AMC Update Friday 10/19/07

All My Children Update Friday 10/19/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan is the wealthy man who has scheduled a job interview with Richie. He has three offers for Richie. 1). An offer of one million dollars if Richie agrees to leave town. 2). A job offer, and 3). Threaten with a gun. Ryan pulls out a gun to emphasize the third option. He let it be known that he is responsible for Richie's inability to get a job. He is also responsible for Richie's removal from the Pine Cone Motel.

Krystal walks into the mansion and accuses Adam of hiring Richie. Adam is clueless. He believes that Krystal is faking a reason for her visit with him. He believes she came to see him. Adam blames Tad for their separation. Krystal blames Janet Dillon for their separation because of the baby kidnapping. Adam suggests that Krystal, and he forget the past, and move forward. Krystal does not agree.

Zach visit Annie and give her a book entitled “The Ballyhoo of my Liak Fakirs, and Family". The book is a story of a man who left his family for the circus. The freaks in the circus were a better family to him than his own family. His friend Myrtle gave him the book that he passed on to Annie.

Jonathan is at the Yacht club discussing wedding plans with a wedding planner. Ava is there with a funny hat and a scarf on to hide her Mohawk hairdo. Jonathan does not understand the need for the hair covers. J.R. and Amanda follow Ava, hoping that now Jonathan will dump her when he sees her new hairdo. Ava finally reveal her hairdo. J.R. is shocked when Jonathan accepts her reason for the hairdo. Amanda becomes upset because she believes that J.R. is interested in Ava sexually. Ava explains the reason for her Mohawk and the need to cancel her Fusion contract. Jonathan does not understand why Ava need all the stunts in her life. He believes that she should stop trying to get attention. Ava is fine as she is according to him.

Kendall was stumped by Greenlee’s suggestion that their children would unite them. She asked, “What children, you mean your children don’t you Greenlee. How would that be possible”? Greenlee avoided the question. Kendall talks to Greenlee about her involvement in the accident. Greenlee is becoming skeptical about their relationship improving. Greenlee thinks that maybe there can be no reconciliation for them, because it seems that Kendall will never forget. Greenlee is suffering. She will regret hurting Spike for the rest of her life. She tells Kendall that she refuse to keep suffering for it. Kendall should not be allowed to continue to beat her up for it as part of Kendall’s healing process. She proceeds to leave. Kendall calls her back and convinces Greenlee that they should continue to work on their relationship. Greenlee agrees to it, and then she leaves.

J.R. explains to Amanda that he see Ava as a cash cow. Amanda thinks that J.R. wants Ava for himself. Amanda starts to leave but J.R. stops her with a kiss. They leave to have dinner in a different setting.

Adam and Krystal pretend to not care about each other. Adam pulls Krystal into an embrace as she start to leave. Her “wrap around blouse” become undone. Adam and Krystal start to make out.

Ryan would rather that Richie take the job so that he can watch him. Richie initially rejects the offer because he is afraid to take the job. Richie finally caves in and accepts the job. Richie will start working for Ryan tomorrow. Richie call Babe to tell her he got the job.

Since Spike was staying with Annie and Ryan, Zach brought over his favorite blanket. While there, he befriended Annie. He let her know that they must face the Richie problem together because they are all family. Annie is afraid that Richie want to tear her life apart. She is concerned that Emma could get caught up in the Richie situation. Zach want her to know that she is not alone. He leaves to visit Ian.

Annie visits the hospital to ask about maintaining embryos. She runs into Zach at the hospital. She looks at him with disdain.

Aidan catch Kendall in Greenlee’s apartment.

Emma tells Annie that she has a stomachache. She has a ring of chocolate on her mouth given to her by uncle Richie. Annie grabs Spike and Emma and runs from the apartment in fear.

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