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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

J.R. and Zach have another clandestine meeting over the Greenlee project.  J.R. grins evilly, when Zach supplies him with some documentary support of the existence of Greenlee’s viable eggs to deceive her with.

While at the Yacht Club, Greenlee receives a thoughtful call from Aidan now in Chicago.  The scene shifts between the two, during their exchange.  Excited by her progress with Kendall, Greenlee declines to join him.  The disappointed Aidan questions Kendall’s motives, when he learns she allowed Greenlee to interact with Spike.  Greenlee appears to be mulling over his skepticism. 

As Kendall takes Spike for a check-up at the hospital, she takes a call from Erica in Paris.  When Erica inquires, an irritated Kendall denies any further actions on her part concerning the undermining of Greenlee.  Kendall then tersely cuts her off and asks to speak with Bianca.  While waiting for her sister to get on, her comments made aloud reveal her true intentions are to continue going after Greenlee. 

Over breakfast at the Yacht Club, Annie and Ryan talk over their scam on Richie.  Detecting regret in Annie’s voice, Ryan begins questioning her change of heart.  In response, Annie explains, “I don’t want to spend the rest of our lives tormenting each other.”  Ryan reminds her that Richie ultimately has control over that.

Babe looks away from him as Richie approaches her at the Comeback.  Believing he pulled a ruse on her with the Annie murder scene, Babe remains disgusted with him and suggests he move elsewhere.  Unable to convince her otherwise, he begins trying to charm her.  Babe stares back at him, as he caresses her hands and tells her almost ominously, “You’ll learn I’m not that easy to get rid of, when there is something I really want.”

Kendall smiles, as she ends her call with Bianca.  When Joe approaches her to check Spike, he advises her that the hospital has an time slot to perform Spike’s implant surgery within the next couple of weeks.  Joe is surprised by Kendall’s flat reaction to the good news.  In response, Kendall half-heartedly assures him she is still interested in going forward.

Meanwhile, Greenlee continues talking to Aidan.  She does not share his skepticism about Kendall’s actions.  Knowing Kendall’s likely unwillingness to forgive and forget, Aidan tries to open her eyes.  Greenlee then questions if his view is colored by his previous relationship with Kendall.  Aidan has to cut the conversation, when a likely source of information on Richie presents itself.  Posing as a reporter, he stops the Banachecks and asks them to comment on their knowledge of Richie Novak.

In the meantime, Richie realizes that Babe is still uncomfortable with him.  He then does his best to discredit Annie and Ryan’s characterization of him as “crazy Richie.”

Annie tries to gain perspective through Ryan’s experience with Jonathan.  In response, Ryan makes a point to contrast Richie’s actions from Jonathan’s since his were induced by a brain tumor.  He does admit, however, he still loved Jonathan before he found out his wrongdoings were caused by his illness.  Annie laments her inability to love Richie despite his mental illness.  Ryan does his best to console her and give her hope.  Grateful for each other, the two share a warm kiss.

J.R. reviews Zach’s documents and compliments their authenticity.  Through J.R.’s following comments, he reveals that the paperwork shows Zach stored the so-called eggs in his own facility not at the one affected by his orchestrated blackout.  J.R. then notes that Zach withheld the clinic address within the paperwork.  In response, Zach reveals his lack of trust in J.R.  Now flippant, J.R. reminds Zach he could turn the information over to the police in lieu of going forward with the plan.  With a cold gaze, Zach swiftly removes that thought from J.R.’s mind.  With that, Kendall’s call to hasten Zach to the hospital interrupts their meeting.  The scenes shift back and forth between Kendall and Zach.  Before Zach leaves, J.R. takes one last stab at confirming whether Greenlee and Ryan’s fertilized eggs really exist.  In typical Zach mode, he provides J.R. with a non-answer. 

Babe firmly advises Richie that she is not interested in pursuing any relationship with him despite his efforts and affectionate gestures.  He then tries to convince her that Ryan and Annie played a “sick game” on him without complete success.  Growing impatient, Babe summarily dismisses him from the Comeback and her life.  A disgruntled Richie then skulks off.

