she sits across from him lifting her glass toward him then to her lips.  Meanwhile, Krystal answers the door and lets Adam dressed as Stuart come in.

Babe runs into Richie at the park and tries to walk away, but he happily informs her he got the job then asks her to guess who his boss is.  When she learns he'll be working for Ryan, Babe thinks Richie wants revenge on Annie, but he insists he's forgiven his sister and now just wants to be close to her.  Richie also won't give up on Babe, but she repeatedly rebuffs his advances, because she's upset that he lied to her.  Wanting to get the whole truth out, Richie informs Babe that the real reason he spent seven years in prison was because his sister lied on the witness stand and testified that she saw him beat up the owner of a Chicago deli, while in actuality, he was at a pizza shop across town.  Babe is reluctant to believe that her friend, Annie, would lie or that he has gotten over his sister's betrayal.  She thinks that Richie has tracked down Annie for payback, but he claims that a good psychiatrist put him in a better place and helped him let go of the extreme anger and hatred in favor of something different -- forgiveness.  Babe finds Richie's claim very convincing that he doesn't want revenge on Annie, because she's his sister and he loves her, but insists that their relationship will not progress.  Richie agrees to stop pushing Babe, even though he won't stop trying to turn her no into a maybe.  Although he wishes he could watch her smile all day, he has a new job for which he's already late.  Babe starts to walk away but turns around at the gate and watches as Richie takes some pills then throws away the bottle.  Once he's out of sight, Babe takes the bottle out of the trash can and reads it but doesn't recognize the drug, so she texts its name to Josh and asks what it's used for.  When she gets his response, she exclaims, "Oh, my God."

Right after breakfast in their penthouse, Annie is incredulous when Ryan tells her that he hired Richie in order to make him disappear.  She was hoping her brother couldn't find a job and leave town, but Ryan wants to watch him until they have the evidence they need to put him back in jail.  Annie's problem, though, is that while they watch him, he'll be watching them.  Sitting her down, Ryan shows Annie his Richie cam, but that further unsettles her, because she feels like he's taking over her life which she can no longer control, that's why she dyed her hair dark that morning.  She does realize Ryan's right, however, when he points out that once Aidan follows up on the leads he has on Richie's past, they'll put him back in prison and then get on with their lives. After Annie recounts all the horrible things her brother did, Ryan reminds her she's not alone now and together they can do anything.  As Annie gets Emma ready for daycare, Ryan stares at the surveillance feed, determined to keep a very watchful eye on his new employee.  When she returns, Ryan is waiting with champagne in hand ready to celebrate his future with the amazing woman with whom he's so lucky to be sharing his life.  Asking her to pretend they've just had dinner, Ryan makes a toast to all the love and laughter that lies ahead then twirls Annie around, tells her he loves her, and kisses her.   Meanwhile, Richie arrives at the office and opens an envelope detailing his duties which he deems "nothing but monkey work."  When he spies the red light of the camera trained on him, he sits down at his desk and opens a folder with Spike's picture inside.  While lying on the couch next to his naked sleeping wife, Ryan picks up the remote and turns on the image of Richie's office on his laptop.  As Ryan zooms in on his face, Richie stops writing, looks toward the camera, and smiles mischievously.

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