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All My Children Update Monday 10/22/07


Written By Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Zach runs into Greenlee at the hospital and reminds her to stay away from his family.  Getting defensive, Greenlee explains that she's there for a check-up and, even though Zach would like to have her banned from the hospital, he can't control everything in her life.  Although he insists he just wants to restrict her access to his wife and children, Greenlee becomes more and more agitated as she questions his right to ruin her embryos.  Finally, Julia interrupts the confrontation by advising her that Dr. Rosenbaum will see her in a few minutes.  While Greenlee is waiting, a concerned Julia takes a break and sits with her, asking what Zach said to upset her.  Since Greenlee wants to know exactly what happened on the night of the blackout, Julia volunteers to explain how cutting the electrical supply destroyed her ability to have Ryan's child.  Greenlee is pleased to learn that frozen embryos can remain viable for over a decade, but they can be damaged in transit.  As they talk, Julia realizes that Greenlee is contemplating having her own child again and shares her own wish to have a little boy with Noah's eyes and smile.  They then commiserate on the awful way Greg Madden treated Julia when she went to him for artificial insemination, how he lied that she could not carry a baby to term, because he thought her an unfit mother.  Having received the precious gift of Kathy, Julia wonders how Greenlee feels about adoption.  If there is a chance she could have her own biological child, Greenlee wants to try.  Although Julia encourages her not to give up on her dream, Greenlee is afraid of being hurt and disappointed again.

After Zach asks Josh who Greenlee's doctor is, he's pleased to hear he's an Ob/Gyn specializing in fertility issues.  As Josh realizes Zach's plan is working, he is concerned how the disappointment will affect Greenlee's state of mind and wonders how he can be so cold.  Zach answers simply with "Ian, Spike, and Kendall."  Although he'll never forgive Greenlee for what she did to his nephews, Josh won't help Zach any further with his fake cryogenic setup and build up a woman's hope and take control of her life like his dad.  Besides, there is no guarantee that it will result in Greenlee giving up her shares of Fusion and there could be unforeseen consequences for everyone.  Zach understands Josh's fears and respects his wish to pull out, but he will do what is necessary to eliminate his perceived threat to the people he loves.  On her way out, Greenlee glimpses Zach holding Ian through the nursery window and hurries off.  Josh makes Zach think about what he'll tell his children when they're old enough to ask questions, but Zach has no regrets for anything he's done which he would definitely repeat in order to protect his wife.  Feeling that Josh won't quite understand until he has a wife of his own, Zach asks him not to judge him until he finds a woman who he loves so much he would gladly give his life for and until he looks into his children's eyes and remembers a promise he made to them on the day they were born, that their life would be better than his.  Then he would live by a whole new set of rules.

When Aidan catches Kendall sneaking into Greenlee's dark apartment, she tries to bid a hasty retreat but the suspicious PI grabs her arm and demands to know how she got a key to the place and what she has done with his girlfriend.  Kendall explains that she used Bianca's old key and didn't do anything to Greenlee.  Turning the tables on Aidan, she then reminds him that he dragged her off one night and locked her up, like a caveman, which reminds Aidan of the way Zach treats Greenlee.  Kendall defends Zach's behavior as protectiveness and insists she has no idea where Greenlee is, calling Aidan paranoid for suspecting her of foul play.  The earnest Brit, however, won't let up with the questions for which Kendall has convenient answers, such as needing her partner to sign an important contract.  Aidan admits he cares about Greenlee and doesn't believe that Kendall is genuinely offering her a second chance at friendship.  While that would mean so much to Greenlee, Aidan suspects that Kendall has something entirely different in mind, but she denies any other motivation than finding a way to work with Greenlee for Fusion's sake.  Though Kendall is in a hurry to leave before Greenlee finds her there, Aidan stops her again, asking if the contract for Greenlee is in the bag she's carrying.  To alleviate his fears, Kendall sarcastically removes every item of clothing from her shopping bag to make sure it's clear of weapons and listening devices.  Aidan recalls that planting a bug wouldn't be beneath her, since she did it in the past at Erica's penthouse where he was making renovations, and did a striptease to distract him, but he has no such luck this time.  Caught when she can't produce a contract, however, Kendall tries to change the subject to Aidan and Greenlee's relationship, which she believes is doomed to be dysfunctional.  Having had experience with complex women, Aidan assures her he can handle it then asks why her so-called ceasefire with Greenlee is such a big secret.  When Aidan doesn't buy her excuse that she wants to protect Zach, Kendall explodes in a fury and calls off the deal, because Greenlee broke the rule to keep it quiet.  Thinking that Kendall is dangling the carrot of forgiveness in front of Greenlee's face just to yank it away, Aidan orders her to leave his girlfriend alone.  Greenlee listens to their conversation from the other side of the front door until she hears Kendall apologize for the nasty things she said earlier that weren't fair.  After Kendall apologizes again and hands her Bianca's keys, Greenlee smiles and looks forward to seeing her "friend" at the office the next day.  Once Kendall leaves, she walks into Aidan's arms asking to be held.  Greenlee smiles as she and Aidan cuddle up on the couch.  Kendall phones Zach expressing how much she misses Ian and asking him to make sure Spike is there when she gets home.

