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All My Children Update Thursday 10/18/07


Written By Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

When the doorbell rings, Krystal looks out and sees Adam. After entering Krystal’s home, Adam tells her that he is in love with her. He also apologizes for his horrid treatment of Jenny. He wants to know if there is a chance that she would ever love him again. She believes that she could. Stuart knocks on the door and discusses Adam telling Krystal that he is sorry. Krystal is still disappointed with Adam, but Stuart thinks some progress was made, because Adam apologized.

Tad stops Babe from burning the rookie Mickey Mantle card that Richie gave her for “Little A” and informs her that it would generate enough money for “Little A’s” college fund. She decides to put it in a safety deposit box.

As Greenlee enters Kendall’s home, she sees candles with Spike’s car seat in the center of the room -- the one he was in when the accident happened. Greenlee, upset by the sight of the chair, asks Kendall, “Why did you bring me here”? Kendall says, “Because I want to know what happened the day you almost killed my son.” Kendall then explains that Spike might not be able to have the cochlear implants. Greenlee thought the implants were a done deal. Kendall wants to know word for word what happened the night of the accident.

Kendall wants to know what happened the night Greenlee made Spike bleed. Kendall wants details about the accident. Greenlee can't relive that night and she tells Kendall that. Kendall plans on making her relive that night, because she wants to know what Spike was feeling when taken by Greenlee. Greenlee’s phone ring, but Kendall tells her to shut it off. Greenlee informs Kendall that the phone saved her son's life. Kendall is more interested in knowing who and/or what caused him to almost lose his life.

Greenlee admits that it was she. Kendall agrees that Greenlee was the cause of the accident. Kendall wants to know where it happened. Greenlee refuses to return to the sight. Kendall did not intend to return to the accident site; she wanted Greenlee to pretend her living room was the place of the sight. Greenlee starts to give descriptive details. Kendall asked questions like, where did the accident happen, was the car seat upside down, and how far did Spike land from the car. The memories of the accident are making Greenlee upset. She refuses to continue.

Kendall wants to know what were the last words Greenlee said to Spike, and were they the last words he ever heard. They are both crying.

Ryan is talking to Annie on the phone. She tells him that Spike's fever is down. Ryan is excited, and tells Annie to give Spike, and Emma a kiss for him. He hangs up the phone. Ryan spots Tad, and begins to tell him about fluid in Spike’s ear. Ryan wants to know how Tad is dealing with not having Kate? Tad knows that Kate is out there, she is okay so he must keep going. Tad believes that there are something's you cannot win, so you should pick a fight that you can win.

Babe visits Richie at the Pine Cone. He is packing, because he was invited to leave the Inn. He plans on sticking around Pine Valley. Babe returns the baseball card. Richie tell Babe to keep the card until she decides to give it to "Little A". She mentions that it's worth a lot of money. Richie gets a call about a job. It sounds very promising since he would be working for a wealthy man. He's excited.

Aidan has been calling Greenlee all day without success. It dawns on him that she is probably with Kendall.

Tad doesn’t believe that Ryan should worry about Richie. Ryan cluea Tad in on the ruse to make Richie think that Annie was dead. He congratulates Ryan for the stunt. They discuss Richie's game of intent. Ryan appears to know what it is. He believes that he is controlling Richie now.

Colby and Sean come into the Comeback with Corrina. Colby says hello to Tad, and give details about the Fusion photo shoot. Colby thinks that Corrina would be so much better as the face of Fusion, they discuss Ava, Corrina, and Dre. Sean and Colby think that Corrina would make a better role model then Ava. Dre agrees. Corrina is embarrassed.

Kendall insists that Greenlee tell her what Spike said. Greenlee tells her that she told Spike, “Hang on honey I'm taking you home to mommy”. She starts sobbing.

Stuart tells Krystal that she has Adam's heart and soul. Stuart thinks they could love again. Krystal is concerned about Adam’s feelings for Jenny. Stuart thinks that everyone loves Jenny and so will Adam since Jenny makes everyone light up, and laugh. Stuart knows that Adam would love Jenny.

Babe tells Krystal about her visit with Wes. She also mentions that Wes received a job offer. Krystal is curious about who would be interested in hiring an ex-con. Babe tells her that some wealthy man offered him the job. Krystal suspects someone, and tells Babe she smells a rat that she's going to catch. She asks Babe to watch Jenny, as she scurries out of the door. She visits Adam, because she believes that he is the wealthy man who offered Richie the job.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she was trying to put the accident behind them for her family, but it is very difficult. Greenlee apologizes again. Greenlee would change things if she could, and she may have a plan. Kendall wants to know about the plan and how can Greenlee go back in time before Spike was hurt, and Ian was born premature. Greenlee thinks that it may be possible. Greenlee flashes back to what JR told her about the embryos. She tells Kendall that they can heal through the children, with a brother or sister for Spike. Kendall wants to know what the heck Greenlee is talking about. Kendall asks why Greenlee is talking about a sister or brother for Spike.

Richie arrive for his interview. He starts to introduce himself when Ryan surprises him by arising out of the shadows, and instructs Richie to call him Mr. Lavery.

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