AMC Update Wednesday 10/17/07

All My Children Update Wednesday 10/17/07


Written By Fran
Pictures by Juanita

While at the Yacht Club with J.R., Greenlee is perusing the papers that he gave her indicating that Zach purchased equipment that might contain her embryos which might not have been destroyed in the blackout.  Greenlee is astonished and angry.  J.R. gets a phone call and excuses himself to take the call.  At the other end of the phone line, Ava tells J.R. that she is ready to end her career with Fusion.  When he asks her what she is planning to do, she tells him that he really doesn’t want to know.  As J.R. continues to ask Ava for more information, Greenlee grabs his cell phone and disconnects the call.  She demands to know if J.R.’s source at Cambias is reliable.

Kendall is incredulous and asks Dr. Martin what he means by saying that Spike is now not a candidate for the cochlear implant surgery.  Joe tells her that he has some fluid in his inner ear.  Zach, Ryan, and Annie all clamor for more information.  Joe assures them that if the fluid is just an infection, it can be cleared up with the use of an antibiotic, then the surgery can proceed as planned; but if it is something more involved, then the procedure may not be a solution for him.  Kendall becomes distressed and says that this is Spike’s one chance to hear, and he must have the surgery. 

Babe arrives at Fusion with Colby and Corrina and tells Amanda that she is there with their “mini focus group.”  Amanda laments the fact that she is no longer young enough to be in that group, and Colby teases her about being a 20-something.  Babe asks the whereabouts of Kendall and Greenlee and Amanda tells her that Kendall is at the hospital with Spike and she has no idea where Greenlee is.  When Babe says that Ava had better be on time, Colby sarcastically comments that Ava is never on time and Corrina is awestruck that Colby knows Ava.  Corrina comments on how outrageous Ava looked in the pictures for the Fusion Green line.   Babe tells Colby and Corrina that they would like them to stay after the photo shoot to get their opinions on the Fusion website.  The girls readily agree.  The elevator door opens and Ava bursts into the office dressed in a white dress that appears to be made from toilet paper wrapped like a mummy.  On her head is a white turban. 

Hannah enters Zach’s office to find Josh behind Zach’s desk and she comments that he looks very much at home there.  He asks her if he can help her and she asks what is going on with Chandler Enterprises.  He tells her that there have been no changes made and that it is still a Cambias property.  She tells him that there should have been staffing changes, and that a manufacturing plant should have been sold off.  Josh informs her that Zach must disagree since those changes haven’t been made.  Hannah persists in asking about the Chandler holdings and asks Josh why Zach has been meeting with J.R.  Josh denies this and asks where she got her information.  They dance around each other and neither gives any further information.  Josh takes a phone call and Hannah mumbles that J.R. and Zach have indeed been meeting. 

Joe meets Kendall’s protests by repeating that the fluid in Spike’s ear might just be the result of a cold and that will be definitively determined with the tests that they are going to run.  He tells them that if they are going to treat Spike with decongestants and anti-inflammatory and if the fluid clears, he will be re-evaluated next week.  He adds that if the fluid is a result of the trauma and is chronic drainage, then Spike will not be a candidate for the implant.    This news is a disheartening blow to the Slaters and the Laverys. 

Greenlee is skeptical and questions J.R.’s motives in sharing this information.  He tells her that he will tell her what he wants later.  She asks where the equipment is located and J.R. tells her that it was purchased a week before the blackout and is maintained monthly and that gives her all of the information that she needs to know about who has ownership of it.  She tells J.R. that she will find them and he suggests that she let him handle it.  She tells him that they belong to her and she will find them. 

At Fusion, Babe and Amanda try to convince Ava to change from her “outfit” and wear some of the clothes that they have arranged for her to be photographed in.  She adamantly refuses saying that the clothes that they choose are not to her liking.  She insists that her mummy costume is perfect and fits with the Halloween season.  As Amanda gets more and more annoyed with Ava and her antics, Ava challenges them to fire her.  Babe quickly catches on to what is going through Ava’s mind.  Ava notices Corrina and asks her for her opinion and she tells her that she likes the idea and then Ava proposes that they match her outfits to the seasons.  Babe intervenes and reminds Ava that the reporter will be there soon and Ava gets angry and screams that they thing that they own her and Babe assures her that according to her contract, they do.  Frustrated, Ava declares that she hates Fusion. 

Greenlee snatches up the papers and starts to rush off but J.R. stops her.  When he asks her what she plans to do, she tells him that she is going to confront Zach with this evidence.  J.R. tries to reason with her by reminding her of all the destruction that she has wreaked on Zach’s family and asks if she thinks that he will agree to see her.  She challenges him by asking if he thinks he would have better luck dealing with Zach.  He tells her that Zach has robbed his family of their company and that they need to move slowly and stealthily to get the embryos back.  Greenlee muses that Kendall could not possibly know of the existence of her embryos and J.R. agrees that she is probably in the dark like all of the rest of them.  He says that when she finds out what Zach has done, she will be upset with him and he sarcastically asks “wouldn’t that be a shame?”

