AMC Update Tuesday 10/23/07

All My Children Update Tuesday 10/23/07


Written By Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

While having breakfast with her husband, Kendall wonders if they should wake up Spike and give him his medication.  Though Zach suggests they let him sleep in, Kendall wants to make sure they do everything properly so her little boy has the best chance possible of regaining his hearing.  Zach feels they're doing everything right, but Kendall is sorry she beat up on Greenlee the previous day at her old condo, because her plan didn't go exactly as she predicted.  She wanted to make the person who caused Spike's deafness suffer by making her relive every agonizing moment of the car crash.  Zach points out, however, that she had to also suffer at the same time, but Kendall assures him she's ok as long as she's not thinking of Greenlee which is difficult to do, because she can never escape her.  When Zach hints again that it won't be for long, Kendall demands to know exactly what he's up to, but he will only say he's banking on her finding someone else to latch onto.  Kendall doesn't think that's enough and wants Greenlee to feel as empty, sad, miserable, angry, and helpless as she does every time she thinks of her son never hearing another sound.  She hates Greenlee so much that she wants her to pay by ripping away all her dreams.  After giving Spike his medicine, Kendall pretends she will listen to Zach's advice not to seek revenge on Greenlee, but once she says good-bye to her husband, she apologizes to her little boy for lying to his daddy and continues with her plan to get justice.

When a shirtless and sexy Aidan apologizes for keeping Greenlee up all night, she playfully calls him a liar.  While pretending he enjoys being called abusive names, Aidan picks up the phone to get Greenlee a plane reservation, so she can accompany him to Chicago, but she doesn't want to leave town, because she's thinking of having a baby.  At first, Aidan thinks she may be pregnant by him and offers to get her a pregnancy test at the drug store, but after Greenlee clues him in on what J.R. has been telling her about Zach and the possibility that the embryos from Madden's fertility clinic are still viable, he can't believe that she would still want to have Ryan's baby.  Greenlee claims she's over Ryan and just wants to become a mother without necessarily telling her ex-husband that he's the daddy.  Although he thinks that wouldn't be fair, Aidan offers to help her find her embryos, but cautions her to be sure she knows what's she's facing before trusting J.R., who has an ulterior motive and is possibly making it all up which he intends to find out.  When Aidan tries to make her realize that having Ryan's baby is just going to make things worse for her in Pine Valley instead of better, Greenlee insists she wants her embryos back regardless of what she chooses to do with them.  Though they both agree that their situation is a little weird, Aidan promises not to let her down and get the answers she's looking for if she agrees not to go banging heads too quickly.  After Greenlee thanks her "special" Special Ops man with a kiss and a big hug, he blows her a kiss as he gets in the elevator.  Standing by her door, Greenlee fantasizes that Aidan will come back and tell her that the car is all packed, and he's just waiting on her and the kids to go to the beach with Annie, Ryan, and Emma where they'll rent a boat and meet Zach, Kendall, and the boys -- just one big happy extended family.

At Chandler Mansion, Krystal wakes up in Adam's bed when he brings her breakfast.  Horrified that her baby is being neglected and worried about Tad's reaction to her nocturnal absence, Krystal grabs a sheet to cover herself with and quickly closes the bedroom door so no one else sees her.  In order to calm her fears, Adam offers to call Tad and check on Jenny, but Krystal nixes that idea saying she'll take care of it.  Although Adam thinks Tad must know by now where she is, Krystal feels that the idea would never cross Tad's mind and just wants to get out of there, blaming her situation on being crazy, drunk, or both.  Adam understands why she's trying to rationalize last night as a horrible mistake that will never happen again, but Krystal insists she was just swept away by some rare good memories, and nothing can bring them back to the way they were, not even his heartfelt apology.  Everything she does now is with Jenny in mind, and she can't take her away from her daddy.  Adam only suggests that Tad has no say in her personal life, but Krystal doesn't want to be the kind of mother who leaves her daughter all night without checking on her.  Eager to leave, Krystal continues dressing, but Adam proclaims that their attraction is too strong to ignore, and they belong together.  Unwilling to argue with him any longer, Krystal asks Adam to step aside, but before she leaves, she agrees to let "Stuart" come by for a visit, because she always learns a lot from him.  While visiting Adam, Stuart refuses to let him impersonate him any longer, because Krystal is onto them.  Upon hearing that, Adam laughs jubilantly, now certain that he's going to get his wife back, because she still loves him.

Realizing that Krystal was gone all night without checking on her baby, a worried Tad talked to Julia at the hospital, so she comes over to his house to calm him down and suggest that his baby mama may have spent the night with Adam.  Tad finds that thought incomprehensible, because Krystal loathes and despises the man who stepped over her when she was in labor and tried to sell her baby on the black market.  Julia, however, understands how a passionate woman like Krystal would need something more than a platonic roommate and tries to prepare Tad for the possibility that the guy is Adam.  Tad claims he would support Krystal being with any other man, but she doesn't have to worry about him finding someone else, because he has his daughter.  When Julia asks if his heart is big enough for both Jenny and a significant other, Tad recalls having his heart broken too many times and wanting to just enjoy all the special events in his daughter's life, but Julia thinks he's full of it.  The phone rings, and it's Krystal apologizing for not calling sooner.  Hearing that the baby is fine, she hurries back home and walks in as Tad lifts Jenny up and takes her to be changed.  Noticing the tension between them, Krystal grimaces.  Once the baby is taking a nap, Krystal apologizes to Tad for not letting him know where she was.  Although he's prepared to drop the matter, Krystal insists on telling him where she was.

Arriving for breakfast at the Yacht Club with Amanda, J.R. recalls their hot night of lovemaking and prides himself on making her scream.  Apparently, his good mood is due in part to being very close to attaining the fortune he wants, but Amanda asks him how he'll get more money out of Zach and make Greenlee give up Fusion.  Recognizing her importance in his venture, J.R. assures a skeptical Amanda she'll get her cut of the profits by being vice president of his company, but she just wants the half a million due her and won't be bought off with awesome sex.  As Amanda walks away from their table, J.R. just grins.

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