From the office, Ryan tries to call Annie but only gets the answering machine.  Afraid that her brother has poisoned her little girl, Annie puts Spike in a stroller and hurries to get her to a doctor, but the elevator suddenly stops.  Trying to remain calm, Annie calls Ryan to tell him she and the children are stuck in the penthouse's elevator, but he can't hear her saying that Emma has a stomachache from a brownie her Uncle Richie gave her.  After losing the connection, Annie desperately pushes the buttons on the wall panel until the elevator jerks and the lights go out.  Assuring Emma they won't be stuck for long, Annie tells her to hold her ears while she depresses the Alarm button.  Ryan arrives and shouts for his wife through the closed elevator door.  When she responds, he promises her that he'll get them out and pries the doors open with his bare hands.  Since the elevator stopped between floors, he has to reach down and help each one of them up and out into the hallway.  Once everyone's safe, Annie hurriedly explains that her brother surreptitiously gave their daughter a potentially toxic brownie, and they hurry off to the hospital where they page Joe and request that Emma's stomach be pumped.  After determining that she has no ill effects, Joe refuses to subject the little girl to a painful procedure and instead runs less invasive tests that will prove she's fine.  While Julia accompanies Kathy to the exam room for a special checkup, Annie expresses her hatred for the brother who hurts people while at the same time wondering if he still has any love for her.  Annie fears that the dichotomy of her feelings is crazy, but Ryan assures her there's nothing wrong with her.  Annie and Ryan are very relieved when they learn that the elevator was not tampered with and that Emma has had the brownie in her backpack ever since the picnic at the cabin.  Even though Annie feels that the constant fear of what her brother will do next is taking over, Ryan is determined not to let it by sheer willpower.  As they sit waiting for Zach, Ryan and Annie assure Emma that everything is fine.

Richie arrives at the Yacht Club and looks around the dining room for anyone he knows.  When a waiter asks him if he's there to meet a member, he points to Lily who's sitting at a table alone busily planning her sister's wedding.  As soon as he starts to talk to her about chili fries, however, Lily realizes he's confusing her with Ava, the supermodel and wannabe movie star who kissed a girl for publicity and is now planning to marry her sister's ex-husband.  Taken aback by her frankness, Richie wonders if she always says exactly what's on her mind.  Lily informs him that due to her Autism Spectrum Disorder, she cannot lie or use metaphors.  After Lily agrees to keep Richie company, he sits at her table and introduces himself.  Disliking his nickname, Lily calls him Richard.  Turning the subject back to the wedding, Richie wonders if it's uncomfortable for Lily to help Ava marry her ex-husband, but she just wants her sister to be happy with someone who can also touch and have sex.  Richie admits that he also has a problem with people invading his personal space and confides that when he feels overwhelmed, he sits on a baseball field and looks out over the grass.  When Lily asks if he also has a sister, Richie says he does but they're not close, and they never will be.  Richie then proceeds to ingratiate himself with Lily by finding things they have in common, such as an affinity for numbers, because he's new to town and looking for new friends.  He then commiserates with Lily's wish to know someone who's different like she is.  Lily sympathizes with Richie doing things people don't like when he's scared, because she has meltdowns which scare people, so she concludes that Richie won't be afraid of her.  After he thanks Lily for their talk, Richie goes to look at the marina, while she touches her flushed cheek.  As "Richard" goes by her again with a warm smile, a clearly smitten Lily drops her papers to the floor then kneels down to pick them up while watching him walk away.

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