At the hospital, Zach tells Kendall that this is a setback, but Kendall doesn’t want to hear that.  She argues that it is her fault for waiting too long to decide to consider the cochlear implant.  She insists that the surgery is out of the question for Spike and Zach reminds her that Joe didn’t say that.  Annie also tells her that there is still a chance that the surgery will be performed.  Ryan suggests that they go to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription that Joe called in for Spike and they leave with Spike as Kendall and Zach remain behind.    

Greenlee is telling J.R. that she never liked Zach and J.R. says that he can’t believe that Kendall stayed with him even after she learned that he was responsible for the blackout.  Greenlee laments the way her life might have been if she had the embryos that Zach took from her.  She talks about the baby that she would have had and how her life, Ryan’s, and Kendall’s lives all would have been different.  She says that if Kendall had had the baby for her, she wouldn’t have had to take Spike and he would be fine with no hearing loss.  She says that she and Kendall would both have babies that would be playing together. 

Kendall is taking the entire blame for Spike not having the surgery sooner and Zach stops her from beating up on herself.  He tells her that there is one person responsible for all that happened to Spike.  She says, “Greenlee.”

The reporter and photographer arrive and Amanda and Babe try to smooth over the antics of Ava.  The reporter asks Ava to fill them in on the new look and she starts to lambaste Fusion management saying that they say that they want a fresh new look but then shovel out the same old garbage.  She says that she feels that it is all about art and spirit.  She declares that Fusion is just a stepping-stone to film and recording contracts.  Amanda zeroes in to the film comment and suggests that they move to the photo shoot.  Babe suggests that they move to the unveiling and get into the wardrobe for the photos.  Ava takes this opportunity to “unveil” her new look.  She grabs the turban on her head and pulls it off revealing her Mohawk hair-do to the astonishment of all in the room.  Ava remarks “Eat my dust, Britney, yeah.” 

As Ryan and Annie wait for Spike’s prescription, Spike is sleeping in Ryan’s lap.  Ryan is reluctant to wake him to give him the medication and Annie suggests that they wait.  Ryan worries that the cochlear implant will not happen and Annie tells him that it may still be an option.  He tells her that he is having trouble getting himself to realize that Spike might be stuck in silence forever.  There was a time when he would not consider that possibility and now that is all that he can think of. 

J.R. tries to forestall Greenlee from rushing off to confront Zach.  She tells him that she can’t sit and do nothing.  He tells her that she needs to let him gather more information and she asks why she should trust him.  He tells her that he hates Zach as much as she does and that he intends to get payback on him and he urges her to steer clear of Slater for now.  He reminds her that he expects payment “when the time comes.”  Greenlee asks how long he thinks is will take to find out for sure where the embryos are and he tells her that it will not take long and for her to sit tight.  Greenlee’s response is, “Yeah.  Like hell I will.” 

Kendall tells Zach that what Greenlee did to them is like a tidal wave that beats her down each time she gets to her feet.  Zach tells her that it won’t be that way forever and she tells him that she is stopping her.  Zach is surprised to hear this and asks her how she is planning to stop Greenlee.

Josh is finishing up his phone call and Hannah pushes him again for information about J.R. and Chandler Enterprises.  Josh tells her again that there is nothing to tell and asks why she keeps pursuing this.  She covers by saying that she is worried that Adam has J.R. doing his dirty work and she wants to find the trouble before it blows up on them.  Greenlee bursts into Zach’s office to find Josh and tells him that she needs to speak to him about a personal matter.  Josh dismisses Hannah and asks Greenlee what the problem is.  She tells him that she just found some information about something terrible that Zach did and she wants to know if he really did it and if Josh helped him. 

Zach asks Kendall what she meant when she said that she was going to stop Greenlee.  Kendall dodges the question and tells him that the only way she can make it through the night is by her revenge fantasies that she has.  Zach tells her not to go after Greenlee and Kendall says that she won’t do anything to hurt them or their family.  Zach tells her that life has a way of making everything right again and that Greenlee will get what she deserves.  He then suggests that they go home but Kendall tells him that she needs to go to Fusion for the photo shoot and interview.  When he tells her to let someone else take care of that, she tells him that she needs to do something to get her mind off of the news that they got today.  He tells her not to work to hard and she assures him that she can handle Greenlee. 

Annie tells Ryan that Spike will never be alone and that even if he doesn’t hear, he understands and feels their love.  Annie tells Ryan that he can tell Spike how much he loves him by signing to him.  She signs, “I love you” and then teaches him I love you in the sign shorthand using the finger spelling initial letters of each word.  She tells him that he can emphasize lip reading by holding Spike’s hand close to his mouth as he says the words so that he can feel the expulsion of breath as the words are formed.  She uses her name in an example and Ryan says that Spike already knows who she is.  She tells him that Spike knows who he is too.  Spike knows who makes him laugh, who gives him big hugs, who tosses him up in the air and who loves him.  She tells him that he just needs to teach Spike to call him by signing.  He signs, “I love you, Annie,” as he speaks it to her.