Zach arrives at the hospital followed by Ryan and Annie.  Unlike Kendall, the three react excitedly about Spike’s expedited surgery.  Joe then advises the four about the procedure and risks.  While holding Spike, Kendall only focuses on the two-percent risk factor instead of the benefits.  Joe then explains the recovery process.  Kendall manages a smile, when he informs them the implant is placed on only one ear in case a new biological treatment arises in the future.  Joe confirms that all agree before taking Spike back for further testing with Dr. Norton.  Kendall lets Ryan, Annie, and Zach say goodbye to Spike, as she walks with Joe.  Ryan signs, “I love you” to Spike.  Ryan then starts gloating to Zach about the game they pulled on Richie.  Zach smiles approvingly.  The conversation then shifts to Kendall’s reaction to the surgery.  Just as Zach confirms to Ryan that she is “still on board,” Kendall reemerges and starts expressing her reluctance and doubts about the implants.  Ryan tries to persuade Kendall to see the positives. 

Babe finds the stubborn Richie on the other side of the bar, and he takes yet another crack at her.  Even with his cherub face routine, Babe stands her ground.

Now in the Banachecks’ living room, Aidan tries to get them to open up.  As they sing Richie’s praises for comforting them after their son, Jay’s, drowning, they happen to mention that one child on the scout camping trip blamed Richie for his death.  Aidan then attempts to elicit more information.

J.R. catches up with Greenlee at the Yacht Club.  Using Zach’s takeover of Chandler Enterprises as his reason for digging into his background, J.R. lures her in with so-called pertinent information he discovered about her. 

Zach wraps his arms around Kendall, while Ryan does the same with Annie.  The four are heartened by their reciprocal support system.  Ryan and Zach again try to ascertain whether Kendall is in accord with the implants.  Without committing, Kendall then reminds them how they all wound up in this position.

Meanwhile, J.R. masterfully draws Greenlee in slowly.  As he speaks in riddles about the blackout, a frustrated Greenlee insists he get to the point. 

Jay’s parents unknowingly provide Aidan with useful information.  He learns that a boy named “Tommy” would send them cards on the anniversary of Jay’s death stating, “Jay did not die the way they think he did.”  The parents then inform Aidan how happy Richie was when they gave him Jay’s baseball card collection, including a Mickey Mantel rookie card. 

Meanwhile, Richie tries one more move on Babe before leaving.  Her eyes well, as he takes a Mickey Mantel baseball card from his wallet and asks her to give it little A. 

Jay’s parents show Aidan his baseball signed by all of his friends and fellow scouts.  Aidan scans the baseball for any signature with the first name Tommy.  When finds the name “Tommy Brennan,” he quickly and politely ends the interview. 

While holding hands, Ryan and Annie agree their priorities should be on Spike.  At that moment, Ryan receives a call from Aidan.  The scene then shifts to him, as he relays Richie killed Jay and that there may be an eyewitness. 

J.R. gets details from Greenlee concerning her understanding of what happened to her eggs post the blackout.  When she advises Greg Madden, of all people, confirmed their destruction, J.R. is easily able to discredit any information coming from him.  Through the art of suggestion, J.R. plants a seed that Zach may have made alternative arrangements.  As he sucks her in more, Zach calls and pushes him to hasten the plan in light of Spike’s upcoming surgery.  After the call, J.R. has her guessing as to whether her fertilized eggs are “still out there.”

Richie keeps trying to manipulate Babe with the baseball card.  As she resists, he stares longingly into her eyes and tells her their day at the baseball field was his “best day ever.”  With that, he walks out and leaves the card on the bar.  A teary-eyed Babe looks down at it. 

Ryan pushes Aidan to track down Tommy Brennan before Spike’s surgery.  Zach reemerges and sits down next to Kendall to offer loving support.  Appearing upset, Joe returns with Spike.  After he hands him to Ryan, he proceeds to advise them that Spike may not be a cochlear implant surgery candidate.  Kendall’s jaw immediately drops. 

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