Corrina asks Ava about her Mohawk and her tattoo.  Amanda asks Ava if Jonathan has seen her new hair-do and what he thinks of it.  Ava tells her that Jonathan loves her and everything about her.  Babe takes Ava off to the side and Ava is anticipating the conversation that will take place.  Babe tells her that she is under contract and that she is going to honor that contract.  Ava tells them that she wants creative control and Amanda and Babe tell her that they can keep her from working until her contract with Fusion is up.  They can keep her on the sidelines and not use her and she will disappear and no one will even remember her.  Ava finally understands that Fusion has her over a barrel and she exclaims that she hates them and flounces off.  Babe and Amanda apologize to the reporter from “Craze” magazine and ask if they can pull the piece.  The reporter tells them that he thinks that Ava is edgy and fierce and that she gives Fusion a cutting edge look that he didn’t realize that they had.  Babe and Amanda see that for the gold mine that it is and grab onto it and jump on board with this new attitude for Fusion.  The reporter says that he is ready to start the photo shoot so they decide that they have to give Ava a little leeway to get her to agree to continue with the company.  Babe is the unlucky one who gets to tell her that they have re-thought the situation and they want her to have some say in how she is presented.  As Ava gets ready for the shoot, Colby tells Amanda that Corrina is a better role model and that Fusion should fire Ava and hire Corrina.  Corrina balks at the idea and says that she prefers to keep on being a musician.  As music blares, the photo shoot begins.  This is followed by a collage of photos of Ava in different poses and outfits with her Mohawk her crowning glory. 

Josh tells Greenlee that, no matter what she heard, he did nothing to her.  He tells her not to let herself get so upset over a rumor.  She tells him that she thinks that it is true and that her embryos were not all destroyed in the blackout.  Josh tells her that the truth is that the embryos were all destroyed in the blackout and asks if she thinks that she has children running around somewhere.  She says that she thinks that Zach would keep them for leverage and she asks Josh if she is right; if some of her embryos are frozen and stored somewhere.  He asks her how he would know and she tells him that he would know because he inherited the fertility clinics.  He informs her that he sold them and she insists that he would know where to buy and how to set up all of the equipment.  He begs her to let this go and to forget about all of it.  She tells him that he isn’t like Greg Madden or Zach and that he wouldn’t interfere with lives of others the way these two men would.  She implores him to tell her if the possibility exists that her embryos are still out there. 

Ryan gives Spike his medicine and tells him that it is going to make him better and that he needs to trust him.  Annie encourages him to tell Spike who he is and Ryan takes Spike hand and holds it to his mouth as he says “Daddy,” and he tells Spike that he is his Daddy. 

Greenlee tries to make Josh see that she needs to find out the truth about her embryos and the possibility of their existence.  She reminds him that he would want to know why Greg Madden did what he did if he had the chance.  Josh tells her that he knows all that he needs to know and Greenlee admits defeat.  She asks Josh not to tell Zach that she was there and he agrees as long as she promises not to pursue this any further.  She tells him that she agrees and apologizes for barging into the office.  She goes out into the hall and calls J.R. and leaves a voice mail telling him that she wants to move forward with this but she needs more information and asks him to return her call as soon as he can.  Hannah is in the corner eavesdropping on this conversation. 

Kendall is lighting numerous candles and she calls Greenlee and leaves says that she needs to see her. 

Amanda calls J.R. and tells him that Ava’s super diva routine didn’t work and that Fusion was not releasing her from her contract. 

Ryan again says “Daddy” and makes the sign for father.  Spike starts to babble da-da and imitates the sign.  Annie and Ryan are ecstatic and tell Spike how proud they are of him and what a good boy he is.  Ryan repeats the sign and word and again, Spike imitates the sign and says, “Da-da.”

J.R calls Zach and tells him that Greenlee took the bait and that it looks like he is going to get everything that he wanted.  Zach tells him that Spike can’t hear and that there isn’t a damn thing that he can do about that. 

Aidan calls Ryan and tells him that the address that they had for Tommy Brennan was old and that there was no forwarding address.  He assures him that he is going to continue to follow the leads and will find Tommy and then will find the other witnesses.  He tells Ryan that they are going to put Richie away for good.  He asks Ryan to get back to him if he has any new information that can help.  Aidan then calls Greenlee and is annoyed when she doesn’t answer. 

Greenlee arrives at Kendall’s old condo and rushes in asking Kendall what is wrong because she sounded odd on the phone.  She looks around the room and sees all of the candles lit and Spike’s old and bloody car seat in the middle of the floor.

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